05 April 2018

The great wall -- a modest proposal

Trumpanzees' gullibility and imperviousness to evidence can be maddening to deal with.  Tell them anything they don't want to hear and they'll just say "fake news", no matter how solid your sources of information.  This is really the natural culmination of a trend which has been part of the right-wing mentality for decades.  People who reject evolution, global warming, Keynesian economics, etc. need to develop the ability to ignore mountains of evidence while believing only what their trusted puppet-masters tell them -- and eventually they'll start applying that ability everywhere.  It's no wonder right-wing sites are festooned with ads of the "dermatologists HATE this man" and "INSANE credit card" genre.  Scammers know just where to find the kind of easy marks who think they're "standing up to the experts" when in fact they're just being conned.

Yes, it's frustrating to deal with, but what if we could turn the tables by treating this Trumpanzee attitude as a resource to be exploited for positive purposes?

If there's one campaign promise they have their hearts set on, it's the wall.  Trump himself seems to realize this, repeatedly insisting that the wall is in fact being built, or is about to be built, even though it isn't.  The thing is, though, the Trumpanzees believe it.  On the far-right discussion site F169, since the inauguration, I've sometimes seen liberals taunt the regulars about the wall not getting built.  The regulars have responded by insisting that it is, posting links to stories about fencing construction that have nothing to do with Trump, random pictures of sections of wall that were built years ago or aren't even in North America, whatever they can find.  They stubbornly refuse to admit the stupid thing just isn't being built.  (A lot of them are similarly convinced Mueller is soon going to indict Hillary.  I'm not kidding.)

I say we go with it.  Trump should simply announce, one day, that the wall has been built and is now complete along the whole border.  Nobody has to so much as put one brick on top of another -- just make the announcement.  Once Trump says it, in the Trumpanzee mind, it will become true.  Anytime they see a news report mentioning that there's no wall, they'll dismiss it as fake news.  If you tell them it's not there, they'll call you a "dumbass libturd" who watches CNN and MSNBC.  If sites like Breitbart fail to play along, they'll start losing viewers (this has happened a few times when they deviated from wingnut "reality").  The 'zees will get their beloved wall (in their own heads).  Trump will get credit for keeping a major campaign promise.  The government will save the $30 billion or whatever that it would take to actually build the damn thing.  Americans will avoid having a huge permanent standing insult to our neighbor and second-biggest export market.  Everybody wins!

In fact, this approach could solve a lot of problems.  If Trump announced that North Korea had caved and given up its nukes, Iran had been bombed into oblivion, almost all illegals had been deported, Europe was paying tribute, everyone had switched back from solar power to coal, and Christianity had been made the US official religion -- the 'zees would believe him.  He'd be acclaimed everywhere he went, which is what he really craves.  Maybe we could even get him to resign, if certain wingnut news outlets could be persuaded to keep on reporting that he was still President and still winning bigly every day.  He could spend all his (non-golfing) time attending rallies as "President" without the hassle of actually running anything or worrying about Mueller.  The real media could still report on what the actual President and government were doing.  There'd be no risk of the 'zees catching on -- it would all be "fake news" to them.

Wouldn't it be dangerous, you might ask, to have one-third of the population of a superpower living in a world of total self-delusion unmoored from objective reality?  Well, hasn't that been the case since the rise of Fox news, if not the Scopes trial?  We might as well make the best of it.  And if their delusions keep sloshing over into the real world the way they've been doing under Trump, we probably won't remain a superpower much longer anyway.

[Image at top by Mario Piperni, whose blog is sadly long-defunct, though he occasionally posts on Twitter]


Anonymous KanaW said...

That. Is. Bloody. Brilliant.

And I'm really sad to say that it might actually work!

My brother in TX is a die-hard republican gun-lover, and I've had him respond to one of my posts with five different right-wing sites stating that snopes.com is wrong, wrong, wrong all of the time. Any guesses on which sites? *le sigh*

05 April, 2018 07:06  
Blogger Jono said...

This is one of your best moments. Brilliant!

05 April, 2018 07:12  
Blogger Les Carpenter said...

The Republican brand took a turn south going back to sometime in the 60's and the 80's put pedal to the metal. The culmination is tRump.

Trumpanzees are exactly as you eloquently described in this fine post.

06 April, 2018 10:52  
Blogger Adam said...

I heard a Trump nut say the other day that his "real" approval rate is 90%.... delusional

06 April, 2018 18:49  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

KanaW: Thanks! I bet I read most of those sites. The mentality of those who actually believe them is almost beyond imagining.

Jono: Thanks! Maybe I should send the idea to Pelosi or whoever's in charge on our side now.

Rational: Insanity can be comforting, but in the long run it's a poor coping strategy.

Adam: He probably saw a survey of Evangelicals and thought it referred to the whole country. Everyone else isn't "real Americans" anyway.

07 April, 2018 11:04  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

I agree with the comments here. Brilliant. And it really could work because I've spent years reading and listening to the far right Goopers.

KAnaW, I have a brother who lives in Tennessee who believes that the Clintons ran a Murder Inc. cabal. He really, really believes it. We don't talk much.

07 April, 2018 12:17  
Anonymous KanaW said...

Shaw, I have the same thing with my brother - every death of anyone even six degrees away from the Clintons was a murder by them. Crazy. And the saddest thing is that he's the kindest person ever - to his immediate family and close church friends. Everyone else can take their own chances. Tribalism to its most extreme.

07 April, 2018 23:59  
Blogger Les Carpenter said...

Humans are simply the earth's most "advanced" life form. However, we are still of the animal kingdom. Therefore tribalism remains a strong driving force in our species. The majority of people dislike conflict and still prefer to surround themselves with folks who think and act like them.

We may have evolved into a less ritualistic species but there remains a long way to go. The blogosphere is perhaps the best proof of this.

That's my take anyway.

08 April, 2018 06:12  
Blogger Tommykey said...

The one I've seen is Hillary Clinton gave 20% of our uranium to Russia! Somehow, even though the State Department was one of 9 agencies to weigh in on the deal, and the actual exporting of uranium out of the country falls under the Department of Energy, somehow Hillary Clinton was responsible for it all.

10 April, 2018 10:07  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

If a giant meteor hit the Earth tomorrow, they would somehow blame Hillary for it.

10 April, 2018 20:10  
Blogger Les Carpenter said...

If a giant meteor hit earth tomorrow would humankind, or any animal form, survive?

Or would nature be left to start over and begin the evolutionary process?

Perhaps there would be another Hillary in another millennium millions of years from now.

11 April, 2018 13:37  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

It would depend on the size of the meteor. Anyway, Kochroaches are very tenacious (but so am I).

11 April, 2018 18:29  

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