08 April 2018

Link round-up for 8 April 2018

There are spies everywhere.

The stairs go down and down and down.....

He's just feeding the fish (found via Miss Cellania).

Sofa geometry is hard.

Hawaiians express themselves through license plates.

History matters.

This is not the educational system of an advanced country.

Multnomah county (which is mostly Portland) is pretty advanced, but apparently we've got at least one backward judge.

Even back then, they saw both points of view.

Christian love:  church leaders fight each other over which people the church should shun.

Fox decides that Ingraham's attack on the Parkland students is worth fighting for.  But her right to free speech doesn't include a right to have advertisers keep funding her program.  See a lesser Hogg hater get pwned here.

Religion keeps a tenacious grip on its captives.  It also gives them weird sexual obsessions.

The Trump regime compiling a database of friends and enemies in the media is totally nothing to worry about.

Bruce Gerencser continues his story of a Christian marriage.

Wingnuts rally around Kevin "first, hang all the women" Williamson.

Motherhood is terrible because that's the kind of culture we have (found via Miss Cellania).

The truth offends me, so shut up.

Here's some background on the Roseanne Barr / Hitler photos.  The idea that anyone found this funny is nauseating.

A veteran speaks out on the gun debate.

Maddow pwns Hannity.

Prominent wingnuts love The Camp of the Saints (see my review of it here).

Hate-crazed fanatic gets banned from YouTube, throws hysterical tantrum.

Shooting kids is totally no big deal.

If Christians' lives are ruled by God, why doesn't he stop them from doing evil things?

David Futrelle has a round-up of readings on the collapse of the Alt-Right.

The fact that some cultures believe in something doesn't mean it's real (and activists are often misunderstanding those cultures, anyway).

The gripping story of the El Faro exemplifies how small mistakes can add up to disaster.

Don't mock Plan Bee.

There is already technology to fool face-recognition software.

The white rhino is the latest victim of human stupidity.

This mysterious galaxy has something missing.

We are all neotenic.

There's no longer a "leader of the free world", and maybe there shouldn't be.

Trump needs to do these things in the Baltic region.  He won't.

Mexican voters are choosing better than ours did.

Dâ'ish (ISIL) is beaten, but Syria is still divided.

Abandoned by the US, Syria's Kurds turn to France, prompting a Trumpish outburst from Erdoğan.

Racist fake history gets squelched by genetics.

Trump's trade war with China will inflict heavy economic casualties -- among his own supporters.  It could finally overcome Congress's reluctance to impeach.

On many issues, the leftward shift of the Democrats is in line with what the public wants (found via Miss Cellania).  The party must also work to mobilize Asian voters and young voters.

Evangelical Trumpanzees have no choice but to embrace hypocrisy.

A Pruitt miasma has settled over the EPA.

Like olden-day gangsters, Trump and the Trumplings are engaged in a tit-for-tat war with the law.  All Trump's bullshit will come to a head right before the election.  Here's what it means to say he's a "subject" rather than a "target" of Mueller's investigation.  And Mueller may have found that witch Trump claims he's hunting.

As Republicans realize they can't win on tax "reform", they'll resort to bigotry and division.

Democrats need unity and solidarity, not ideological purity.  More great political art here and here -- and the ultimate Chris Christie portrait.

Mass culture has primed young people to fight Trump.

Shower Cap reviews the Scott Pruitt scandals and the rest of the Trumpworld lunacyMore madness here.

For more links, see Miss Cellania, Perfect Number, and Fair and Unbalanced.

[444 days down, 1,018 days to go until the inauguration of a real President!]


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