15 April 2018

Link round-up for 15 April 2018

Librarians have a sense of humor.

Cool house.

"I like math."

Get some rest with synchronized napping.

Photos immortalize people dressed as chickens.

Maybe there's harvesting going on either way.

Let Scary Mary's Freebie Friday show you how to get free stuff (similar posts there each Friday).

Some people don't understand computers, some do.

.....and so blissful quiet was restored.

Oscar Wilde is still remembered.

Hot Satanic teen chicks tried to seduce Alex Jones.

Edith Vonnegut did a painting a day for each of Trump's first 100 days, excepting golf days (found via Perfect Number).

Communist-era hotels evoke their time (found via Miss Cellania).

As of 2013 at least 23% (and perhaps far more) of Americans had abandoned religion, up from 16% just six years earlier.  We are the fastest-growing demographic group in the country.

The Bitcoin bubble is bursting.

Pat Robertson feels dominated by evil homos.  More modern haters have their own fear and loathing of evil penises.

Restoration of paintings is an art in itself.

God hates organ transplants, apparently.

Crazy Eddie looks at the decline of meatspace places -- shopping malls and iconic chain stores.  Not only are Americans migrating to the internet, but there's a natural tension between the demands of capitalism and the nature of public space.

Devout Catholics are horrified at the thought that unbelievers might not be tortured for all eternity.

I have a right to hate that which hates me.

A dozen thinkers offer plans for reducing inequality (found via Miss Cellania).

Bruce Gerencser looks back on his career as an asshole street preacher.

Elites are wrong about public opinion, sometimes in surprising ways.

The Christian Right's goals would make this routine in the United States.

The "Red Letter Revival" wants to separate Evangelicalism from Trumpism.  Good luck with that one.

The Vietnam war helped unite and intensify today's white-power movement.

Yet another wingnut goes down after making a vile verbal attack on David Hogg.

Why did white Southerners fail to see the obvious similarities between lynchings and the crucifixion of Jesus?

No surprise -- anti-science trolls exist.

Harris is right, Klein is wrong, and Carpenter makes a good point.

Here's some new technology for protecting internet privacy.

Birds can (sort of) see the Earth's magnetic field, which helps them navigate.

Religious parents brainwash their children with horror and murder videos.

If you really want to help the Palestinians, here's how.

The rise of Islam was basically a step backward for women, even in those days.

That woman wearing a veil may be an atheist.  Atheism is on the rise in Islamic countries, despite official persecution.

Now this is what I call an omen.

You've heard of that anonymous Republican Congressman's tirade against Trump -- here's the whole thing.

Only the dregs want to work for Trump now.

Here's what Hecate Demeter hopes a Democratic supermajority will bring.

The raid on Cohen shows that the investigations of Trump could still bring him down even if Mueller is fired -- which wouldn't be simple.  One way or another, the law is coming (found via Miss Cellania).  The Stormy story matters, and there's likely much more behind the raid.

"Have you read it?" (found via Hackwhackers)

Nonnie9999 is back online and can hardly wait to hear the tapes! Cohen apparently made.

Trump's "business empire" was a shabby, sleazy little family racket.

Republicans may have to sacrifice the House to save control of the Senate.  House Republicans are retiring in dramatic numbers.

Trump's Libby pardon was a giant insult to the intelligence community.  His trade war with China will devastate his rural loyalists.  But his bombing of Syria was relatively by-the-book.

Ricardo Rosselló plans to mobilize Puerto Rican voters in the mainland US.

Trump's most enthusiastic voters were white, ignorant, and rich.

Hackwhackers and Mock Paper Scissors contemplate the legacy of Paul Ryan.  Shower Cap also takes note, during his regular round-up of wingnut madness.

The waters are rising.


Blogger Ami said...

Haven't visited all the links yet. Where do you find the time???

Love the airport story. So tired of self-important people.
Remember the old commercial with the guy dressed in a bear costume, standing on a street corner shouting, "Hey!! Look at me!!" as cars drove by? I think there's a lot of that going on.

I have an airport story. It's a lot longer on my blog, but basically some guy took the trouble to compare his claim stubs with his suitcases at baggage claim, then ripped off each one and tossed it on the floor about three feet from a trash can. My hubby is vocal and doesn't care who hears him, so he had a bit to say, but the guy just ignored it and walked away.

I gathered up the trash. And since he so considerately had written his entire mailing address on all five of the claim checks, I put them in a big envelope and mailed them to him.

"Ha ha, asshole, now you have to throw them away."

15 April, 2018 10:19  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

It doesn't actually take any extra time finding the links -- each week's round-up is just a compilation of interesting stuff I happened to run across that week. Putting the post together does take some time, though.

I guess assholes are always with us and littering is one of the traditional forms their assholeosity takes. Cell phones have created a whole new vista of opportunities to be annoyingly loud.

15 April, 2018 11:17  
Anonymous Blurber said...

Incredible that Pat Robertson is still at it. He will be missed when he leaves — we need his humor???

16 April, 2018 11:22  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Just stopped by to thank you for all the linky goodness and for the link to The Raisin. I love librarian humor, and I love Ami's airport story. Too funny.

16 April, 2018 13:32  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Blurber: At least he's basically comic relief now. It's not so long ago that his pronouncements were taken seriously even in the cultural mainstream.

Nonnie: Glad you're back on the net!

17 April, 2018 04:49  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

Oh my goodness, thank you for adding my link in there. :) I'm gonna check out some of these other ones now.

18 April, 2018 13:25  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mary: Thanks for the post! Hope you find some more stuff of interest here.

18 April, 2018 17:55  

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