30 March 2018

End of a blog

Today marks one year since the last post on the blog Republic of Gilead.  I've seen many blogs disappear or go dormant over the years, but this one is particularly missed.  Its subtitle "Warily Watching the Religious Right" summed it up perfectly, and the watching was both diligent and insightful.  Author "Ahab" wrote very detailed, link-rich analyses of Christian Right events, speeches, movies, and other assertions and manifestations of their twisted goals for American society.  No other source I know of covered the subject so thoroughly.

Ahab is still on the net, on Twitter, and in his final blog comments he said that he had simply become too busy for blogging.  I suppose it's still possible he'll return -- perhaps if Pence becomes President?


Blogger Adam said...

I've seen so many myself shutter often without a word. Such a shame especially when you actually liked reading it

30 March, 2018 06:40  
Blogger Jono said...

I( miss Ahab, too. At least we know he is out there fighting the good fight.

30 March, 2018 12:56  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I've seen more blogs end than I can count -- and some that are a real loss.

31 March, 2018 07:11  

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