07 January 2018

Link round-up for 7 January 2018

Bad design, indeed.

The train arrives and the passengers disembark.  Maybe they'll stay at this hotel.

It's the year of the dog!  So watch these dogs chasing a car.

This World War I footage is not authentic -- you can tell by the jeep.

Satan is on Twitter.

Serve this coffee with this cake, and decorate the table with cross-stitched candle flames.


Cats go everywhere -- just look at them.

Fox News viewers.....

Here's a vignette from the libertarian ideal world (see comments too).

Remember ancient technology.

They have a strange god.  But don't criticize!

The new Trump energy drink may not sell very well.

What kind of storms are they having out there?

Kids need time to let off steam.

1001 Reasons blog posts an open letter to Trump (found via Yellowdog Granny).

Green Eagle rounds up the latest from the wingnutosphere, including space aliens, right-wing "humor", and the worst jacket ever.

Here's an interesting look at nativity scenes.

Fly with the birds.

The crossing of two highways forms an impromptu work of art.

Vote them out!

Hackwhackers has more 2017 retrospectives.  Here's Dave Barry's, and here are some winners and losers.  There's plenty of good news, mostly economic.  And here's 2018 (yes, 2018) in review.

Ladies, beware of two-way mirrors (the post has ways to detect them).

Twitter sides with Nazis against a Jewish journalist (found via Politics Plus).

The virgin birth of Jesus is not really well-attested in the Bible.

Activists plan to force Congress to restore net neutrality.

The Christian Right is becoming divided over the issue of support for Trump.  Don't let "respectable" evangelical leaders deny reality.

The frequency of rape in the US decreased dramatically between 1979 and 2009 -- and there's an obvious reason for that.

Green Eagle looks at an early pioneer of conservative journalism.

Is this feminism?

These were medical students in 1885.

Chronic pain sufferers have it bad enough -- now they're being sacrificed on the altar of the "opioid epidemic".

Worst Trump hypocrisy yet (found via Yellowdog Granny).

Reality-denial can kill you.

This post on atheism prompted another discussion between me and Daniel Wilcox.

In the fight over Confederate monuments, the most honest voices on the right are.....white supremacists.

"Pink poison" may save the rhino.

An Australian journalist speaks bluntly about the decline of US leadership under Trump.

This is what socialism looks like.  This is what a regulated labor market looks like.

The German Catholic Church has tons of money, but not enough Catholics. The Church of England seems to be in a similar position.

Europe too has fake Noah's arks, and they're a dangerous nuisance.

I said this kind of thing was going to happen -- with Trump making the US unreliable as an ally, Japan considers upgrading two warships to aircraft carriers to make its own military more effective.

A North Korean failed missile test hit one of the country's own cities.  South Korea is brushing Trump off and opening talks with the North.

The current protests in Iran are very different from the 2009 uprising.

A new census in Lebanon finds far fewer Palestinian refugees than officially estimated (all these numbers are meaningless anyway, since they count descendants of refugees as being refugees -- only a small, now-elderly fraction of them actually came from Palestine).

Our government needs to get tough with the Middle East's most barbaric regime.

South Africa contemplates repeating Zimbabwe's mistake.

Sexism among Democrats could hurt us in 2020 (some of the comments on the post aren't encouraging).

Pundits assess Trump's first year.  He's at least made it clear that a "CEO President" is a terrible idea.  Per Paul Krugman, the Republican party is now fully his, and will fall with him.

The end of the phony "vote fraud commission" doesn't mean vote-suppression efforts have ended.  Here's the latest attack on voting rights.  It's not going to stop.

California can resist.

Taking the Senate this year is important, but Bannon's fall will make it harder.  The enemy is targeting some of our seats too, and expects to keep control.

Susan Collins was conned into voting for tax "reform".

Trump's legal threats against Bannon and Wolff are a very bad idea -- he couldn't win.  His tweetstorms aren't a strategic distraction -- he's just live-tweeting Fox News.  His mental instability has made the case for his removal.  His contempt for the law is explained by his background.

Support this legislation.  And support these organizations.

Fight Trump, not each other.

Not enough links?  TYWKIWDBI has its own round-up.

[353 days down, 1,109 days to go until the inauguration of a real President!]


Blogger Daniel Wilcox said...

Thanks for posting "They have a strange god. But don't criticize!"

I'm a fairly long-time follower of Bruce's blog, but been at a family reunion, off the computer this week so hadn't seen this.

Another of Clemens' bitterly ethical insights...The best one by far was when Huck was wrestling with his conscience about whether or not to do his moral duty and turn in Jim.

As a teacher for many years, I used some of Clemens' satire and ethical insights for a whole unit on the nature of ethics, and the dangers of duty and honor.

07 January, 2018 13:51  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Link that caught my atencion most probably, was HuffPost ... the title was funny, as far as U.S. politicians "growing a spine" ... I mean, how likely is that? There is certain things where you can get bipartisan support from this bunch up there, and that is "money". Will Saudis buy arms elsewhere if they dont get them from us? ... of course, were not going to change or reform Saudis, that has to come from them. NO, I dont support Saudis, or selling them a goddamn thing. I'm an American, and dont have anything in common with regimes like them, or even culturally ... the oil companies car about this shit. It's remarkable to me these dayz, on what we consider as liberated progressives even today, such as folks like Justin Trudeau, I mean, progressive towards what? ... neoliberal ideology? Even Mohammad bin Salman is praised as being liberated in our pop- culture of today. I'm just happy to see some mainstream media increasingly focusing on the Saudis, and the growing opposition to countries like them, as far as kissing their asses. And you know Trump will suck their asses till the cows come home.

But I did like the dogs chasing the remote controlled car, great video! those little guyz were having a time of their life, chasing that thing! {:-)

Trump "Russian Hooker Piss" ... finally, something I would consider buying that is a Trump product! ... I'm thirsty already! {:-) But I prefer to have it REGULATED and FDA approved ... will Rex Trump do that? ... after all, I'm a pro- business consumer.

The schools here such as Eagle Mountain Elementary, in the DFW Metroplex, trying out the extended/ multiple recesses, I knew about. I have been for this idea for years actually, I even brought up issues like this at PTA meetings, well over 20 years ago too. Probably goes back to my school years in the 1960's, I was a little restless as a kid, and we had more harsh schools back then, than today ... you know, sit in neat little rows, stay silent, etc ... actually, at 62 years old, I'm still a little restless. But no, I think it is healthy for kids to enjoy being kids too, as much as possible, and enjoy as much they can, those short precious years of their lives ... cause after 18 to 21, you get tossed into the machine. Plus, it does make them concentrate better after they get some release, even if it's only for just hanging out and socializing. I alwayz get creative with my daughters, as far as making games for the little kidz during like our annual Xmas gathering, birthdayz or whatever ... to make it fun for the kids, NOT just the adults.

The testimony of healthcare of an American in Sweden caught my atencion. I dont know much about their healthcare, or even the one who made the testimony ... but what I do know, is that U.S. HC is in drastic need of reform ... again, the money factor screws us, as far as incentives for profiteering.

Opioid crisis and Nevada ... just goes to show you that end too. You know, it is also the pharma lobby first in line when it comes to bucking with an iron fist, alternative pain treatments, pot or whatever. Of course, if they have investments in any alternatives, it's a different story ... money again? ... or, forgive me ... should I say ... JOBS, JOBS, JOBS? {:-)

More internet porn, may cause a decrease in rape? Well, I dont know if it has, but I do think porn can play a part in that ... I have thought that way for years, and have alwayz supported porn, as well as regulated and legal prostitution ... although I do know that many feminists may disagree, thinking just the opposite. It is a mostly male pop culture that has contaminated sexual freedom anywayz, making it so we need a feminist movement, or making women objects or whatever. So I wont blame it on feminists, but just our culture and what it created.

BTW ... the Satan on Twitter was hilarious! ... I'm outta here ....

08 January, 2018 07:57  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Daniel: Twain was one of the best minds this country has produced, really. He had a genius for exposing hypocrisy and nonsense. We could really use him today.

Ranch Chimp: Bin Salman is in favor of stuff like letting women drive cars. By Saudi standards, that is liberated -- which just shows how low those standards are.

Trump is hopeless. Putin figured out years ago that he's easily manipulated by flattery, and now the rest of the world is figuring it out too.

It's important to get the truth out about health care in socialist countries. In the US, a lot of money is being spent to portray it in the worst light possible -- to discourage people here from wanting the same.

09 January, 2018 06:47  

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