08 December 2017

Eleventh-hour activism

There's not much time left to fight for net neutrality or against tax "reform".  Here are a few posts with good information.

On net neutrality, use tactics that actually have a chance of working.

Tax "reform" is now undergoing reconciliation between the House and Senate versions.  There are still important differences which could block it if Republicans whose votes are needed stick to their guns, and if you have a Republican Representative or Senator, you can still call or visit their office (not e-mail) to drive home how unpopular the whole thing is -- that's how we stopped ACA repeal, and a few who voted yes on this earlier might switch to no under enough pressure.  A further point to bring up:  corporate leaders themselves are saying they will not use the tax cut to create jobs.

Remember, if we keep fighting back on these issues, yes, we might lose.  If we don't fight back, we will definitely lose.


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

I've called my representatives' offices. I live in Boston, Mass., they are on our side in this net neutrality issue.

08 December, 2017 13:26  
Blogger Pinku-Sensei said...

I'm an officer and Director of Coffee Party USA, which is on Facebook as Join the Coffee Party Movement. The organization opposes the tax bill, especially the repeal of the "Johnson Amendment," which prevents nonprofits from partisan activity. The Coffee Party opposes unlimited and unregulated dark money in elections and politics and the repeal of the "Johnson Amendment" will result in more of it. The last thing the Coffee Party wants is more dark money sloshing around. On behalf of the organization, I signed a "community letter in support of nonpartisanship" for nonprofits. It's a small action, but at least it's something.

09 December, 2017 22:24  

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