05 November 2017

Link round-up for 5 November 2017

A 55-gallon drum of lube and a kids' party make a bad combination.

Sheep are morons.

Apparently a lot of people are interested in pig sex.

Somebody needs an editor.

What color is a mirror?

Try this candy if you dare.

"He can dance if he wants to."

Love songs are re-imagined as horror novels.

Filip Hodas depicts the ruins of pop culture.

What if you were a vampire but didn't know it?

Alaska fishing boats fall prey to piracy.

Religio-Trumpanzee Carl Gallups thinks men have no self-control.

Donna at Tell Me a Story looks at Blade Runner 2049.

Here's why fewer hotels now provide free Bibles.

Save our libraries from the idiots (the library near me always has plenty of people visiting).  And it's not nice to steal books.

Right-wing crazies sink ever deeper into insanity.

These guys understand freedom of expression -- do you?

Bruce Gerencser explains why he won't return to Christianity.

Read Martin Luther in his own words.

This racist is beyond disgusting.

The Rude Pundit looks at the case of Rosamaria Hernandez (she's now been released).

Consider how the political ground is shifting in the US.  Both parties need to change.

We've just discovered a new species of orangutan, but it's already endangered.

Most people don't grasp the real nature of insect hive minds.

You could survive as long as 90 seconds in space, but you wouldn't be comfortable.

Homophobes are losing out in the US, but they're spreading their message elsewhere.

Ontario has banned religious harassment of abortion-clinic patients (I have some direct experience with this issue).

Sample half a millennium of English music.

Spain's Catalan secession crisis deepens as over 40,000 Basques rally in solidarity.

One country is providing humanitarian aid to desperate Syrians.

Recognizing the falsity of religion comes with a sense of betrayal.

When is rape a national duty?

Plague is spreading because of stupid traditions.

Being associated with Trump is poison.

Can Trumpanzees ever be deprogrammed?  Even some Fox employees are ashamed at maintaining the fake-reality bubble.

Here are some examples of how Russia subverted the 2016 election.

John Kelly deserves kudos for keeping Trump somewhat under control, but he's not a good guy.

Yes, the Democratic party favors Democrats.

Mueller offers Trumplings the carrot and the stick.  Here's why Papadopoulos's cooperation is important.  Trump is furious, but Senate Republicans aim to protect Mueller from being fired.

Hackwhackers has cartoons for the week.


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