22 October 2017

Link round-up for 22 October 2017

"I'll have what he's having."

Best typo ever!

Just read this.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Great metaphor.

You do sometimes see cool people on mass transit.

Please drive carefully.

Wild kitties!

Japan is far ahead of the West in soap dispenser technology (found via TYWKIWDBI).

We're gonna need a bigger.....

See the colorful world of snails.

Be careful wearing T-shirts in a language you don't understand.


Ancient Romans had a different taste in jewelry.  But the quality of their sculpture lets us see the face of a man almost two thousand years dead.

Fundies would not approve of these octopi.

This would be me.

Comrade Misfit reviews Blade Runner 2049.

Cartoon of the week.

Microsoft has the best offices.

It's October, so it's war on Christmas time again.

For Halloween, a new exhibition on witchcraft opens (found via Mendip).

Everybody should stop thinking these things are good.

Here's an interesting take on Ender's Game (found via Alas, a Blog).

If you use a phone with a "location service", read this.

See photos of the California wildfires.

69 House Republicans voted against aid to disaster-stricken fellow Americans (found via Tell Me a Story).

Biblical inerrancy is not intellectually sustainable.

This girl stood up to harassment.

Fake man has fake paintingAnd lies about it.

The Christian Right has embraced its inner hypocrisy and fully aligned itself with Bannon and Trump.  They really love Roy Moore.

Meet Eric Krieg, the bumbling teabagger terrorist (found via Mendip).

Young Utahns are becoming less conservative, and sympathy for gay rights is a big part of the reason.

College students aren't as hostile to free speech as a recent survey suggested.  Even NRO sides with Biden on the topic.  Speaking of which, I hope they throw the book at this piece of shit.

Christians struggle to love an evil deity.

This is a real flyer (found via this post).

These people exist.

The Alt-Right is misogynistic too.

Weinstein types exist across the political spectrum.  Don't give an abuser a free pass just because you agree with his politics.  A Christian writer calls out Christian hypocrisy.

What could we actually do about a hacked election?

Public pressure fends off wingnuttification of science education in New Mexico.

People in 1895 were seriously spooked by the first X-ray images.

These animals were too big.

Nineteenth-century people went to great lengths to avoid being buried alive (found via Mendip).

Global warming was already understood in 1912.

The more Americans travel, the less they like Trump.

The best major cities for women are London, Tokyo, and Paris -- the ten-worst list won't surprise you.

Australian police use mockery to discourage speeders.

No, there probably were not Muslim Vikings (I read Arabic and that pattern doesn't look like "Allâh" -- the letter alif is not written joined to a following lâm).

Sweden is liberated territory, the enemy bitches about it.

Bulgaria updates old Soviet monuments.

Japan, fed up with Trump's trade policies, prepares to take its business elsewhere.

Kurdish and Arab forces have liberated Raqqa, the Dâ'ish (ISIL) "capital".  A woman rescued from slavery celebrates with Kurdish troops.  Trump, of course, tries to grab the credit.

Iraqi forces and allied militias are rampaging in Kirkuk and have driven out 100,000 Kurds.  Despite widespread protests, the US has so far done nothing to help its Kurdish allies who bore so much of the brunt of the fight against Dâ'ish.  Minorities, including Christians, pin their hopes on Kurdish independence.

"You don't need feminism."

Whose agenda is Trump following?  Is he evil, ignorant, or cut off from reality -- or all three?

Mock Paper Scissors debunks the claim (linked here last Sunday) that the Democrats risk a repeat of 1972.  And this party guest list reads like a Who's Who of political Morlocks.

The administration's newest priority is denying abortions to underage illegal alien rape victims.

Pence is as bad as we think, but he doesn't have much support.

Vote suppression probably cost Hillary Wisconsin.  There's a really, really farfetched scenario whereby she could still become President.

Political parties should resist the urge to purge.  But Democrats must understand the realities of their situation.  The Supreme Court was, and remains, crucial.

If Trump gets tax "reform" enacted, he may regret it.

[Image at top:  Erbîl, capital of the Kurdish autonomous region in Iraq]


Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Just when I think I can't love dogs any more, I love dogs even more.

It took a while, but I finally found the typo. It was worth the search. Two fists up!

I thought the expression was a 'chicken in every pot' not the other way around.

Thinking about opening a carwash in S. Harting.

Such a waste of soap (who needs that much?), yet I still want that dispenser!

I accidentally came upon a show on TV a few weeks ago. It was one of those home improvement type shows, and it was all about remaking and remodeling treehouses. Surprisingly, none of the treehouses belonged to Ernie..I mean, BeauBeau Sessions. I guess he just makes cookies in his tree. He doesn't live in it.

Every year, when a store employee says "merry Xmas" to me, I reply, "Thank you, but I don't celebrate Xmas. Happy holidays." I've never gotten a negative response. That said, I don't shop in Hobby Lobby, and I've never stepped foot in Chic-fil-A. They might have some kind of lightning machine for heathens.

Good for that 15-year-old girl. I hope all girls feel empowered to stand up against anyone harassing them, and I hope that the legal system treats the offenders as offenders and not some boys engaging in locker-room antics.

Sleazebaggery is non-denominational and not party-specific. Some of the sleazebags feel inferior, and the only way for them to feel powerful is to make someone else feel powerless. Others have a sense of entitlement. The only way to weed them out is call them out. Unfortunately, many people are not in a position where they can do that.

Who knew Bulgarians could be so funny?

If Hillary rightfully becoming President depends on Eddie Munst...I mean, Paul Ryan doing the right thing, it's never going to happen.

22 October, 2017 14:16  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Been cruising through these links, of course some worthwhile stuff. The piece on the coal burning from 1912 was interesting, but I see much of this as pretty common knowledge, that is why I get tired of hearing the talk that it needs more research, debate ... the economy will go to Hell, and put us in eternal poverty, etc, etc, fear, fear, fear basically. Most folks rich or poor can figure out that what we have done is not cool ... you dont even need to be a scientist to see this. And as far as fossil fuel use (I include burning oil in that, some will say that oil is not a fossil fuel), it is on a roll, regardless of how much green talk we hear ... enough on that though.

Never heard of the Muslim Viking thing before.

Immigrant detainee abortion, also another big issue in Texas. Everyone knows that abortion is needed, all these politicians and their wealthy constituents certainly see it and know it, and probably use it, religious or not, they're mostly habitual liars. None of these at the top would even live by our rules that we have to live by. I dont even believe that these folks are really that religious, they use this crap to manipulate the masses and pose. Just like I dont believe that they dont think humans are causing global warming intensity either.

Microsoft tree house workspaces look really nice ... they're too big to fail to.

Australian speeding, pretty hard ... traffic moves pretty fast here in Dallas, they would have a field day with it here.

Lots more coming out on the Russian meddling in elections. I heard the other day, they nailed some place in Saint Petersburg or Moscow(?), this location had like a few thousands folks working in it, and many are immigrants to Russia even, online spreading a bunch of propaganda basically. Just have to be more careful what we read and crosscheck things I guess. I like Russia Today for example, but I even have to watch what I'm getting from it. But it wouldnt surprise me if they try to tamper elections. I would also guess that Putin personally didnt want Clinton as a President, he would lean more towards a Trump type.

I been following this tax reform stuff to see what it consists of (Anytime these MF's use the word "reform" watch out America). I notice they are peddling this with a sales pitch, that the markets are rolling good in gains now with Trump administration, and if we can get this tax reform through, they estimate that the market would even double. Saying that it would just increase so much investment and that it would CREATE a shitload of new small business too. Bottom line, we need reform, but this IS NOT reform, they want to gut all the f'n regulations and government they can too . The poor will take a hard hit, regardless of the talk. The middle class will get some gain, but not like what they are selling this as (it will be like getting a bag of f'n peanuts on a flight) ... I would bet on it, from what I seen. But yes, the biggest investors will gain the most, but it puts us even deeper in a hole as far as social needs and the public voice on spending issues ... just a real f'n mess from what I read, too much to get into here ... Enough from me ... Later Infidel

22 October, 2017 14:32  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Nonnie: I agree with the commenter who said that typo was probably the work of a secretary on her last day.

A couple of times I've seen people get nasty when somebody said "Happy Holidays". The people who insist on the greeting that acknowledges only their own religion can get belligerent about it.

That 15-year-old had guts. By teaching those amateur Weinsteins a lesson, she probably saved other women even worse experiences in the future.

Ranch: The Vikings did have extensive contact with the Islamic Empire -- they were slave traders and sold European slaves there. Huge hoards of Islamic coins have been found in Scandinavia. But to me this particular pattern just doesn't look like what they say it is. I've never heard that any Vikings actually converted to Islam. If any did, they probably stayed in the Middle East.

It's become a tradition in the US that going five or ten miles over the speed limit is OK in most situations, and I doubt that can ever be changed. I guess Australia doesn't have that tradition.

Any time Republicans talk "tax reform", you can bet it's going to be cuts for the rich, with little or nothing for everyone else. Very often the non-rich end up worse off as other taxes, fees, permit charges, etc. get raised to pay for the tax cuts.

23 October, 2017 07:29  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

At least 20mph to even 30mph over the speed limit is common here in Dallas on major streets. The major street of Marsh Ln that my neighbourhood is on for example (or Forest Ln), has a speed limit of 35mph, most folks drive 50 to 60mph along it, including myself (you have to if you want to go with the flow), even the police drive the same. On LBJ Frwy within a speed limit zone of 70mph, folks more commonly do at least 80- 85mph.

23 October, 2017 11:02  
Blogger Pinku-Sensei said...

I was looking for a link to one of my posts, then realized you posted one at Crooks and Liars instead. Thank you! It got that entry 200+ more page views!

23 October, 2017 11:40  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: I can't say I'm surprised.

Pinku: Thanks for the post!

25 October, 2017 04:31  

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