17 September 2017

Link round-up for 17 September 2017

Meet Hurricane Shark, a dedicated fan of big storms.

How many kittens can fit in the bowl?

"Oh, dear" indeed.

Modern Japanese cooking is highly innovative (remember this too).

Texas shoplifter Toscha Fay Sponsler opted for a last thrilling joy ride in a stolen police car after police bungled her arrest.

Lion time!

The world will end this coming Saturday.

Life imitates art.

Stop tickling me, you assholes.

What if humans are the toughest intelligent race in the universe?  (Actually I've read at least one novel which used this concept.)

Hurricanes are punishment for the horrifying Gay Agenda.

Wonder Woman meets Victim-Blamer (found via Hackwhackers).

What a ridiculous concept.

Marriott doubles down on a PR disaster.

Younger Evangelicals are being massively turned off by their elders' support for Trump and the Nashville Statement.

Here's some intelligent commentary on the "cultural appropriation" nonsense.

Tell Me a Story looks at the real Democratic e-mail scandal.

The eight-hour workday is a failed concept.

If there's no Hell, Evangelicals will create it.

Kudos to Dallas as another Confederate statue comes down.

ESPN screwed up big time by failing to defend Jemele Hill.

In Missouri, one religious group is stalwartly defending abortion rights (found via Tell Me Why the World Is Weird).

Gloating time!  Breitbart commenters seethe at Trump's DACA deal as Trumpanzees burn their MAGA hats.  RedState cries amnesty and betrayal as wingnut Twitter erupts.  My co-gloater PM Carpenter assesses the mess.  Meta-gloat:  They see us gloating and there's not a damn thing they can do about it.  But a lot of Trumpanzees are standing by their man, so far.

Burr Deming looks back at the celebrations which greeted bin Laden's death (I posted about this at the time).  Also read this post on September 11 by Comrade Misfit from 2008.

Mueller is investigating how Russia interfered in the election, not just Trump's possible collusion.  Congress is acting to protect him from being fired.

Republicans are making one last stab at ACA repeal.  More info here.

Christianists lament society's abandonment of their taboos (I'm not the Phoenix1977 posting in the comments, but he speaks for me).  If you aren't anti-gay, you open yourself to demonic influence.

We're taxing the wrong things.

Trump's CIA director is trying to Christianize the agency, but agents are pushing back.  Then there's this kind of shit going on.

Noahpinion looks at why a white American ethnostate wouldn't work.

The story of a Holocaust survivor reminds us what "Nazi" really means.

Antitrust is back as backlash grows against too-powerful technology companies. This won't help matters.  Some corporate technology is designed to actively trick us (and the government).

The SR-71 Blackbird was the fastest plane in the sky, and pilots made sure everyone knew it.

Texas wind turbines, unlike oil refineries, came through Harvey just fine.

Clouds are varied and spectacular things.

Crazy Eddie says goodbye to Cassini.  Hackwhackers posts the last image sent back.

Australian English has some unusual features (I'd be interested in what Australian readers think of this).

Here's another look at where Hitler died, and what's just down the street from the spot.

This is a waterfall in Romania (found via TYWKIWDBI).

Insulting and antagonizing Mexico is a deadly-serious mistake.

There's something about Colombia.....

Tunisia has only just legalized Muslim women marrying non-Muslim men.  I imagine gay marriage will take a while yet.

Russian meddling in our election was so blatant that even Russians are bragging about it.

Holy cow!  Religious nutballs are lashing out.

An Indian ad goes for consciousness-raising.

Republicans have lost their bet on Trump.  But he hasn't stopped being a Republican.

The Democratic primary was won by.....the Democrat.

Single-payer would be nice, but this won't get us there.

It's Bannon vs. McConnell in Alabama.

Win future elections by focusing on gender, not just race -- and unity on our own side.

"He'll always be your better."

[241 days down, 1,221 days to go until the inauguration of a real President!]


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I'm still going through this round, but to comment a couple things first since I gotta cut briefly. I had no idea that another end day was coming this week ... it has gotten totally rididculous these dayz with internet as far as the dayz of revelations, I mean, there is like a new episode weekly! If the end ever does really come, no one will see it coming, being so distracted by all the others. Their video showing smoke coming from Earth as if it was down the street .... effects similar to creationism museum. I would figure at least fundi's would recognize global warming, since it is also result of man's mistakes ... give em something to really whine about.

I liked the kitties in a bowl, they're so playful guyz!

That statue in Lee Park Dallas took some time to get down, it was delayed and delayed. I was watching a memorial service for confederate lovers yesterday on the tele. Those confed supporters never bother to come these before it seemed. Lee Park is also known as a gay cruise park, jogging/ bike trail etc (actually nice neighbuorhood in Oaklawn, and the apartments/ highrises across that line Turtle Creek is an upscale class of folks, rest of Oaklawn has a large gay population. Back in the 1970's and 80's ... alternative indie musicians used to set up stage by the statue and play music for local concerts ... I never paid much atencion to the statue I guess. Hell, I heard they want to remove Columbus from Columbus circle in NYC too.

I just seen Trump on the tele yesterday talking about how Sanders Medicare For All or single payer will bankrupt the country (any time you cut into any corporate profits, they are like fundi's predicting doom and gloom ... the end, of all freedom, democracy, life, total communist takeover, etc) ... this is the same guy (Trump), who when running, actually got on the tele and said he liked Sanders single payer plan.

17 September, 2017 07:55  
Blogger Kevin Robbins said...

That Breitbart round-up of people laughing in their faces is the weirdest thing I've ever seen. Are they trying to make their readers and themselves suicidally depressed?

17 September, 2017 11:57  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

The ring reflections of light on night Saturn is really kick ass ... when shuff is that far away and so limited on photos, they look so surreal ... yet that is what we should expect in our universe too ... surreal visions of beauty to the human eye.

Blood in the water in Silicon Valley ... I mean, look at how these too big to fail entities have became the monopoly masters. Here's the deal too .... as far as when they ask to be clear on defining what is monopoly or not? ... you can twist the definition anyway ... but the result is the same. Of course they're monopolies IMO. What's next ... to define what is TRUE PRICE manipulation? On some things, the buck needs to stop somewheres ... we also have twice the trillions (globally) of debt than we do of actual money/ capital.

Also the piece by Cory Doctorow I thought was good food for thought. The whole thing is so rigged today, that corporations are even saying each other are. Destroy government oversight, regulation, etc ... is destroying a balanced free market. Wild West mentality even in capitalism is destructive to itself.

Good points by Noahpinion as far as racial homogeneity society. Another thing I may add ... is all these folks complaining about American job, security, sovereignty, etc, etc ... are doing not a bloody damn thing about addressing it by supporting someone like Trump. Who's talking about the H-1B visas? how loosened they became over the last couple decades and why? (corporate legislated maneuvering, lowering wages for all our young in student debt graduates), those folks holding American pride flags or whatever are not going to do the field work of Mexican border jumpers and they know it.Go to the Immigrant labour work lots around a town like Dallas in the morning, many HVAC, plumbing, construction contractors are picking them up for contract cash day labour and knowingly pay wetbacks for their business ... wear a "Make America Great Again" hat on the weekend and go to a rally. AMERICAN HYPOCRISY is our EXCEPTIONALISM too.

Enough from me ... have a good one

17 September, 2017 13:46  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...


Those Glitter/Hitler bags are the perfect thing to go with flaming MAGA hats. Quel glamour!
Thanks so much for that warning about the rapture coming on the 23rd. I was going to do some laundry, but I think I have enough underwear to last until then.

I need to ask this. We got hit with Hurricane Irma. Does that mean that I have to be a lesbian now?

I never believed that the world's suffering started because of a talking snake, but then one got to be President, and look what's happening!

I hope everyone hears about what Marriott did and never stays in one of their hotels again. Disgusting!

I would boycott ESPN for not standing behind Jemele Hill, but I never watch it.

The fact that one of those pushing so hard to end the ACA is a doctor is just plain disgusting. He knows how much that will hurt so many people, but his political bullshit is more important to him. Fuck him and his evil buddies.

For years, the evangelicals have been trying to take over the military from the inside, so it doesn't surprise me that the CIA is facing the same bullshit.

If Mexico wants to throw over the government of the US and take over, I will be willing to try to learn to like chili powder. (Honestly, that shit tastes like dirt!)

Love that ad from India!

I read that series of tweets from Joy Reid when she wrote them, and I loved rereading them. I adore her. She answered me once (I made her laugh!), and I turned into a ridiculous little fan-girl.

Always nice to see that the Rethugs are trying to eat their own. Looks like Breitbart is right there supplying the utensils.

17 September, 2017 14:07  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Kevin: I certainly hope so.

Ranch: The world is always coming to an end, it seems. Curiously enough, the churches that make these predictions sometimes offer their merchandise with a payment plan that extends beyond the alleged doomsday.

I've heard of a good way of testing their faith: "If you truly believe the world will end September 23, write me a check for all the money you have in the bank, post-dated September 24. If you're right, I'll never get to cash it, and with the world being gone you won't need the money anyway." Then watch them dodge and weave and fudge things.

Glad to hear that the gays in Lee Park will finally have that nasty statue out of their cruising area. Hopefully their presence will deter any wingnut protesters as well (unless the latter are closet gays).

Every other advanced nation on Earth has universal health coverage and doesn't go bankrupt (even though some have had it for over 100 years). Why do they keep insisting that only the US can't manage to do this?

Technology workers complain a lot about H-1B visas. But it's certainly true that Americans won't replace immigrant farm workers. Some agricultural areas are already having problems because of crackdowns on migrants. I don't know what the answer is, but right now a lot of farms really depend on those workers.

Nonnie: I don't think lesbianism is mandatory, even after hurricanes. But it's an understandable response to the kind of guys who post on all those right-wing websites I read.

Trump doesn't quite qualify -- he may be a snake, but he doesn't talk very well.

If Mexico wants to take over the US, they'll have to throw out the Russians who already did it.

I love the smell of wingnut-on-wingnut warfare in the mornings. I just hope they keep on fighting each other through November 2018.

17 September, 2017 15:03  
Blogger Comrade Misfit said...

With regard to the deadliness of humans as a species, Arthur C. Clarke's story Rescue Party alludes to that.

17 September, 2017 16:15  

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