31 August 2017

Texas round-up

Hurricane Harvey may be the worst storm in US history.  It's bringing out the best in people, and sometimes also the worst.

Photos show the scale of the flooding, and the human impact.

Texas has accepted Mexico's offer of aid for the devastated region, though the Trump administration is fiddle-faddling as usual.  Israel, too, has sent help.

Amid all the destruction and loss of life, religio-wingnuts crow that their God apparently intervened to protect -- a statue.

Best Buy claims its now-notorious water-price gouge was the result of a single employee's math error -- but how often do such errors make it all the way to a printed sign without being caught?  The internet piles on Joel Osteen for not opening up his megachurch as a shelter, but he too has excuses to offer -- you be the judge.  To be fair, other religious centers have behaved differently (found via Ahab).  And maybe God really does punish the wicked.

Inadequate regulation made the flooding worse by allowing too much ground to be covered by water-impervious material.

Fire ant colonies afloat create a further danger.  Fire ants originated in South America -- naturally they're adapted to surviving floods.

Emergency shutdowns of oil refineries are releasing massive amounts of toxic pollution (found via Ahab), and in at least one case there have been chemical explosions, a risk state officials had tried to minimize.

Texas blogger Ranch Chimp hopes the disaster will wake up some global-warming denialists to reality, and links to an expert opinion on the connection.  Yellow Dog is skeptical, and at least some wingnuts are doubling down on teh stoopid.

Texas Republicans in Congress who voted against aid after Hurricane Sandy are now being called out for hypocrisy.

If you want to help, you can do so quickly via the Red CrossUpdateMore options here.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for the reads ... you done an excellent job rounding up these. Yellow Dog has reason to be skeptical ... some of these follow the leader folks will only wake up when their favourite politician, celebrity or whoever starts to speak out unfortunately. In the meantime, the saturation of info through social media, inde news, etc is educating in particular the upcoming generations. I myself was hoping more that "maybe" some of these largest fossil fuel investors may wake up and see what were doing is more dangerous to the markets, economies than a good thing (from a pro- business perspective) and promote more of renewable investments ... the science is NOT political or religious, it's importante, more than hope or prayers or holding hands. I mean, the destruction is incredible just now ... and you know that there is more to come. I follow this stuff worldwide too ... Houston is an importante taste for us ... but places like Bangladesh, Mumbai and Nepal are seeing ferocious flooding and death, these are areas also of big investment ... our focus is on Houston.

Republicans in this catastrophic event are focusing on trying to cut FEMA to give a billion bucks to Trumps petty f'n wall, Trump is talking about tax reform, and when he visited Texas (Corpus Christi) ... all the Hell he talked about was the crowd he drew ... this is disgusting in this situation ... but reality. Trump sayz he is donating a million bucks of his own money ... I would bet this SOB writes every nickel off on taxes.

CNN, ABC, etc, this morning been pushing the Red Cross drive ... dont get me wrong, we need disaster relief, but Red Cross has a record for lack of transparency and how much actually goes out to help. We must be careful of who we donate to ... after all ... this is America ... the cream of the crop when it comes to folks out to f*ck you out of a buck. Besides, there is much more mess to come that isnt visible yet down there. As far as Olsteen ... good this SOB is getting this publicity in Houston too ... f*ck him and f*ck his church.

Many Houstonians running around town here in Dallas, beautiful weather for august and not hot either. But I been told personally about the price gouging going on in Houston, it's ridiculous ... Atty Gen Paxton sayz they are going to charge people ... we'll see. Gas prices of course are increasing fast up here in Dallas just overnight ... there are lines all over the metroplex for people trying to fill their cars ... many gas stations just plain ran out of gas, so getting it this holiday weekend will be a little more challenge. I feel no sorrow for some of these folks (like in my neighbourhood) who have 2, 3, 4 -- 2 ton SUV's and Trucks with extended cabs, a couple were whining already about gas prices. It's ridiculous to have 3/ 4 vehicles (just my opinion) when you only drive one at a time. I'm not worried ... I'm driving a little small 4 cylinder 2010 Honda Fit ... gets great mileage!

.... Talk to ya later Infidel

31 August, 2017 15:27  
Blogger Kevin Robbins said...

Thanks for the nice collection of links.

Sometimes, even when I disagree with him, I like Chris Christie. It's beautiful that he's calling out Cruz and Cornyn.

The destruction of Tony Perkins house just shows that sometimes God's aim is better than other times. The only downside is the asshole probably had insurance.

01 September, 2017 12:07  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: Thanks! This is definitely not a good time for Republican spending-cut mania or Trump's wall obsession. I think Congress views it as a good excuse to quietly forget about the wall since they have something more important to spend money on.

I added a link with some other donation options. I suppose you've heard about the Texas Secretary of State rejecting aid from Canada and asking for prayers instead -- to the same God who did nothing to stop the hurricane in the first place, I guess.

It figures gas will go up. Lucky for me I don't drive much.

Kevin: That's the thing about Republicans -- for every asshole, there's always an even bigger asshole somewhere.

Perkins probably has insurance, but not about being mocked for the irony of this.

01 September, 2017 15:35  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for the links ... it dont surprise me a bit being a Texan that someone would want prayers over help ... been around these folks for years ... seen one ... seen em all! No, actually I knew about several donation avenues besides the Red Cross ... lots of local shit like even in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio/ Austin too ... we have to, since we dont get help from the state like California. KInd of a "right to do shit yourself state" ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-)

02 September, 2017 04:40  

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