20 August 2017

Link round-up for 20 August 2017

WARNING:  Dangerous fake eclipse glasses are being sold.

This cat is a connoisseur of containers.

Baby chameleons are tiny.

Here's what popping a falling balloon looks like.  Dogs play with an intact one.


Progressive Eruptions looks at the departure of Bannon.

This fish is just being an asshole.

A salad figures prominently in this ancient Egyptian myth.

The eclipse may bring sightings of men in crappy monster suits.

Trump is a uniter.

Muscles are mice, except when they're lizards.

Horses.....BIG horses.

"Now, you colored people listen to me."

Michele Bachmann has a new project -- pestering the UN.

Reminder: the country did not choose well.

What is faith?

State-level Republicans are plotting against Medicaid.

Here's more crappy Christian behavior.

The DoJ is trying to gather information on political opponents.

Even some clergy eventually realize religion is bunk.

Attending a Christian university builds moral character.

There was violence on both sides.  But this guy didn't encourage it (found via Yellowdog Granny).

Charlottesville police failed to protect a local synagogue during the Nazi riot, despite online threats to burn it down (found via Ahab on Twitter).

These people exist.  And these people exist.

The ugliness almost defies belief.

The Alt-Right is ostracized and rejected by PayPal, OKCupid, Apple, Twitter, LinkedIn, the Spotify music service, Johnny Cash's family, the Six Flags over Texas theme park, and this hardware store.  The enemy assesses the damage.

Too many pastors are silent.

Celebrate real European culture, not Nazi bullshit.

A photo showing an Antifa protester beating a police officer is fake.

Doxxing leads to terrorization of the innocent.

Crooks and Liars suggests tactics for resisting the Alt-Right.

Hackwhackers finds the best cartoons on the Charlottesville riotHere's another.

This video from 1943 seems suddenly relevant again (found via Ahab on Twitter).

The Alt-Right commemorates the attack that killed Heather Heyer.  Here's background on the Daily Stormer's disgusting post about her.

A radical Christian finds common ground with Islam.

Wingnuts show their true strength in Boston -- and so do counter-protesters.

Read an impassioned post about true Southern heritage (it fits well with my post earlier on the same issue).

This is the Eagle Nebula.

Media overhyping of exoplanets is partly due to misleading terminology.

This archbishop would rather face prison than help catch child molesters (found via Ahab on Twitter).

This place should be the ultimate Alt-Right shrine, but.....

Here's a summary of this week's terrorist attacks in Spain.

You'll never guess which country was first to use rockets as military weapons.

Authorities in Malaysia threaten local atheists.

The best outcome in North Korea is not war but revolution.

Trump's rant included a revealing pronoun.  Often the simplest explanation is best.

Arch-wingnut Roy Moore presents Republicans with a headache.

RedState (!) scorchingly calls the Trumpanzees to account, while Republican Matt Latimer challenges his party.  Romney too speaks out.  Perhaps most startling is a rebuke from the Joint Chiefs of Staff (found via Mendip).  But in some cases, actions don't match words.

Hysterical Raisins has designed Bannon's statue.  Green Eagle warns of media spin.  Don't expect the Alt-Right crap to subside.

David French may have been prescient -- he knows the Alt-Right well.

He's alive.

[Image at top:  City hall in Tel Aviv, Israel, illuminated with the colors of the Spanish flag in solidarity after this week's terrorist attacks]


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