13 July 2017

Video of the day -- the "solar wall" and the con man

Claims that Trump's Mexican wall can be a source of solar energy are absurd -- but what else could we expect, given his record?  Note:  This was made by the same person who created my personal favorite among all the videos I've posted here.


Anonymous NickM said...

Well, in principle...

Rather than spend the money on walling-off Mexico* (the idea floated by The Don that Mexico will pay for this is beyond risible) sticking-up loads of Solar capacity in, say, New Mexico (yes, Don, there is a *New* Mexico) seems a damn fine use of resources.

About 20 years ago I was in Florida. I stayed at the home of a civil servant for the FL state gov. He told me just in the course of general conversation that they were having to actively recruit Mexicans. Baseline was a good college degree in a relevant subject and spot-on English. Oddly enough the smartest person I ever met was a Mexican. She was a mathematical logician. But then I doubt the Don would recognise quite how fiercely smart Gabriella was because she was (and I assume is) female, Mexican and a logician. Logic not appearing to be high in the many and varied accomplishments of The Donald.

*I seem to recall an earlier Republican Prez calling on a certain wall to be pulled down. How times change!

14 July, 2017 03:27  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I never even heard about the solar wall thing until this. At first mention I thought if there was a wall that sounds great to solar panel it, but of course didnt look into it yet like the guy doing the vid ... plus, the whole wall thing to me is just kind of a waste of money ... you know ... I wrote about that crap, "Great Wall of Trump" trip,etc. Folks are gonna get in here regardless of any wall anywayz ... "No one knows illegal border traffic like Ranch Chimp" (copying Tweety/ Trump {:-). The last part of the video at least made me laugh, because it had all them clips of Tweety saying "no one does it better than Trump", etc, etc. The guy is a straight up hustler and will spend anything to put his brand on something, sadly he has access to our tax revenues big time now, and getting off "on the cheap" as far as his out of pocket expenses the way I see it (I mean, I know when I'm Getting scammed, and believe me, this dude is a scammer). Folks complaining about how evil he is and like Hitler, etc ... he hasnt even really done any damn thing yet ... I can only imagine how folks will explode when he actually does shit besides running his damn mouth on the twitter crap. I sware, I have to daily when I watch the tele news, mute the sound because it is so saturated with Trump this, Trump that, what he tweeted, how he woke up with the red- ass, old lady is mad at him, didnt give him any pussy or whatever ... his son, his daughter, his son- in- law ... God man ... the shit is just like awful having to hear this shit over and over and over.

Just talking to a buddy that called asking me what's up with all this rain and cloudy dayz here in Dallas. I told him it's the global warming changing trends IMO. Look how it got over in Arizona and SE Cali with the heat. Here it like been raining on and off for like a month (no flooding stuff or nothing,just rainy dayz), that is not typical here in the summer, sure, some thunderstorms, but this has been popping up almost every day. Sure, when the rain comes, the temps drop about 20 degrees ... but when the sun comes back out, it evaporates all that moisture into the air, making the humidity higher. Hey, Thanx for the vid ... gotta run

15 July, 2017 06:11  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Yes, the desert is a good place for solar power development -- about the only way to mess it up would be to get Trump's stupid wall involved.

16 July, 2017 05:01  
Blogger Green Eagle said...

Just to put this in the clearest terms: First of all, it would cost far less to just build solar farms with the panels, rather than mount them on the wall, but of course that would never be considered, since Republicans are paid to fight alternative energy. Second, the solar farms would allow aligning the panels appropriately so that the yield would be far higher. And finally, as the panels would have to face more or less south, they would have to be on the Mexican side of the wall, where the guys shooting those sixty pound sacks of drugs over the wall would steal a few every time, so soon they would all be gone.

16 July, 2017 11:17  
Blogger Tommykey said...

Apparently, the flow of illegal immigration across the southern border has declined even further since Trump became president, which undermines even further the need to spend billions on building a wall.

16 July, 2017 11:27  

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