12 July 2017

One day for the internet

Right now most of the US political blogosphere is understandably caught up in the latest revelations on the Trump-Russia issue.  But the enemy is active on many fronts, and so must we be.

Today, July 12, has been chosen as a day of action to support net neutrality, which the Trumpified FCC wants to destroy.  If the worst-case scenarios pan out, losing net neutrality would strangle the internet as we know it, crippling our ability to spread information rapidly and carry out mass actions (such as the campaigns to stop ACA repeal) on short notice.  That is, if we can't save net neutrality, we could lose much of our ability to save everything else.

Control over the flow of information would be effectively re-centralized, and de facto censorship would become even more pervasive.

Here's a comprehensive post about the day of action and why it matters.  Here's a petition to the FCC.  Here's the post where I found out about this, which has links to more resources.

Of course, the internet won't be truly safe until the technology has reached the point of being genuinely immune from such interference -- when governments and private entities not only refrain from restricting content, but can't.  However, evidently we are not yet at that point.


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