02 July 2017

Link round-up for 2 July 2017

Finally -- a TV show with balls!

Radiohead fans applaud a new composition (story may not be true -- see comments).

"Is this real?"

Here's a Tumblr observation on pigeon sex.  And this chicken provokes varied interpretations.

I found this short tale of sorcery devilishly entertaining.

He who can't be laid, must be paid!

Bloggers, watch your trolls -- they'll do this (found via Yellowdog Granny).

Capybaras radiate friendship.

That's a big bird (found via TYWKIWDBI).

Pyrosomes beswarm our coast.

These tiny fish resemble living suction cups.

Let him swim.

Crops rot in the fields as illegal-alien labor grows scarce.

"Friendly" Christianity is not the answer.

Single women often have a pretty good life except for pestering by family members.

God hates fags, his people hate America (found via Mendip).  Hardly surprising when they take innocuous symbols as evidence of Satanic dominion.  One pastor gets it.

Anti-Semitism is gathering strength around the world -- even manifesting itself at a Chicago gay pride event.

An abomination against the Constitution is cast down.

These people exist.

Take a balanced look at Seattle's minimum-wage hike.

Ivanka Trump is accused of stealing something hardly worth having.

Colorado Springs tried libertarianism, with disappointing results.

This is Bible morality.

Nevada joins the recreational marijuana revolution.

Missouri legislators vote to let your employer fire you for using birth control (found via Mendip).

Wingnuts sabotage solar power in Montana.  In fact, in the USA, global warming will hit red states hardest.  Already Arizona's summer heat is literally melting everyday objects.

Disasters provoke cooperation and stronger social feelings, not dog-eat-dog chaos.

Scientists offer competing views on how far life extension can go (I don't take either side as definitive since the arguments are based on past lifespan trends, not on analysis of potential technology).

Justin Trudeau is the coolest world leader.

The British people overwhelmingly reject austerity, and are moving left more generally -- as this massive demonstration illustrates -- and the Scots are turning against another independence referendum.

No matter how conservatives protest, the Grenfell Tower fire is political.

Misogynistic Twitter trolls plague the UK too.

Germany joins most of the West in legalizing gay marriage, provoking a debate in Australia, one of the few remaining holdouts.

The number-three man in the Vatican, Cardinal George Pell, has been charged with sexual assault.

Don't forget what's going on in Russia.

The Saudi regime's effort to shut down Al-Jazeera shows fear of free expression.  The network speaks out for itself.

Having apparently learned nothing from 1953, neocons push regime change in Iran.

Hysterical Raisins offers another Time cover for Trump.

Planned Parenthood flexes its muscles in Washington.

When Republicans demand civility, here's what they mean.

A conversation with two doubting Trumpanzees offers hope for 2020.  Here's another view.

What would Hillary have done?  And should we dump Nancy Pelosi?

Trump's scam vote-fraud commission is DOA with the states.

The New Republic makes the case for radical liberal federalism.

This is what Trump's great-again America would look like (found via Yellowdog Granny).  A simple graph shows what ACA repeal would mean; and the Huffington Post gives more detail.  Luckily, repeal is proving difficult and even RedState says the Republicans have blown it.  In fact, they're failing at pretty much everything (found via Hackwhackers).

The super-rich pressure Republicans to get their dirty work done.

Sydney Schwab debunks political both-siderism.

Green Eagle gives his views on where all this is heading.

[Image at top:  Berlin's Brandenburg Gate illuminated in rainbow colors after the German gay-marriage vote]


Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Thanks, Infidel. My day got started off with a huge laugh. I admit I guffawed at the pigeon joke, as embarrassing as that admission may be, and I giggled at the Radiohead story. I also loved that show with balls. It amazed me how many steps backwards the world continues to take--antisemitism, homophobia, misogyny, racism and all-around bigotry. If some of the bigots want to take their hatred to Russia, let's help them pack. That story about Colorado Springs was really interesting.

I am on the fence about Nancy Pelosi. I know that the Rethugs would pound their chests if Pelosi steps aside and insist they forced her out, but fuck them. No matter what happens, they will take credit for it (except for the destruction of this country under their dear leader). I don't mind Pelosi being the woman behind the curtain, but I think we need either a younger face at the microphone, or, if she is at the microphone, we need a lot of young faces surrounding her. Optics play a big part in politics whether it's fair or not. I speak as an old fart as I say that we need a fresh face on camera while the Rethugs trot out dried up Yertle McConnell and the old orange shoe leather that resides in the White House. A younger face would project that we are looking toward the future with new ideas to solve new problems. That's the way to attract younger voters.

02 July, 2017 14:51  
Blogger W. Hackwhacker said...

Another tour de force! The pyrosomes link made me wonder if they're also found in the Atlantic, where I would be dipping my toes (after doing a little research, I see that they are). Bioluminescence is such a wonderfully strange phenomenon.

As far as the shortage of farm workers, I wonder how many of those California growers are Republican party supporters; they'll suffer, but so will everyone else when the food prices go up.

Reading Nonnie's comment above, I have to agree that whoever was in Pelosi's position would be demonized incessantly by Repubs and their media ghouls. She's apparently a very effective leader, as far as strategy and head counting. I would extend Nonnie's suggestion that, for both Senate and House Democrats, they might do well to have dynamic (not even necessarily younger) spokespeople, perhaps even on a topic-by-topic basis, being the public "faces" of the Dems on Capitol Hill. Not as easy to caricature as the more familiar faces (though, as I said, they would try). Seniority and privilege would be obstacles to that idea, I'm sure.

03 July, 2017 07:21  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Lots of good stuff here, so much that I havent went through too (probably take me a damn week to cover it thoroughly) ... nice little selection of creature features too (animals). Just a few comments to leave though

BTW ... the Radiohead story I read was just a hoax according to news sources I read. I looked into it because I was down tuning a guitar and new amp at the Guitar Center here in Dallas saturday, a guy who worked there came into my booth and said something like "Hey, you gonna do a Radiohead tuning" ... I was confused and said like ... "No guy, it's more like a Mick Mars (Motley Crue) or Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) tuning, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-)" ... he then told me about the Radiohead thing.

The Chicago Dyke March flag deal just blew me away having to read it slowly just to comprehend it ... geeezz ... just thinking of all the do's and dont's in todayz correctness fries my brain trying too. We are all oppressive I guess ... in Texas gayz fly also a flag with the Lone Star ... of course, Texas had slavery too ... I guess that is wrong too ... I dont know. Am I evil? am I a racist? a fag lover/ hater? Jew lover/ hater? ... yep ... I'm all the above and more in todayz complex maze of correctness.

I had no bloody idea what a Capybara was though, great read ... although I laughed seeing the alligator/ crocodile? side by side, thinking of it as like one of those damn kiddie bible study book illustrations of a lion and lamb side by side. But I thought it was simply a joke. I read up on them though out of curiosity ... they are actually preyed upon by so many animals, including the human animal ... they also eat their own feces (anyone with a scat fetish is a friend of mine {:-).

Is the gay rainbow flag Satanic? ... not another satanic sighting or analogy (yawn)

Great read on the Colorado Springs libertarian deal. I know several libertarians, some real good folks too that I know, great liberty points, freedom dreamers etc ... we talk alot, cook out, shoot targets, and Steve is an excellent rock metal guitarist, home recording studio, custom built outdoor gun range, makes good money, etc ... he has a large piece of land outside Dallas about 60 miles out and a ranch styled home on it. And alwayz enjoy our conversations ... but I never felt we could have a libertarian society, especially with our diverse interests, cultures, needs and population ... but these folks do their best to live it as much as possible. I am all for taxation ... except ... I actually believe that ALL should pay, which includes the wealthiest ... for me, it serves a common interest and needs. Guys like Steve, Matt and Drew I know and their wives live way out and believe in what they see as ultimate freedom, they even grow their own marijuana or anything they choose.

Got to give it too the Japanese got balls show ... whoever comes up with these deals like that ... should get an award!

03 July, 2017 07:46  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Pyrosomes in your part of the country ... I didnt even know about them ... but nothing surprises me now ... since we also have sharks on the coast close to tourist and recreational water areas ... with this global warming too, shit happens, eh? I actually credit much of what were seeing on these things to global waters warming.

What a beautiful wing spam on that Condor ... great looking bird and nice company it seems too.

Immigrant labor shortage in Santa Barbara County ... Lord know I been expecting this too. I cant argue with those who say these immigrants are illegal ... after all, that is what our laws say. To me ... we desperately need immigration law revisions. California too, because of their climate ... is such a big agricultural gift to this country. Oregon I was reading the same problem awhile back, because it is impacting the wineries there. I guess Trump can take credit if he stayz in office for "job creation", eh? ... saying he created jobs for Americans to crop the fields by kicking out wetbacks ... a twisted bunch of issues that we have.

Recreational marijuana in Nevada ... another plus ... I think we will come to a realization in time, that it should be legal coast to coast as recreational ... America is a little slow ... and not the liberated Utopia it's painted as by some. I smoked so much pot, I used to buy that shit by the pound, and I can buy it 24/ 7 in Dallas, whether it's illegal or not, didnt harm me at all. Here in Dallas, they allow you to have up to a quarter pound (4 ounces) without being arrested, but that too, is only Dallas County in the metroplex ... and Harris County in the Houston/ Galveston/ Pasadena metro area, not sure about Austin tough, but would expect it there. Small amounts in other areas of Texas, they can bust you for, or give you a citation or just confiscate it ... it depends where you are in Texas.

Solar energy attacked in Montana ... there is a movement across the country of folks trying to do that, even homeowners associations involved in suburbia America ... the hypocrisy of this, is that many that do this, are also folks that will say out the the other side of their mouth, that are are for free market, choice, etc, etc The guy I mentioned earlier, Steve, is going full solar, wind and geothermal on his rural property/ ranch.

Rolling rail cars on the tracks (metro service) ... almost looks real ... technology worx some wonders, eh?

I agree with the Crazy Eddie piece about how would folks behave in an apocalyptic type situation ... seen it time and again ... BUT ... people love stories of horror while eating their popcorn at the movies and having the shit scared out of them ... they pay for it.

Seattle's minimum wage increase results ... the way I see it, is it will take time to see what happens, not a couple years. In the meantime ... I commend those these dayz that fight for fair wages in our cost inflated societies. Talking to a kid yesterday that's a clerk at Trader Joe's market here in Dallas and still in college, about the future of jobs and the elimination of much. Yet, at the same time ... what many are not seeing yet, is the explosion of a new middle class of great paying jobs that never existed before out 21st century digital, science, techs, etc boom ... growing independent business and entrepreneurs, etc. Folks like my daughters make good money and benefits ... and no, they are not union ... long story though. Too much writing ... so enough from me ....

03 July, 2017 08:41  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Nonnie: The eruptions of bigotry are indeed disturbing. But I think the infection has been there all along. Trump just brought it to the surface. Colorado Springs was a classic clash of theory with reality -- something libertarianism usually doesn't get through very well.

Hackwhacker: Ocean life can be pretty spooky sometimes. But it gives us hints at the kind of diversity that may exist out in the universe.

Ranch: On the left as well as the right, some people show a psychological need to judge and condemn Jews for things that they would barely notice if anyone else were doing the same. It would be a bit mystifying, if we didn't have 1,600 years of history of that same prejudice manifesting itself.

You'd be amazed how many fundies believe the gay liberation movement is literally in league with Satan. It's the only explanation they can imagine for how much success it's had in a relatively short time.

Japanese pop culture is pretty out-there. I can see why it's becoming popular worldwide.

The wingnuts can keep fighting against marijuana and solar power and so forth, but in the long run they're nothing but speed bumps on the road to the future. The market and public opinion have moved on.

04 July, 2017 12:48  

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