25 June 2017

Link round-up for 25 June 2017

People interact with statues.

Heh.  And heh.

"You gay people have a lot of drama," says drama queen.  This principal doesn't get it either.

With ads, placement matters.

These people exist.

Too much politics -- time for puppies and baby seals.

Stupidest rape attempt ever (found via MendipNote: may not be true -- see comments).

A classic race is run.

Cats are an evil conspiracy.

Welcome aboard.

Pastor John Hagee wants to prosecute women for.....well, see for yourself (found via Mendip).  But how would the police monitor for occurrences of this crime?

Pagan Egypt had the best mythologyMore here.

Wonder Woman is an inspirational movie, but it could have been very different, and much worse.

Is America great again yet?

Appreciate the laundry-folding machine.  And show a little respect for the peanut worm.

Sleep under starry skies, indoors.

Crazy Eddie recognizes World Giraffe Day and National Seashell Day.  He also takes a look at icebergs and ants.

Millennials are killing everything, but maybe they just have better ideas.

Avoid polarized thinking about other people.

We'll kill you, but.....

Don't be fooled by fake news, even (especially!) when it's something you want to believe.

Evangelicals have lost their way.

Can't find good employees?  Here's why.

Read a debate on seat belts.

Here are reasons why some Christians don't proselytize.  But here's someone with no self-awareness.

Vampires are taking over the Republican party from zombies.

Texas enacts a new discriminatory law.

"Neocrusaders" agitated about Sharî'ah law have a lot in common with those they condemn.  (In case you missed it, the same blogger left an info-filled comment here about the actual Crusaders.)

The Alt-Right is divided and quarrelsome.

He hides, then punishes those who don't see him.

Three cheers for a unanimous Supreme Court ruling upholding free expression.

Follow these laws and everything will be fine.

Here's a warning about yeast infection cream.

The Bible condemns many.

See what the wingnuts have been up to lately.

Senators ignore women's testimony about religious violence.

One group that should have spoken up for Philando Castile is oddly silent.

Christian hate doesn't end even when you're dead.  Christian love is even worse.

NOM has lost, but vows to keep slogging on.

Extremists are extremists -- including these.

The end of slavery began a desperate effort for family reunions.  And remember the story of Ruby Bridges from a century later later.

The fight against global warming continues, even without the US.

Hemp plastic can help save the environment.

Cultural diversity enriches university life.

Hot weather inspires an unusual school protest in the UK.

After their election disappointment, Britain's Conservatives back down on some of the nastiest austerity stuff -- but some very nasty stuff remains.  Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn becomes a thing on the internet.

The Church of England shielded a molesting bishop for 20 years.

The people in the Grenfell Tower died because.....

Afraid of turning gay?  Grow a beard.

This purports to show examples of ad censorship in the Middle East, but I'm suspicious -- almost none of the images have any text in a Middle Eastern language.  (For comparison, here's an actual Arabic ad image for Frozen).

A President re-elected in a landslide takes on an unelected theocrat.

Iran's retaliatory missile strike against Dâ'ish (ISIL) sends a broader message.

Kaveh Mousavi suggests how to respond to a jihadist attack.

Enraged at looming defeat, Dâ'ish destroys a venerated 800-year-old mosque.

Religious nut attacks woman for wearing shorts.

The Saudi regime demands that Qatar shut down Al-Jazeera.

Eqbal Dauqan had to fight hard to become a scientist.

Trump is useless, so foreign leaders are working around him.

TPM and Electoral-Vote.com look at the special elections.

This is Ben Sasse.

Trump has now admitted that Russia interfered in the election, and the CIA has learned that the orders came from Putin himself.  Dallas county (a blue county in the red sea of Texas) was a hacking target.

Electoral-Vote.com has a comparison of the House and Senate ACA repeal bills.  Don't assume that Republican defections will stop the Senate version.

If Trump fires Mueller, what happens next?


Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Another Sunday, another day of doing nothing but clicking on links! I loved the statue pics. Hilarious! Puppies and baby seals (and if you scroll down, adorable otters in love!)! The alligator rape story wasn't true, according to Snopes. I doubt John Hagee has ever heard any woman saying anything during intercourse other than, "Is it in yet?" Instead of asking if America is great again yet, I would ask, "Is America still America?" America would still be America if everyone had a laundry folding machine. I want one, but not as much as a starry skies ceiling. So insects are better farmers than people? Maybe one of them would appeal to people in Iowa, and we can run one of them against Chuck Grassley. Fake news is scary, and I wish more people were more careful when spreading it around. Even when the case to be made is righteous, fake news undermines the case you are trying to make. Will NOM use Twitler math and insist they had the biggest crowd evah? Those ads from former slaves looking for their families are heartbreaking. There is a strong comparison between poor people burning to death in London and what will happen to poor people here if that tax-cutting bill masquerading as a health care bill passes. And, by the way, relaxed building codes in many cities in the U.S. allow the same flammable cladding that covered the Grenfell Tower. How much you wanna bet Sasse, his wife and kids all had polio vaccine shots? It's just everyone else who needs to grow their character by being paralyzed.

And the question is not "What will happen if Twitler fires Mueller?" The question is "What will my dog do if I don't stop reading Infidel's links so I can feed him?" I don't want to find out!

25 June, 2017 15:30  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Nonnie: I'm kind of glad the alligator story wasn't true -- I'm too tired to look it up now, but I'll make a note.

Good point, an America "great again" in a Trumpian sense would not really be America any more.

At least the Grenfell Tower fire seems to have really aroused the public against the Conservatives and their mania for deregulation and spending cuts. I wish Americans reacted as strongly to, for example, the water crisis in Flint.

If your dog gets annoyed, you can always show him the puppy link and hint that he may have a chance at internet stardom if he plays his cards right.....

25 June, 2017 18:32  
Anonymous Blurber said...

The "Welcome aboard." link makes me think we shouldn't complain as much about flying in the modern era as we do.

26 June, 2017 11:40  
Blogger Commander Zaius said...

...Ben Sasse of Nebraska thinks polio builds character.

I've got to show my wife this one. She has the impression Sasse is a decent human being.

26 June, 2017 20:45  
Anonymous NickM said...

This might amuse (or scare)...


But if the USA elected Trump - yeah,I know about electoral colleges. A recent Russian Survey apparently had Joseph Stalin as the the best guy ever. Second was Putin in a tie with Pushkin.

Basically anything the US can do badly the Russians can do worse ;-)

26 June, 2017 23:22  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Blurber: I guess anyone who wasn't in very good physical shape just couldn't travel by air in those days.

Beach: I hope the quote helps clear that up. He obviously isn't.

Nick: Hardly surprising that most people have no confidence in a belligerent incompetent. I wonder how Putin would do in such a test of global (not just national) popularity.

The Electoral College distinction is important and always has to be kept at the forefront -- this is a minority-rule regime and a majority of Americans voted against it. Russia a rather different case. In a police state with controlled media, a dictator can shape public opinion, especially when he has genuine successes to point to (such as installing a quasi-puppet President in the rival superpower).

27 June, 2017 02:27  

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