05 March 2017

Link round-up for 5 March 2017

Years ago I read a blog which did hilarious dissections of Chick tracts.  An archive of the dissections still exists; here's one of my favorites -- the opening is set in Hell itself!  If you're not familiar with Jack Chick and his horrid little tracts, see my obituary of him.

What does this button do?


The bathroom cop may be in your future.

That's not a bridesmaid.

I'd like to eat one, and I can even pronounce it.

This is gonna be a long wait.

The news is "fake", but the facts are true.

Either way, don't wear this to a Trump rally.

The wingnuts seem to be in a permanent snit about DisneyNext up, Lego Batman.

Art has a role to play in combating fundamentalism.

I've actually seen people on the net acting like this guy.

Dronetard pwned!

Trump won't be at the WHCA dinner, but a substitute may be available.

Toaster vs. freezer -- who wins?

80% of Americans want special labeling on foods containing DNA.

Check out the new robot from Boston Dynamics.

I'm with Pelosi on this one.

A Kentucky county learns that bullshit isn't a good investment (found via Mendip).

Someone is doing something wrong.

The latest Wingnut Wrapup has me wondering if Trump will invade Antarctica.

NOM is imploding (found via Republic of Gilead).

The freak-out over male disengagement has a curious precedent.

A sermon on the role of women in Christianity quickly descends into incoherent gabble.

Under new management -- the US is getting more like Russia already.

A story from 1999 illustrates something of Trump's character.

Pope Francis, exasperatingly beloved of some liberals, quietly coddles molesting priests (found via Republic of Gilead).  An abuse survivor on his fig-leaf "commission" on the issue has quit in disgust. Here's some more enabling of abusers, by Kentucky Republicans.

God hates Grace Slick, apparently (found via Mendip).

Here's one Trumpanzee out of action.

This is the future we want.  This is the future they want.

Fear the empire of stoopid.

Chiropractic manipulation can kill you.

Data from Michigan highlight the ongoing threat of global warming.

Here's a photo essay on the evil in our midst (found via Mendip).

A British sheep farmer looks at rural America.

A mass grave in Ireland confirms an ugly history.

Blogger Donna is visiting Berlin, finding Germany far healthier and saner than its own past -- or our present.

John B. Judis looks at recent European elections, including one of the best discussions I've seen of Italy's Five Star movement.

Israel contemplates taking in more refugees.

But we have to respect their beliefs! (found via Republic of Gilead)

Despite Trump's sneers, our allies are beating Dâ'ish in Mosul.

Religio-nationalist thugs linked to the ruling party terrorize students in India.

My state will be in the crosshairs if the Republican regime attacks legal marijuana.  In fact, marijuana is good for business.

Here's a round-up of reactions on the Sessions/Russia scandal.  And here are veterans' comments on Trump playing Navy guy.

Can our politicians muster the courage of Larry Colburn?

Trump could learn from Kennedy about handling failure.  From these Presidents, too.

Green Eagle finds a relevant historical analogy.

The regime goes into panic mode over leaks; "sphincters are tightening in the bunker".  But there are some leaks Trump likes.

Bannon's goal is a terrifying anarcho-nihilism.

Blogs Brane Space, Hometown USA, Hackwhackers, and Mahablog have reactions to Trump's speech to Congress.  Following the initial swoon, the media are getting back to doing their job.

This is not a drillNot everyone survives.  Here are some resources for protesters.

Hard-core Trump voters are hopeless, but there are others we can win back (found via Blue in the Bluegrass).

Trump's statement on anti-Semitism was pathetically inadequate (found via Fair and Unbalanced), and this horseshit is unforgivable.

[44 days down, 1,417 days to go until the inauguration of a real President!]


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

The story about the mass grave in Tuam, Ireland, is sickening, but not surprising. Not much surprises me when these types of atrocities by religionists are uncovered. I posted on this story at my blog this morning. I haven't heard much on the news, but I don't watch much teevee news anyway, so I don't know for sure if this has been reported. If this happened in that little town in Ireland, who knows where else it happened to other victims.

05 March, 2017 10:35  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Shaw: It's an example of the moral depravity which religion enables. Normal humans recoil from cruelty to children, but religion's judgmental and moralistic taboo systems have repeatedly shown they can overcome such inhibitions and make people capable of horrors. The same mentality drives honor killings by true believers in Islam, as you observed in your post. And yes, such Catholic institutions existed throughout Ireland for generations. No doubt there are a lot more bodies out there.

05 March, 2017 15:31  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

This is the sort of depravity that was taught to children during the time of these slave institutions that passed as homes for "fallen" girls and women. It is no wonder that even the nuns had no problem disposing of infants -- if they were not baptised.

06 March, 2017 07:44  
Blogger Ahab said...

Magdalene Laundries, rampant clergy abuse of children, horrible institutional conditions, and now a mass grave, all from an church that claims to respect life and protect the vulnerable. Please.

If you'd like to stay abreast of the Catholic Church's global horrors, I suggest the websites of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse (Australia) and the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (UK).



07 March, 2017 20:18  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Shaw: Yes, the Church preaches that God's favor is won by rituals which, conveniently, the Church itself is solely empowered to perform. Nice schtick if you can keep it going. During the Dark Ages such favors were even openly sold for money. We must never let the world forget such practices and what they imply about the Church.

Ahab: Thanks for the links. All we have to do is expose and publicize the Church's real record, and its support will eventually erode to nothing except among a small hard core of delusionals.

08 March, 2017 03:54  

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