26 February 2017

Link round-up for 26 February 2017

Would you dare use a Norwegian urinal?

See a natural but perfect rotating disk of ice.

This makes me a bit concerned -- the best website on the internet has just been sold.

He took all three.

Before exercising, check the room for cats.

Curious bird is curious.

Maybe a two-state solution is best.

This cliché becomes clearer in translation.

Sorry, we can still see you.

Trump wars invade the astral plane!  Can we work Cthulhu into this somehow?

How many more must die?

See photos from Boston's "stand up for science" rally (found via Republic of Gilead).

This cloud could scare the shit out of you.

Who should really be doing God's work?

While much of the MSM sinks into cowardly both-siderism, other publications do better.

Have some more baby elephant videos.  Then check out these mother bears and cubs.

Even years ago, leftists suffered brutal oppression.

This must be the worst phobia of all -- fear of the universe.

Pat Robertson gets really creepy about Melania Trump (found via Mendip).

Choose your pizza.

The 7th Voyage of Sinbad is a fantasy, but still a product of its time.  Of course, the present has some issues too.

TERF wars!  Fundies have some feminists on their side, but it's not as big of a coup as they think. Mainstream feminism takes a more complex view.

Brane Space debunks the hype about the newly-discovered Trappist-1 planets.

Wingnuts are weird about poison.

Ex-pastor Bruce Gerencser remembers his escape from Christianity and how others have reacted since.

In life-expectancy figures, the US is slipping down out of the First World (found via Hometown USA).  More here.

The Muslim fund drive to repair Missouri's vandalized Jewish cemetery has raised more than five times its goal (Linda Sarsour was also one of the organizers of the January 21 Women's Marches -- I suspect we'll be hearing more of her over the next four years).

The bees won't be buzzing off just yet.

An upcoming court case could strike down partisan gerrymandering.

Extremist Christians become what they accuse Muslims of being (found via Republic of Gilead).

Wingnuts can't see the obvious pattern in recent history.

These shameful days must not return. This is not the America earlier generations fought for.

Connecticut authorities go after the victims of racist harassment (found via Mendip).

When religion fights biology within an individual, biology tends to win.

Sexy stuff sells, even if prigs don't like it.

Noahpinion makes his case for why liberals should own guns.

Irish women are fighting back against the malignant remnants of Catholic domination over their society.

It's energy of the best kind!

Reality in Sweden (and the rest of Europe) doesn't match the hype.

Does a high minimum wage drive prices up?

The only good Nazi is a dead Nazi -- they can even be worth cash.

Keep the Syrian refugees out!

These are the countries Americans like most and least.

A Filipina atheist makes a few observations.  Read this post too.

Religious priorities are messed up (found via Mendip).


CIA analyst Ned Price explains why he quit rather than work for Trump (found via Politics Plus).

Dimwit wingnuts get pwned at CPAC.  Maybe this could actually work.  Remember, these are the people to outwit.

Trump may have another problem beyond narcissism.  Also, he doesn't know jack about economics.  And now he's got another crowd-size issue to bullshit about.

The administration is running like a fine-tuned machine -- specifically, this machine.  Or maybe this pickup truck.

Max's Dad sums up the nature of the regime.  Here's another nasty character in the inner circle.

Nojo at Stinque looks at Pence's complicity (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

The fox has been confirmed as Secretary of the Henhouse.

Paul Ryan doesn't want to hear from you.  Really, none of these turkeys do.

Arizona Republicans plot an attack on the First Amendment.

Experience with lousy management helps to understand Trump.

Be proud of our Democrats, even if they don't get everything right.

A Florida pastor senses the presence of the demonic at Trump's recent rally (actually this stuff is just typical primate aggression).  Even RedState shares his revulsion.

The Republican agenda is at odds with US public opinion.

If this is the real ACA "replacement", it's as shitty as we expected.  For many, it's a matter of life and death.

America is already great -- our response to Trump proves it.  Here's a small example.  This resistance movement has staying power (found via Republic of Gilead).


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for the links ...

Pat Robertson story was kind of funny, yeah, I think Ms. Trump looks great, but I dont think it will turn gay men straight, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) ... I mean, you like what you like, period ... or what attracts each individual. Robertson is into his own world too (dude is like in the Twilight Zone) ... Hell, man, even holy rollers got fetishes or whatever, they just pray for forgiveness after they bust a nut (cum).

Cosmophobia (???) ... that's a new one on me ... I mean, human's have alwayz been explorers, eh? ... new continents/ lands ... new worlds ... sum's it up.

Actually been hearing alot about the Trappist- 1 system ... so interesting read.

As far as wassup in Sweden ... well, done a posting on that myself, and have read stats myself, debunking the crime increases ... but there are still tensions.

Papa John's and Little Ceasars, I knew about Little Caesars ... but not about Papa ... dont get around to eating pizza much these dayz anywayz.

Elephant vidz and mother/ cub bear photos were cool

As far as liberals owning guns ... interesting read ... I know several folks that dont like guns, so I dont bring it up much around them ... but I also know folks that have them. Never been much issue with me, you know, I had guns since childhood, so havent gave it much thought ... it's not like I think about shooting folks or nothing. Had a buddy invite me out to Palestine (TX) yesterday to do some wild hog hunting, but I declined, just had shit to do.

Norwegian urinal ... unique ... I was in this small store (again, this happened before) ... 2 dudes are waiting to use the toilet (1 stall dinky do drop in joint, one for guyz, and one for galz ... I didnt want to wait, I had to piss like a Chinese racehorse, and the guyz room was occupied ... I went to the galz ... this dude sayz ... "Hey man ... that the ladies room" ... I told him ... "cover me dude ... I'm transgender" ... they laughed {:-)

Endangered Bees was interesting, because there has been alot of talk about the extinction of bees.

George Takei ... yeah, at a time, there was mass hysteria years back, lots of Jap's getting rounded up too.

Cleaning the racial slur off the door in Stamford (CT) ... figures ... anything to make a buck {:-)

Atheist pig cartoon was funny!

As far as politics ... ya know, this last election with that Republican mudslide in the house, was just a real disappointment to me ... yep, I still vote like clockwork, etc ... but just think politically were in the shitter for awhile. We got enough problems here in Texas under Abbott as it is ... this dude is all freaked out over that bathroom bill crap ... some dudes asked me the other day what I thought about it ... I just told them ... "It's stupid, and f**k what Abbott wants ... when I gotta piss, I'm gonna piss, regardless of who's in the stall next to me ... I really dont give a shit".

As far as religions/ churches ... besides avoiding their shenanigans, f**k them too.

Weather here been a trip, one day, in the 80's, next day in the 30's

I'm outta here Infidel ....

26 February, 2017 14:09  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

All good links, especially the baby elephant one.

26 February, 2017 17:15  
Blogger Tommykey said...

Of course, the Muslim fund drive to repair the vandalism to the Jewish cemetery is just a plot to throw us off guard so that we don't see their plot to impose Sharia law on America! Yeah, I imagine there are some wing nuts that actually think that way.

27 February, 2017 10:02  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: Actually a fair number of liberals do own guns. It's much more common with rural people, regardless of their politics. I don't think Noahpinion actually made the strongest possible points, but his viewpoint it worth reading.

Shaw: Thanks!

Tommy: Very likely. Or they'll just brush it off as being "not typical" (I've seen that before). Of course most of them won't even hear about it. The wingnut news sites won't bother to mention it because they're too busy covering the Swedish terror attack and Bowling Green Massacre retrospectives.

28 February, 2017 03:46  

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