19 March 2017

Link round-up for 19 March 2017

Yep, this is my city.

I guess "God hates fags" doesn't look so good on a résumé.

This resembles nothing in reality, right?

Learn how to read business e-mails.

"A future lawyer" indeed.

Have a seat.

Crazy Eddie celebrates Pi Day.

Do they even realize they're like this?

Cats aren't spiritual beings -- anyplace will do for a lie down.

When space aliens arrive, we have a request.  Then again, who knows how they'll think?

It's a bird!  It's a plane!  It's dongs of steel!

Punctuation matters.

The bad guys are going after Big Bird again.  Maybe it's because of this.

The internet is having some fun with Republicans.

If you're fascinated with the idea of giving powerful electric shocks to whales, this post is for you!

A Texas legislator cleverly pushes back against the wingnut obsession with restricting female sexuality.

Check out these T-shirt designs (the first one may take a moment to figure out).

Yes, but it's still better than being evil.

Beauty and the Beast opens as a monster hit, leaving yet another wingnut boycott unnoticed in the dust.

Ligeia Mare is a sea 50% bigger than Lake Superior, with mysterious vanishing islands.

Listen to the science -- we're supposed to be reality-based.

This is encouraging -- a Christian (and former Evangelical) gives Dawkins's The Selfish Gene an honest read, understands it properly, and grapples with the implications.

White supremacism is not nationalism.  Well worth the read, raising some important ideas and concepts which aren't discussed often.

When you look at this, you're seeing light which left its source before the dawn of agriculture.

Here's what government really means.  But Pornhub does a pretty good job too.

North Dakota's gonna need a few gazillion of these.

A Japanese space probe will soon set sail for Jupiter's Trojan asteroids.

These conversational-evangelism ploys look an awful lot like slimy PUA moves (found via Republic of Gilead).

Parasitic fungi induce real-life zombie-like states in insects and even frogs (found via Mendip).  One wonders if elsewhere in the universe there might be parasites that could do this to humans.

These people exist.

A Georgia town displays a wide range of reactions to a pro-KKK banner.   States aren't really red or blue.

Thou shalt not speak of it (and Bruce has several similar stories posted).

The US Air Force is about to start bombing whales and dolphins (yes, really).  Maybe we should just kill everything and get it over with.

Thawing permafrost makes the fight against global warming much more urgent.

The Republican war on science is very real (found via Mendip).

Even after achieving atheism, the tentacles of religion can be hard to shake off.

To build a better future, we must be able to imagine it.

The break-up of the USSR began with a "living chain" protest by two million people.

Trump sends religio-wingnuts as US delegates to the UN commission on women.

Merkel is no "progressive savior" -- never forget she's behind the EU's Republican-style economic policies which have ruined southern Europe.

What exactly does "Islamophobia" mean, anyway?

"Iran's Obama" is so popular, conservatives can't find anyone to run against him.

In India, pro-government religio-thugs threaten students who speak out -- some would be eager to see this in the US.

What's a mirldjawurrdjawurr?  Find out here.

Trump's "secret plan" to fight Dâ'ish (ISIL) is.....what we've been doing all along.

Hysterical Raisins has the definitive poster for Republican "healthcare".  Here's another view.  But it does offer choice and promotes self-reliance.

They want to take away poor people's internet too.

Trump can use the budget to punish those who don't share his delusions.  But his regime is becoming paralyzed with paranoia.

ACA repeal will be difficult -- time to work on making it even harder.

A Trumpanzee discovers karma.  But the dumbth is too strong with this one.

Gosh, who would be like this?

P M Carpenter identifies a possible Presidential candidate for 2020.

Trump's border policies and view of terrorism play into the hands of jihadist propagandists.  And yes, this guy is a terrorist.

[58 days down, 1,403 days to go until the inauguration of a real President!]


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

I, for one, would not mind having the “higher vibrational couple” as my neighbors, and I would gladly trade my one "TRUMP RULZ" three-doors-down-from-my-apartment neighbor for them.

19 March, 2017 10:04  
Anonymous Marc McKenzie said...

Again, another great list of links. Thanks, as always.

The article from the BBC about the "real-life zombies" caused by viruses and bacteria and fungi reminded me of the backstories behind the games Resident Evil 4 and The Last Of Us. Apparently the creators of those games did look at actual virus, fungi and bacteria that can create a zombie-like state in their victims. Of course, they also applied a great deal of creative license and imagination as well.

I'm stealing the "Without Government/With Government" jpeg and will post it on my FB page. Why? Because it's the truth. Too bad that so many seem to have forgotten or outright ignored what's mentioned here.

Glad to see that BEAUTY AND THE BEAST has opened well--but then again, whenever these wingnut boycotts occur, the film will always do well--see ROGUE ONE, THOR, THE FORCE AWAKENS....

"These people exist"....sadly, yes, they do. Another sad truth is that they have always existed. Social progress pushed them to the fringes, but every so often they emerge again. The internet and Trump's campaign and presidency have caused them to come out again. Still, always remember that there are more of us than them, and that social progress is not going away; it keeps rolling on.

Yes, the GOP is waging war against science--something that an administration headed by Hillary Clinton would never have done. Further proof that it's time to bury the "both parties are the same!" canard that the far Left keeps babbling.

On a sad note--Bernie Wrightson, legendary comic book artist who co-created SWAMP THING and worked on collaborations with Stephen King, has died. He fought a long battle with cancer. He had a long list of famous fans, including King, Guillermo del Toro, and Neil Gaiman. He also worked in films, providing designs for movies such as SPIDER-MAN (2002) and GALAXY QUEST (1999). As a fan of his work, I was always blown away by his attention to detail and his incredible skill at inking.


19 March, 2017 10:08  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Shaw: I think a lot of us would make that trade.

Marc: An infectious agent like that would certainly be fuel for horror fiction. The pictures in that article were disturbing, and I don't even like insects.

Government is like vaccines in that way -- it's been so successful in dealing with the problems it was designed to solve that people take the absence of those problems for granted. Government creates problems of its own, but we can't do without it.

Anybody who still thinks both parties are basically the same is so brainless they'd have nothing to worry about from the zombies.

So we've lost yet another cultural icon..... I don't know much about art, but what a haunting and distinctive style. The world will be that much poorer without him.

19 March, 2017 10:40  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Been browsing your links here Infidel, so a few comments

Those pieces on JAXA sail, damn ... 18 mile asteroids?!! And Titan's lakes, seas, and magic islands were interesting

The gluten free craze ... it's true, I also used Whole Foods store, but it is everywhere now ... I tried some of the stuff a few years back (gluten free) ... I dont know if it done me good or bad, or worry about it, I try to eat balanced is all. The advertising in stores is a plus, as far as at least products having this info, but can drive you batty too ... and much deceptive stuff I found.

Zombification of animals and plants? ... wouldnt surprise me ... shit happens, eh?

Texas congressional districts illegal(?) ... I been catching that here in the news, and of course, some of this what goes on in Texas, should be illegal

Taking internet from poor people, or even the other piece about PBS cuts? I expect attempts to do such anywayz, at least attempts to try to regulate who accessing what more ... social media and public access media, has enlightened so many folks ... and the oligarchs can look at that as a threat to their neoliberalism. They would rather have them playing video games and watching ball games, than actually educating themselves too.

Oleo Sponge, a good deal for the environment ... what I would hope though, that oil companies dont grow negligent, since they have all these new tools to clean up their messes, which we pay for mostly. Is that pessimistic thinking? ... no, it's awareness thinking, and no, I dont trust any of them, when it comes to making a buck.

Metal dicks? ... why not? (not sure what they are) ... all the dildo's I seen in the neighbourhood adult stores look like plastic or rubber though.

As far as Air Force bombing of whales and dolphins ... you know Infidel ... with all the new science and technologies engineering, I dont think the top of the chain, care about whales, environment or much else (not even people). I see them as just thinking they will fix anything they f**k up in nature anywayz ... some may see it, as easy as inventing the air conditioner, so we dont sweat. ... I could be wrong ... they may love us all, eh? {:-) I dont even understand the increased 50+ billion defense spending ... they say it is for veterans too ... imagine that ... I'll believe it when I see evidence.

Buddah cats? ... so can I call them "booty cats" instead of "pussy cats"? {:-)

Never seen a stack of chairs like that, if that's real.

Oxford Comma ... what a story!

To ET's "take our leader with you"? ... how bout take em all? ... send them to Titan for all I care.

As far as saviour progressive Merkel, my sentiments! I dont see her as any saviour any more than so called progressive Trudeau (Canada).... hogwash ... send them to Titan too!

Later Infidel ....

19 March, 2017 10:51  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: Governments around the world must wish like hell the internet had never been invented, with the way it lets ordinary people communicate with each other and access information. But it's too economically important now to get rid of it, so they're just fighting a losing battle to control it.

There's still a lot of exciting exploration of the solar system going on. Our probes have been to all the planets and many of the moons, but there are still gaps to fill in.

Oil company negligence is a lost cause. If there are pipelines or drilling, there will be spills. Phasing out oil is the only solution.

It's bizarre that so many chairs ended up piled together like that. I suppose somebody dumped some broken ones in that vacant lot, and over time it because known as the place to dump junk chairs, but how the ones higher up in the pile got there.....people must have actually taken them to the roofs of the neighboring buildings to throw them down.

If we send too many politicians to Titan, the Titanians will threaten to build a wall and make us pay for it.

19 March, 2017 15:59  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

I'm having a hard time feeling much sympathy for the NC governor who's discovering that homophobia isn't as accepted by the general population as it once was, particularly as I suspect that the bill he tried to enact into law was one of the more vicious "religious freedom" laws that various Republican state governments have endeavoured to pass in recent times (I have a feeling it was one of those ones that despite its BS claims of being all about "religious liberty", could barely hide the fact it was really about hurting a bunch of people its framers didn't like).

Interesting series of photos about the human chain across the Baltic states of the former USSR. I first learned of the "Baltic Way" just a few months ago, when I read a book about the Nazi-Soviet Pact and its sad legacy. Apparently, the Baltic Way was held to commemorate the 50th anniversary of that pact's signing, which meant it would've taken place on my 16th birthday. Having read a bit about the Soviet government's oppression of the Baltic peoples (really, they were little better than the Nazis, at least during Stalin's time), I can understand why the Baltic republics were among the most eager of the former Soviet republics to (re)gain their independence!

20 March, 2017 09:40  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Zosimus: The NC law was notorious and led to extensive boycotting of the state by business and even sports associations. It's no wonder employers find him a tad toxic now. He may have to limit himself to working for fundie groups.

The Balts are also among the most concerned by Putin's aggressiveness and Trump apparent complacency about it. They've been independent for over a quarter-century now, but their geographical position makes that always slightly precarious.

20 March, 2017 17:48  

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