29 January 2017

Link round-up for 29 January 2017

It's possible to watch The Ring safely.

Bring your own hole, but be careful.

Is that an S or an R?

Mark Mothersbaugh crafted the ultimate turd.

This is fashion?  WTF?

If you're out on Tumblr but not to your family, beware of this person.

Trump gets pwned on Twitter.

It's remarkable how much thought went into the costumes in Alien.

Tengrain has a Trump clock.

Never forget this.

Here's why so many Mormons abandon their religion (found via Republic of Gilead).

It's quite possible for a lifelong calling to be based on a delusion.

Remember the first time.

A 2,000-year-old house decoration looks classier than a lot of what we have now.

How big was that "March for Life", really?

Gizmodo remembers FĂ©licette the space cat.

Fifty years ago, basic errors in safety planning killed three astronauts.

Commodore Perry's 1853 opening of contact with Japan may hold lessons for contact with alien intelligence.

Accused rapists find a law book to defend their actions.  Maybe they should just try to move the trial to Oklahoma (found via Mendip).

Alt-right?  Meet the alt-resistance.

The robots are coming.  Be prepared.

Wingnuts get wingnuttier than ever under Trump.

At the speed of light, it takes a million years.

The war on women shifts into high gear as Trump resurrects the global gag rule, Texas considers barring women who have had abortions from voting, wingnuts step up attacks on Planned Parenthood, and Russia decriminalizes domestic violence.  But the Netherlands is pushing back against Trump.

The Church of England is riven by internal conflict, but is so moribund that it hardly matters.

This is Oxford, UK.

Trump fudges the significance of the Holocaust -- as do some of the commenters at the linked post.  We have relics of what it really was.  Here's how it ended.

Here's an example of Christian parenting.

Sign here to oppose a law that could force child rape victims to marry their attackers.

Boston blogger Donna has a report and photos from the Women's March there.  More on that here.  Crazy Eddie reports from Michigan; Murrmurrs and Politics Plus from here in Portland.

See more photos from the marches worldwide at CNN and It Helps to Dream.  Here are some of the best signs -- I like this one (found via Mock Paper Scissors).  Stinque looks at the marches' significance.  And yes, she must have been there.

Hackwhackers notes that the fervor must translate into ongoing action, and our rightful President agreesGays (found via Republic of Gilead) and scientists are planning their own marches.

Some wingnuts had vulgar comments on the marches.

Here's a quick round-up of Trump's actions.  Republic of Gilead has a new recurring feature, Orange Horrors, to help us keep up.  Mendip lists some reliable sources, and some more, for the Trump era.  And here's a collection of resources and groups for the resistance (found via Mock Paper Scissors).

"The man in the gilded tower is not grateful."

Fight back like hell on the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines -- it's worth it.

Trump prizes loyalty, but only in one direction.  And he doesn't inspire it in those around him (found via Mock Paper Scissors).  He won't even be able to fake being President, though he fakes everything he can.  And he's just as petty and short-tempered as he seems.  But mockery remains a perfect weapon against the pompous. And there's one Republican he can't intimidate.

Explore the wit and wisdom of Mike Pence (found via Mendip).

Kurt Eichenwald explains the real significance of Trump's event at the CIA Memorial Wall.

California prepares to play hardball with Trump over sanctuary cities (found via Republic of Gilead).

The Muslim entry ban has precedent.

Robert Reich anticipates the fall of Trump (found via Green Eagle).

[9 days down, 1,452 days to go until the inauguration of a real President!]


Blogger W. Hackwhacker said...

Again, many great links. Thanks for taking the time to search them out, and thanks so much for your support, too!

29 January, 2017 08:44  
Blogger Ahab said...

Well, too many tacos will make one fart, so the sign is accurate.

On Twitter, I now follow a list of all the unsanctioned, unofficial government accounts. I salute their resourcefulness.

Would you believe that the White House is defending that Holocaust statement? An inauspicious sign of things to come, I fear.


Rest in peace, John Hurt. It seems symbolic that the man who portrayed Winston Smith in "1984" passed away during the first week of Trump's administration.

Thank you for sharing my posts!

29 January, 2017 09:40  
Blogger Tommykey said...

The post about Perry's mission to Japan reminded me of Great Britain's Macartney trade delegation to China in 1793. I have a book about the Macartney expedition that presents the story from both British and Chinese documents, and it gives a good account of how the two sides failed to understand each other.

29 January, 2017 09:42  
Blogger mendip said...

Another great set of links - thanks much! Particularly enjoyed the one on how to watch and survive The Ring!

29 January, 2017 10:19  
Anonymous Marc McKenzie said...

Thanks again for the links, Infidel. Much reading to be done!

In regards to John Hurt's passing...I know that many have mentioned his role as Winston Smith in 1984, but he also played the villainous Chancellor Suttler in
V For Vendetta. He was also Professor Broom in Hellboy.

One thing I have to say about Alien--in regards to the uniforms and hairstyles in the film, has anyone noticed that they do not look dated? For a film made close to forty years ago the costumes and hairstyle/makeup look modern, contemporary, whereas the outfits in 2001 (minus the uniforms worn by the Discovery crew) look dated.

One more thing...if the actions taken by the Trump Administration do not finally destroy the foolish belief about how "both parties are the same" or "Hillary would have been worse!", I don't know what will.

29 January, 2017 11:30  
Blogger Kevin Robbins said...

Robert Reich anticipates the fall of Trump (found via Green Eagle).

Based on the first nine days, even Pence has to be better. I can't imagine 4 years of this. How's impeachment going to play for the GOP, tho? It's still going to alienate all of his supporters who I'm sure will still exist. It should be interesting. Close to the mid-terms, I hope.

29 January, 2017 11:34  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Thanks for linking over to The Raisin, Infidel, here and at C&L. It is appreciated so much.

Every time you post all your links, I am unprepared to be interested in so many things I never knew I was interested in. You keep my eyes open and my brain working.

Has it only been 9 days? It seems like an eternity. I don't know how this is going to end, but I highly suspect it won't end well. Even if Twitler is impeached, we would still have to deal with Prissy Pence, Cowardly Ryan, Yertle McConnell and the rest of the thugs.

29 January, 2017 15:04  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Thanks everyone!

Ahab: Trump has repeatedly backed down in the face of unexpected pressure (see today's video above this post), but he never actually admits he's doing so -- he always just claims his orders didn't actually mean what they clearly did mean, or it was somebody else who did it, or whatever. It's harder to do that with something that's just a statement. But he must be getting frustrated that almost every major thing he does is triggering such a backlash.

Marc: Hurt played a remarkable variety of characters, and always well. It's the mark of a true actor.

Good point about the costumes. I guess blue-collar work clothes don't change much. It's curious how most old SF set in the future actually does look dated, though.

Kevin: After seeing how Trump has done in just ten days, I don't think anybody can imagine four years of the same.

Nonnie: The link round-ups are just stuff I happen to run across in a week's wandering around the net, and far from all of it. So they're not really much work, and that's why the content is so diverse. If I can occasionally get someone to look at something outside their normal range of interests, I feel it's worth doing.

Pence would be bad too, maybe worse in some ways since he wouldn't be so incompetent. But he's a more typical Republican politician. We've got experience dealing with theocrats. And at least he wouldn't nuke some foreign city in a fit of temper or wreck our relations with major trading partners out of sheer ignorance.

30 January, 2017 04:57  

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