22 January 2017

Link round-up for 22 January 2017

I'm trying to help, but it's a long-term project.

Nice comeback.

A golden idea.

Maybe not the photo they meant to use, but this would probably work.

The seasoning is the best part.

Don't mess with a man who has his own moth.

Keegan-Michael Key has the weather forecast for Trump's America.

You're never too old.

Check out the poem at the end of this.

Here's some advice on pants shopping for girls (really -- pants without pockets?  I never noticed).

Don't use these.

Even comic-book villains have higher standards than Trump.

There are monsters down there.

Good riddance to the culture that did this.

Don't let history repeat itself.

There's a proven way of raising profits and creating jobs.

Who's too easily offended?

It's a tradition.

Anti-prostitution crazies have scored a "victory" that will endanger thousands (found via Tell Me Why the World Is Weird).

Sometimes the young can make people see sense.  Sometimes the old are just too evil.

Here are some Twitter responses to Trump's attack on John Lewis.

Earlier this month, Portland had its worst snowstorm in over a decade.

You can't call the US the world's most advanced nation when this kind of shit is going on.

For MLK day, The Field Negro looks at yet another shocking case of racist police brutality (read the comments, too, to remind yourself what kinds of people exist out there).  If you haven't read it, here's King's magnificent Letter from a Birmingham Jail.

Now that everyone knows what "alt-right" means, the fascists are trying to slither away from the term.

Even with one of their own in charge, the wingnuts are crazier than ever.

Hometown USA has links on the healthcare battle, and looks at Republicans floundering on ACA repealWe must never go back to this.

Here's how a rural conservative woman found her way to the left.

Kentucky Republicans launch an attack on public education.

Britain's leader promises a clean break from the European Union (not "from Europe", despite the inept headline).

In Iceland, religion has practically vanished among young people.

This is what time-lapse photography was invented for.

Russia is restoring traditional values.

What kind of "elites" could be so clueless?

This nutcase did a lot of harm -- he deserved punishment.

I think this technology has a lot of potential.

Vera Rubin, who died in 2016, wasn't a celebrity, but she deserves to be remembered.

These modern-looking drawings of the Moon were made over 400 years ago.

Watch what Trump does, not what he says.  Journalists need to get real and do their jobs.

If you're planning to participate in protests, read this.

Spot the real problem.

Trump is already making his mark.

The left made mistakes, but the enemy is still the enemyYes, they're racists.

Fair and Unbalanced looks at the soul of a whiner.

Hackwhackers has links and quotes on what's happening and what we must do.  Logic is good, but we need more.

Trump is losing a core part of his support.

Green Eagle looks at crowd sizes for the inauguration and the Women's March on Washington, with photographic evidence.  Republic of Gilead looks at religio-wingnuts' reactions to the Women's March.  Crazy Eddie has more on the pussyhat resistance.  Progressive Eruptions has the view from Boston.  More pictures here.

Never accept this as normal.

[2 days down, 1,459 days to go until the inauguration of a real President!]


Blogger Ahab said...

The horror of living under the Trump administration will be a little more bearable with bloggers like you. Thank you for gathering all these commentary pieces on Trump.

22 January, 2017 08:06  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I had no idea what they have set up in PDX as far as dealing with snow and ice, but I would expect these storms to come more often because of the weather changes too (reminds me of Buffalo or Toronto). People here in North Texas bitched about too much salt, saying that it damages the paint of their vehicles, so years back they started just using a lightly salted sand mix, to lay on the major roadwayz and overpasses, like 24 hours before the storm arrives, if they think it will be a significant one and weather radar verifies it, we dont get much snow here, but freak ice storms. But I seen Oregon and PDX on the news, it got hammered pretty good, ya'll need to be ready for it.

Speaking of PDX, I seen they had quite a bit of damage in downtown during the protests, got pretty heavy there.

The "Little Monsters Down There" photos were cool! What alwayz caught my atencion, is how we (humans) look at other life as ugly or whatever (I did a posting on Blogfish, which was voted as ugliest) ... but I wonder what those other creatures would think, if they had thinking brains like ours about humans? ... I mean ... humans have really been monsters in these times, look at what we done to the seas ... I'm sure were just as scary and ugly to them.

Yellow Dog's piece on soaring profits and minimum wage increases was interesting, I like to look more into that ... you know, most of the fear that we are fed about wage increases and related as far as being bad for business, are basically the largest businesses creating the fear cards. Give things a try, before you talk the doom and gloom in other words.

Slytherin, and monitoring your kids/ daughters texts or whatever. It's understandable that parents (I raised daughters myself and know from experience) are concerned about their kidz ... but one thing I noticed over the years, is that kidz are still kidz, just like I/ we were, they just have more advanced communication tools ... but by nature, they havent changed a bit, when I look at kidz today. You got to give kidz their space too, let them learn, and let them be kidz, give good advice and guidance, and let them learn to make their OWN choices, otherwise, they will never learn ... and leave it there. Parenting isnt easy, being a good parent can be challenging, but if your gonna have children, at least be the best parent you can be. Kidz will find their own way naturally and learn from hits and misses.

As far as the "coloured" and "white" fountains, fear and whatever ... it's about as dumb as thinking if you get blood from a blood transfusion from a black person, that you will become culturally the same or whatever. An ex- girlfriend (Gwen) years back, told me that Dallas had black- white fountains, she even told me that she wouldnt have been allowed in the upscale store we were in if she wasnt wearing a maid uniform in Dallas back in the 50's or 60's (?) ... she being black. Dallas Records building in downtown has black- white fountains, the city tried to remove years back (out of political correctness), it was Dallas black city council members that demanded they stay in place, as a reminder of what Dallas was at a time.

The "soft robotic octopus" was COOL ... can we have flesh robotics?

Vera Rubin ... you know, to me Infidel ... when you lived your life doing what you want to do and contribute as well while doing it, to me, that is the ultimate fulfillment and enjoyment of a good life.

22 January, 2017 08:30  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Sorry, had to do this in 2 parts man, the character limit crap .... (good thing I dont tweet, I could never get out one)

Patheos anti- trafficking activists, it's called human trafficking today I reckon (and there is a strong movement against prostitution, and criminalizing it even greater) ... look at the root of the issue, what made it what it is? Sure, prostitution is not all what it used to be, the survival thing, the lower level street and drug use, and the whole enslavement of that dependency part today, has broadened it ... although you still have those who do okay, and do what they do "by choice" and are not being forced and strung out on meth, crack or whatever. We as a society made it the dark and gloomy environment some of it is portrayed as, but to label ALL sex worker and prostitution work as being under the same umbrella they do today is unfair.

As far as "Tweety Bird" (Trump) ... I will give him the benefit of doubt out of fairness ... I mean, I voted for Bernie Sanders, and then for Hillary Clinton, even though I questioned Clinton alot, I gave her the benefit of doubt ... were stuck with this dude for now, plain and simple. Of course if I was in the private business sector dealing with this guy, I would watch him like a fox watches a hen house, I mean, he's a hustler, gotta watch your back or lose your shirt the way I see it. I dont even know if this guy will be able to get along with Congress for that matter, or just what he plans as far as building business, but I do know what his party would LOVE to do. I think he made some not so good cabinet choices too, I mean, even Hillary wouldnt have picked people like Rick Perry or whoever, and she has Wall Street written all over her, but still she wouldnt have made some of those choices. This guy likes to pick folks that are from backgrounds I guess like him ... dont even know how this guy will hold up ... must feel like being under house arrest, coming out the sector he came and going into this.

.... Have a good one Infidel

22 January, 2017 08:32  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ahab: Glad if I'm helping. Certainly many other sites, including yours, have helped keep my own morale up.

Ranch: The snow and ice are all gone now except in places where people shoveled it into big piles to get it out of the way. But things were pretty hairy for a while, with lots of areas too dangerous to drive.

Unfortunately there are a lot of thugs who like to smash things and block traffic during protests. This infuriates me, because it's damaging a cause I consider very important. At the very least, the police should be a lot tougher about keeping the roads clear.

They named the ugliest fish the Blogfish? We bloggers should protest the insult and demand that they rename it the Trumpfish!

A huge amount of trouble is caused by the anti-prostitution nutjobs insisting that all prostitution involves human trafficking or something coercive. Human trafficking does exist, but their attitude is equivalent to insisting that all driving somehow involves car theft.

I'd be willing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt, but that really just means withholding judgment until he shows his true colors, and he's already shown his true colors very clearly -- many times.

can we have flesh robotics?

That's exactly what I was thinking. :-)

22 January, 2017 10:52  
Blogger Kevin Robbins said...

Even comic-book villains have higher standards than Trump.

Great collection. Regarding comic villains, don't know if you saw this. Apparently Trump was doing some plagiarizing.

"We take Gotham from the corrupt! The rich! The oppressors of generations who have kept you down with myths of opportunity, and we give it back to you, the people," Bane said.

In the Business Insider. What's up with that?

22 January, 2017 12:02  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Just like that dingbat to copy the words of a villain. At least Melania plagiarized a superheroine.

22 January, 2017 15:07  
Blogger W. Hackwhacker said...

Late getting to you, but thanks again so much for gathering so many interesting and informative pieces. Something for everyone!

23 January, 2017 08:35  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Hackwhacker: Thanks! Fortunately, I'm into a lot of different things.

23 January, 2017 17:10  

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