15 January 2017

Link round-up for 15 January 2017

Icy days bring.....things.

Ranch Chimp has some videos of the Earth from orbit.

Images that once embodied dark fears are now just knickknacks (found via Mendip).

Here's a sneaky way to get a free printer.

Whatever you're making, use the correct parts.

Politics Plus has a round-up of reactions to GoldenGate.  BlueBull has more.

Don't like your neighborhood?  Check out where the pearlfish lives.

Julie D'Aubigny was a 17th-century force of nature.

Art is subject to interpretation, but there are limits.

The Nazi march through Whitefish, Montana, has been canceled for the most embarrassing reason possible.

Sometimes, getting fired works out OK.

Hysterical Raisins has the definitive Jeff Sessions portrait.

People have a blind spot about animals.  Then there's this.

Boots in a startling new style win an enthusiastic response (found via Mendip).

Jesus has impressive qualities.

A new book looks at Scientology from the inside.

Over-the-counter birth control makes sense, but will be slow in coming.

It's scary how plausible this is.

Self-driving vehicles will be more disruptive than we think.

Here are some ideas on paying for universal basic income.

R. T. Rybak looks at Obama, the past, and the future.

If Sears and K-Mart are dying, it may be suicide.

Here's an extensive reading list on modern fascism (found via Mendip).

Sorry, anti-death-penalty absolutists, but I have no problem at all with killing this piece of shit.

Crazy Eddie looks at Obama's environmental record.  Remember who needs whom.

Americans must be willing to learn from others.

Stray dogs in the cold get some kindness from shopkeepers.

The Philippines is loosening the grip of Catholicism.

New Horizons has sent back all its data on Pluto, but its mission isn't quite over yet.

A closer look at the "EmDrive" concept shows there's not much to it.

Alexandra Petri takes an amusing look at Trump's news conference (found via Earth-Bound Misfit).

Serves these dumbasses right.

Perhaps the inaugural should just anoint Trump as king.

A veteran responds to Trumpanzee attacks on Meryl Streep (found via Progressive Eruptions). Stop wasting time on hopeless peopleTheir dumbth is limitless.

See worthwhile posts on anti-Trump resistance from Jack Cluth, Ramona's Voices, Hecatedemeter, and Tengrain.  Remember that the enemy is far from united, even Trump and his cabinet.

From technologists to farmers to entertainers, California is pushing back.

Hackwhackers has a round-up of links on the Trump dossier.  Here's a summary of its history and a caution.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I was checking out your last video too ... that was cute watching them all play in the snow up there. I didnt even think it snowed like that in Portland, I been seeing it in the news up there, I just thought the high elevations get hammered, I only spent a week there, in the spring, and weather was really nice, so I dont know much about your winters there ... you're fortunate though to live in such a great American city ... love that town!

Really some impressive and beautiful pieces as far as the "ice piece" from "Skull Lady" and those Knickknacks from "Dangerous Minds"

EmDrive was a bit over my head trying to get it to sink in ... but interesting as far as the New Horizon going into Kuiper Belt.

Lamar Austin ... love that guy ... like to see folks like him that put their values at the top in their lives (I would have done the same goddamn thing). Today we have this culture of thinking that everyone will just praise the almighty dollar and worship whatever the corporations tell us too, some folks have a "life" besides that ... and just wont bow to everything ... I sure as Hell could go on and on about this, but I'll spare you. Great that so many step up to the plate in this country, to help and work with each other when push comes to shove too ... just look at the job offers for him!

Nazi march in Montana? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) ... I didnt even know they had any marches going on ... I think ole "Tweety Bird" (Trump) has inspired some to come out of the woodwork too. But ... I guess they want to say that "Nazi Lives Matter" heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-)

Havent even thought of the ripple impact that could come from driverless cars (Misfit piece). They had a guy just a few months back here in suburban Dallas that was using his auto- drive late one night, and the car just lost it and went totally berserk, the guy got injured pretty bad too, but survived, not sure how to feel about those cars as far as personal use, I'm old fashioned and actually enjoy driving my cars ... but, to each their own. My daughter was explaining how these new road sensors are going to work in the near future, she has a client that is setting this up (big bucks from what I hear) ... but no, she wouldnt even drive one of those she said ... she just went and bought a fully loaded Lexus ... I couldnt even understand half the shit/ amenities on that ... SOB does everything but serve you breakfast! ... her money, and her choice though {:-)

I'm outta here Infidel ... Later

15 January, 2017 11:08  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

As always, thanks for all the linky-goodness, Infidel. I've done nothing all day but click on your links. Thanks, too, for the link to the Raisin. Much appreciated.

15 January, 2017 11:48  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: That ice "ghost" is pretty spooky. They probably had to photograph it from just the right angle, though.

The EmDrive is very difficult for a non-specialist to evaluate, but any time they say something "appears to violate the laws of physics", there's probably nothing much to it.

"Tweety Bird" is a good name for Trump, though I also like "the Manchurine candidate".

I suspect driverless cars will get some pretty heavy restrictions slapped on them after the first time one of them kills somebody. Regular human drivers kill thousands of people a year, but novelties are held to a higher standard.

Nonnie: Glad to provide some entertainment. Thanks for the post!

15 January, 2017 13:02  
Anonymous Marc McKenzie said...

Thanks again, Infidel, for the links. More necessary food for the mind.

Also, will be posting more work up at Tumblr and DA. Art has been helping me get out of the doldrums from the election, as well as the dossier stuff on Ol' Yellow Stain--but as you put it, we still have to exercise caution.

Oh, and the tweet about the Stein supporters was priceless. It also explains why the Green Party is hopeful that if the ACA is terminated, we'll finally get single payer.

...I swear, some of these people are as stupid as Trump supporters.

15 January, 2017 13:44  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Marc: Glad to hear it. Seeing art has helped me with the doldrums too, or at least provided a refuge from them.

16 January, 2017 19:07  
Blogger Ahab said...

Murr never ceases to amaze me. She finds humor in the most bizarre things, including pearlfish that live in sea cucumbers buttholes.

As for the decline of Sears and K-Mart, I have to agree with that article. The Sears and K-Mart in my area have mediocre selection and prices, giving me no reasons to shop there.

When I have a free moment, I will take a closer look at the reading material listed at Anti-Fascist News. Now more than ever, we need to arm ourselves with knowledge about the far right.

One more day until He Who Sports A Combover is inaugurated, and his circle of abysmal cabinet picks come to power. Dread swells in my heart.

19 January, 2017 04:39  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

The items I've read from the fascism reading list are quite good, and long. There's a wealth of material there.

We'd be better off with a fish as President and Trump taking up residence in some (very capacious) beastly ass.

19 January, 2017 18:41  

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