01 January 2017

Link round-up for 1 January 2017

Vagabond Scholar's Jon Swift Memorial Roundup 2016 is posted -- the best post of the year from each of dozens of blogs.

This is me.  Sometimes, so is this.

Moose are awesome.

Be Princess Leia in 2017.

A simple equation explains religion.

Freak out your neighbors with these nativity scenes.

Twitter brings us the year in cats.

Bricklaying or witchcraft?  You be the judge.

A lot of people must feel like this.

Good point. Another good point.

Don't invite this guy to your next Christmas party.  Speaking of parties, let's hope this one is awful.

Check out this burning ammonium dichromate.

Millennials?  I'm 56 and I don't even know what fabric softener is.

Here's a literal picture of happiness.

A lot of good things happened in 2016.

God works in non-mysterious ways.

Kentucky declares a year of the Bible.

Chairman Meow and RedShoulder take different views of Rogue One. The film wasn't meant to be political, but.....

Some of the people we lost in 2016 had made a subtle but special contribution.  George Michael did more than most people know.  Vera Rubin deserves to be remembered.  So does Donald Henderson.

The age of unlimited, clean, almost-free energy is coming.

Simon and Schuster faces a backlash for its deal with Yiannopoulos.

If you have an abusive/controlling partner or parent, watch out for this.

"I've never tried to actively set someone on fire with my brain before but....."

The South lost the Civil War, but won the peace.

No, Republicans are not good for veterans.

Yet another Trumpanzee regrets his support.

Stop worrying about offending the wingnuts.

Ranch Chimp salutes a fighter for democracy.

Female genital mutilation happens in backward, religion-dominated cultures, such as the US Midwest in the 1940s.

This monument in Alabama preserves a jar of soil from the site of each lynching in the state.

Green Eagle has a reminder to Christians from an unexpected source.

Here are some facts worth remembering about Hitler.

Did you know this?

Crazy Eddie has impressive videos of the 2011 Japanese tsunami.

Here is how Asad presents himself in his own country.  Saydnaya, by the way, is a largely Christian town, whose inhabitants have every reason to fear the worst from Dâ'ish (ISIL) or even the other Sunni rebel groups.  Asad is probably genuinely popular there.

India's Skeleton Lake holds evidence of a mysterious mass killing over a thousand years ago.

Obama leaves office as a success, and as the toughest man in America.

Hillary doesn't owe you anythingShow some appreciation.

The Rude Pundit suggests a bold strategy for the Senate (found via Blue in the Bluegrass).

A Republican slams the Trump-Russia connection.

Teh stoopid, it burns.  "The day we can't laugh at these right wing bozos any more we really will be done for."

Be ready -- Republicans intend to attack Obamacare as soon as they can.  Medicaid too will be a target we must defend.  They may even try to fuck up the internet.  Popular resistance has worked before, and Obama is doing his partRepublicans and Trump himself will not have an easy four years.  They've awakened a sleeping giant.

Hard-core Trumpanzees are unreachable and we should give up on them, according to a writer who grew up in that culture (found via Hackwhackers).  Hecatedemeter despairs at their self-destructive meanness.  But some will eventually wise up (found via Batocchio).  Booman takes a nuanced view.

Call it like it is.


Blogger W. Hackwhacker said...

Thanks for your thoughtful essays, for the enrichment they provide, and for the support and encouragement! Best wishes to you and yours in the coming year and beyond.

01 January, 2017 05:20  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

The New Year is here, and I'm already thinking about voting in 2018!

I knew what fabric softener was, but I didnt know who Princess Leia was ... I thought she was some pop singer or whatever, so I looked it up.

What a read on the female genital mutilation here in the U.S. midwest ... I didnt know anything about it, or even heard about it that I recall ... ya see ... some muslims and christians do have some things in common, eh? What in Hell is the deal with masturbation??!! ... all the shit there is in the bible, and they want to select sex stuff the most ... bunch of f'n closet perverts as far as I'm concerned ... religions are basically a "go pass' for sadomasochism, hidden desires or whatever.

What?!! Kentucky "Year of the Bible"? ... bible reading marathon? ... wonder if that includes me reading aloud my Satanic Bible? ... we actually done that here in Dallas about 30 years back, some friends, to give a counter view to a street corner minister that was reading from a bible, we stood on the same street corner with him ... it was all in good fun, and drew quite a few people, one lady told me ... "Thank You ... I didnt even know there was a satanic bible ... can you just buy it from a bookstore?" ... I got her name, and gave her a free Satanic Bible and the "The Satanic Witch" book, I recommended the satanic witch book to her as a better read.

Damn ... that tsunami video was really something, and just to think, how small of a thing a tsunami is looking at the Earth ... yet something like that has a devastating impact on people.

Interesting story about skeleton lake in India ... but it certainly doesnt surprise me either, if that was the case ... I seen some kickass hailstorms ... once again, like the tsunami deal ... just nature in action. I wish we had technology to record video/ events from back 100's of millions of years ... like a "time machine" video ... I would love to see, when they say that a meteor hit the Yucatan area, and the wave of water that it must have sent up what is now continental U.S., Pompeii, the Ice Age, etc, etc

Just a shameful story I didnt even hear about yet, as far as the Senate rejecting Veterans Benefits Bill ... I cant write here/ online, what should be done to some of these people in the Senate and House, people that I talk to in person, one on one here in Texas know what I would say though, and many agree with me ... I'll just leave it there.

Have a good un Infidel ....

01 January, 2017 08:18  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

I hope the backlash against Simon and Schuster for doing a deal with Milo Yiannopoulos accomplishes something - I find that vile little twerp about as tiresome as Ann Coulter (here's hoping he won't be in the public eye for nearly as long as she has been!). Really, his (and her) whole shtick is just the equivalent of a little kid saying, "Look at me everyone - I did something really gross! Look at me everyone!" [Stamps foot] "LOOK AT MEEEEEEEE!" I can't wait for the (hopefully inevitable) day all of his Alt-Right buddies turn on him because they decide that, in their eyes, he's no different from any of the thousands of gay men they spend their lives hating. Such invariably seems to be the fate of those foolish enough to consort with hatemongers!

02 January, 2017 04:21  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Hackwhacker: Thanks!

Ranch: Abrahamic religions are very hostile to masturbation for some reason, even though it's about the most harmless activity imaginable.

As a riposte to Kentucky's Bible year, I'm thinking of doing occasional posts during 2017 with quotes from other "holy" books. The Satanic Bible would be an obvious one to use.

Things like the veterans bill vote need to be more publicized so people know who their friends and enemies are. The MSM won't do it, so the internet must.

Zosimus: I don't know much about Yiannopoulos, but any gay person who chooses to pal around with the alt-right is seriously messed up in the head.

03 January, 2017 01:50  

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