07 November 2016

Quote for the day -- the vandals

"This country did not 'become' divided because of 'both sides' doing it.....This country's political climate and culture were deliberately vandalized over the past four decades by one group of people determined to seize power and keep it at all costs. They refused to confirm qualified judges just because. They said feeding poor people was like keeping stray animals. They accused people who wanted to give other people health care of being Dr. Mengele and called our first black president an illegitimate foreigner.

"They've been driving around the national neighborhood waving flags and yelling FUCK ALL LIBTARD TRAITORS for 15 years now and we've had to pretend not to listen to it and say nice things like, 'Hey, we love this country too' while they throw beer cans full of piss onto our lawns. We are under no obligation at this point to listen to anything they say.

"We don't all have to come together. We don't all have to unite. We don't all have to heal. Here is what 'has' to happen.

"Republicans have to lose. They have to lose the White House and both houses of Congress.

"And then they have to apologize.

"And then they have to sit down and shut up and let the party that DIDN'T NOMINATE A FASCIST SEXUAL PREDATOR do its fucking job."

Allison Hantschel -- do read the whole thing!  Found via Progressive Eruptions.


Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

They don't even have enough decency to call the Democratic Party by it's proper (and grammatically correct name).

What really makes me want to kick the TV in is every time a talking head insists that the only way to bring the country together is for Hillary (when she wins!!!!!) to appoint Rethuglicans to important posts. Really? Do they mean people like James Comey? Why do I not remember anyone insisting that Chimpy Bush, after losing the election but winning the Supremes' votes, appoint Democrats to important posts? Maybe because it never happened.

I am sick to death of all the demands put upon anyone who is not a Rethuglican. We have to be gracious, we have to apologize, we have to bend over backwards so the poor little Rethugs don't have their feeling hurt.

Enough! Rethuglicans have proven themselves to be completely disrespectful to the office of the President. They have no respect for the Constitution and the duties placed upon them by that document they are always swearing the love. They have shown no respect to anyone who isn't white or Christian. They deserve as much respect and consideration as they have given--none!

07 November, 2016 11:30  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Nonnie: I'm with you there. The enemy are wont to demand a magnanimity they have never shown when they had the upper hand.

08 November, 2016 02:08  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I done a posting the other day about some of the divide I been reading and hearing in the news, being that families, friends are divided. I dont let me differences, especially over multimillionaires and billionaires conflicts {:-), come between me and my wife family, friends, I do all in my power to not let that happen. My wife and I had differences, but NEVER displayed anger towards each other and we talked in depth about it, she was Hillary supporter and me Bernie supporter (of course, she dont keep up with politics as much as I do though). Now, my daughters and grandsons who were also Bernie supporters, I know my 2 daughters, decided to vote Hillary and straight Democrat after they seen me do it (I vote alwayz early these dayz, like I'm first of all the people I know to vote). I voted Democrat straight becuase of so many factors, too long to point them all out here, going to the polls early with intent to vote "Green", and suddenly the next minute, went straight Democrat, that quick, no battling in my mind of "should I?" or "shouldnt I?", it was an easy choice, where some folks say it is hard for them to choose. I think alot of it with me though, is so many factors ...and the GOP has really created a royal mess ... I mean, I had to tell young conservatives here in Texas, that the GOP of today is NOT conservative ... Hell, I'm more damn conservative than they are, at least on business, defense and spending. What they have done (GOP) out of desperation, was try to get any one with a chip on their shoulder, to join/ support them, including religious cults, and a bunch of others, because they have been losing the love that they once had (and both sides have lost some love as well). Not sure how many voted here in Texas yet in the early voting, but I do know millions will turn out today across Texas. The issue here in Dallas right now, is it been raining steadily for a few dayz now, so I hope that dont discourage folks from getting out. Enough from me ....

08 November, 2016 04:19  

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