08 November 2016

Election day images and links

I don't have much more of my own to say about the election beyond what I said here and, of course, on the special concern of nuclear weapons.  I would observe that the opposition is even worse than it looks, for while Trump's own gutter ethno-revanchism is at least mostly secular, the Republican party as a whole has not lost its fundamentally theocratic character.  Just look who Trump chose as his running mate.

I admit to some anxiety about today, but not real fear.  Fear was long ago replaced by cold anger as my dominant emotion toward the cultural enemy.  And I feel reasonably confident that our country will choose leadership that embraces the future rather than a dark lunge backward into racial tribalism and thuggery, building on Obama's achievements rather than destroying them, cooperation rather than belligerent isolation.  There's more of us than there is of them.  Turnout patterns in the early-voting states suggest that Hillary will win by a bigger margin than the forecasters are giving her, and I think the odds are better than even that we win the Senate as well.

An observation:  Starting on January 20, the countries with the three largest economies in the Western world will all have women leaders -- Hillary in the US, Angela Merkel in Germany, and Theresa May in the UK.

A last election-day link mini-round-up:

Vote for Hillary, she's persuadable.

Failure is not an option.

What if Harry Potter were an undecided voter?

Green Eagle looks at the Mosul battle and Trump's craven dishonesty.

Republic of Gilead has some pre-election links, and some more here (yes, he's back, though likely on a reduced blogging schedule).

Here's what's at stake for Trump.

These people exist, and they'll probably vote.

Reddit's Marisam7 put together a huge collection of links on why Trump should indeed be considered a fascist.

This small incident illustrates the Trumpanzees' character -- and Obama's.

The world is watching.

David Frum makes a conservative case for voting for Hillary (found via Progressive Eruptions).

Andrew Sullivan considers Trump a unique threat to the republic (I disagree with his remarks about the Democrats toward the end, but as far as I know he still considers  himself a conservative).

There's a lot to like about Hillary, despite the wingnuts' relentless smear campaigns.

Trump's candidacy is based on delusions and living in the past.

FiveThirtyEight has an hour-by-hour guide for tonight, and some clues to watch for on the House races.

Finally, my own stab at prediction for the outcome of the Presidential race:
Hillary carries the usual Democratic states and the swing states, plus Arizona and Georgia.  Maybe I'm being too optimistic, but I think turnout is going to be better for us than the forecasters anticipate.  We'll see.

[Video at top found via Progressive Eruptions]


Blogger Ahab said...

Here's hoping for a reason to celebrate and breathe a sigh of relief tonight. I'll be staying up to watch the election results come in.

08 November, 2016 05:06  
Blogger W. Hackwhacker said...

Ballot's in, fingers crossed.

08 November, 2016 06:10  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I dont know how accurate this is below, but I just read it, as far as attacks of terror in Texas for voting day or whatever. My daughter told me that after midnight last night, they had a very large staged/ simulated terror attack and rescue going on at Love Field Airport (an inner city airport), she got to watch it because she lives in a high rise close by, so she cold look down from her balcony.


08 November, 2016 06:24  
Blogger LadyAtheist said...

My favorite Clinton video:

08 November, 2016 06:41  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

MY granddaughter, who's 12 years old, from the age of 4 to now, has seen an African-American in the White House; and if everything goes as Infidel753 and others predict, and I hope, she will enter her teens, and possibly young womanhood, with a woman as the leader of the free world. This is no small thing for her, for me, and for millions and millions of other Americans. It's YUUUUGE.

That is real change.

I have only one bittersweet regret. I lost my older sister a year ago. She was an ardent Hillary supporter in 2008, but graciously (her name was Grace, after all) threw her support behind Mr. Obama when he won the nomination, and continued to support him and his policies up until her last breath. I wish she were here to witness this; but if all goes as we hope, I will lift a glass of champagne to my dear sister, Grace, and to President-elect, Hillary Clinton.

08 November, 2016 07:29  
Blogger Green Eagle said...

What's at stake for Trump:


08 November, 2016 10:30  
Anonymous Marc McKenzie said...

There's more of us than there is of them.

And that is the stone cold truth. It's been the truth since 2008, but somehow the media has refused to acknowledge it.

I voted early this morning, and now all I can do is wait. And yes, I'm with her--Hill, not Jill. :)

08 November, 2016 15:06  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

At 11:13 Eastern Time, it's looking like "them" taking over Amerikka, and on January 20 we'll have President Trump.

08 November, 2016 20:14  
Blogger Ahab said...

Infidel ... he won. That racist, misogynist, xenophobic narcissist won as of 2:30 a.m.


It's time for activism. Clear-eyed Americans have work to do.

08 November, 2016 23:40  
Anonymous NickM said...

Well, it didn't. The first words I uttered this morning were, "Oh Fuck!!!"

And I am in England.

09 November, 2016 02:08  

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