12 June 2016

The Orlando massacre

At least fifty people have been killed in a mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.  The murderer was Omar Mateen, a 29-year-old US-born Muslim of Afghan extraction.  As always, we must be wary of early reports on an incident like this, which often later turn out to be wrong in major details.  Nevertheless, I do have a few observations.

First, Mateen's father describes his son as "anti-gay" and says that he had recently been enraged by the sight of two men kissing -- but also insists that the slaughter "had nothing to do with religion".  Well, whence comes anti-gay hatred and the kind of pathology that reacts with rage to something as innocent as a kiss, if not from the Abrahamic taboo system which Islam exemplifies?

Second, the anti-gun obsessives are once again pouncing upon a mass shooting as a pretext for renewing their attacks on American gun rights.  Mateen had no criminal record, was employed as a security guard, and had a firearms license.  It's hard to see how any restriction which has been proposed would have kept him from obtaining guns -- unless of course that "restriction" were universal confiscation, trying to disarm a hundred million law-abiding and responsible gun owners who, don't forget, include millions of liberals, gays, and members of minority groups.  And hasn't the War on Drugs shown us that even an outright ban can't keep things out of the hands of people who are determined to obtain them?

Third, we are already seeing the usual "thoughts and prayers" for the victims being offered by Republican politicians, members of the same party which for years has been whipping up anti-gay hysteria and bigotry among its own fanatically-religious supporters, many of whom would have been quick to denounce the victims of this massacre as perverts while they were still alive.  Fuck your prayers.  Rather than talking to your imaginary friend, try renouncing and denouncing the political party which helps fuel the hatred and violence gays still have to fear day by day in some parts of the country.

Update:  Police in Los Angeles may have prevented a similar mass killing at the pride parade there.


Blogger Paul W said...

what is interesting to note is that the Orlando shooter is getting described by his ex-wife - in the Washington Post - about being a domestic abuser.

If this is true, it ties in a lot to how Angry Guys (who primarily act as domestic abusers/violent towards women) with easy access to guns tend to be mass shooters (how many mass shootings are family-related massacres where the guy arms up and takes out the ex-wife, kids, parents, family friends at the house, etc.?)

The police are reporting that the gunman *was* on their radar: could it be tied into any reports of domestic violence reported by the ex-wife?

One of the things we don't have, I fear, is having domestic violence charges included in the system of background checks we DO have in our nation. If we did, we could see a significant drop in mass shootings.

12 June, 2016 14:31  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

The lieutenant governor of Texas, Dan Patrick, texted this on hearing of the massacre at the gay club in Orlando:

"Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows." Galatians 6:7

"Patrick, who just hosted the Republican Lt. Governors Association (RLGA) annual conference in Austin, and whose website features prominent endorsements from Mike Huckabee and Ralph Reed, among others, has been on an anti-LGBT crusade since the Obama administration released guidance on transgender students."

I see no difference between this POS and the Taliban who influenced the killer.

I wonder how the 20 babies who were massacred at Sandy Hook mocked Patrick's stupid god.

12 June, 2016 15:29  
Blogger Ahab said...

Shaw -- Patrick's Tweet was the height of callousness and stupidity. Innocent people died, and all he could think to do was judge them. Fundamentalism destroys empathy, whether it's Christian fundamentalism or Islamic extremism.

13 June, 2016 04:12  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I agree with you, the thoughts and prayers dont do shit and just are political highsiding. I of course think that religion inspires alot of the hatred, and I'm not blaming that strictly on Islam, Christianity falls into the same boat with me ... I mean, these massive institutional religions sway folks views in a certain direction. I also figure it's a possibility that this shooter was bisexual, what I mean is, that some guys that may have bisexual thoughts for instance, and depend on these ancient religions for guidance, it may eat at them, and they retaliate, taking it out on others ... the reason I say this is because I know a guy who seems bisexual, he is also an Arab from Morrocco, but at the same time, he actually gets nauseated when he seen a couple guys kissing (we worked in a nightclub district in Uptown Dallas, so it was common to see gay men and women kissing, holding hands, etc), yet hugs his male friends and kisses them on the cheeks (of course that is a cultural thing), but also gets fairly close to guys in what he says and acts, you would have to know him to understand what I mean.

I was asked myself from a friend DeeAnn here in Dallas who viewed my blog's "Beautiful Girlz" series once, just to see what kind of women I selected, she seen my posting on 'Jenna Talackova', and questioned me as to why I would have a transgender in my series ... because it's not a real girl, and about the one that I wrote about in that posting who was a close friend of mine in Houston years back that I lost my girlfriend over ... she just asked me straight out after reading it ... "are you bisexual Thomas? ... I mean, I never thought you were and you dont have to answer (etc)" ... I just told her ... I thought she is a beautiful girl, plain and simple ... if that makes me bisexual ... I guess so, she never said nothing else about it after that ... but Yes ... it's true as I wrote in the posting, that my girlfriend in Houston (who was also an attractive and nice girl) was furious as Hell when she found out through rumour that I was hanging out with a transgender, that was also a transgender showgirl entertainer/ model of sort ... I mean, my girlfriend wouldnt let me touch her again as if I was infected with a disease, even forcefully shoved me with disgust just when I tried to embrace and hug her because she started crying, she accused me of being a closet fag behind her back, and touched her intimately after being with this transgender made her sick I guess ... I lost her over that incident.

13 June, 2016 05:17  
Anonymous NickM said...

I agree with you. On all points. Including the point about the GOP...

I doubt you saw it. But the BBC recently showed a new production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream". It was directed by Russell T Davis of Dr Who fame. I really enjoyed it. It had very mild homo-eroticism. I mean really mild like a very chaste kiss between two adult females.

So, great, whatever and who cares? But The Daily Mail got it's pantyhose in a Hell of a twist.

And that is the point. Islamic states are vile to the LGBT but we don't help by things like that.

13 June, 2016 07:22  
Blogger Unknown said...

Do you know of any instances of assault weapons being used for defense by private citizens?

13 June, 2016 13:49  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Paul: There seems to be some correlation between religious extremism and domestic violence, in fact. It probably ties in with religious fundamentalism's self-righteousness and tendency to squeeze women into impossibly limited and demanding roles.

Shaw: They've been coming up with crap like that at least since Falwell blamed 9/11 on witches and lesbians. Disgusting. I think it's part of why ever-growing numbers of people are completely turned off religion.

Ahab: Deep down these guys know that they're more of a kind with Mateen than with his victims. Here's an article Shaw found which makes it even more explicit.

Ranch: That's certainly possible. A lot of the fanatical anti-gay types are battling repressed gay tendencies of their own, and I can just imagine how pathological it would get in an even more repressive Islamic culture. Shaw also found this article, which could support the idea.

Nick: They better get used to it being in a twist. They ain't seen nothin' yet.

Jaine: No, but I'm no expert -- I'm not even sure "assault weapon" is even a real category of gun or just a media epithet. Given how common it is for guns to be used in self-defense (remember, in the vast majority of cases where a gun is successfully used in self-defense, it is not fired), I imagine any given kind has been so used in at least some cases. If you really want to know, this blogger knows a lot more about guns than I do, and this website has a lot of good information.

13 June, 2016 19:07  

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