10 June 2016

History in the making

Much has been made in the last few days of that fact that Hillary Clinton is the first woman ever to win the Presidential nomination of one of the two major US political parties.  However, when she wins the general election and is then inaugurated as President, it will mark an even more historic moment.  As far as I know, it will be the first time ever that the most powerful individual on Earth is a woman.

The British Empire's period of global domination included the reign of Queen Victoria, but by then most real power had already transitioned from the monarch to the Prime Minister.  Moving further back in history, the Spanish, Ottoman, Umayyad/Abbasid, Roman, and Persian Empires never had female rulers during their periods of pre-eminence.  Before that, the world was too politically fragmented to speak meaningfully of any one state, and therefore its leader, as being the most powerful globally.

Hillary will be the first.  I have a feeling she'll be far from the last.


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Finally, the USA is catching up with other countries that have had female leaders. Hillary is one of the most qualified candidates to seek the US presidency. She certainly leaves "the thin-skinned racist bigot" in the dust in experience and temperament. Let's hope the rest of the country smartens up.

10 June, 2016 05:48  
Anonymous Marc McKenzie said...

Agree with both of you, infidel and Shaw. This is a truly historic moment, and that is why it is so frustrating to read the petty attacks coming from those "progressives" who still swear up and down that Hillary is more corrupt and worse than Trump, or how Trump would be better because due to the chaos he'll unleash the "revolution" will start.

I greatly admire Hillary because despite all she has shouldered over the past 25 years she still marches on, and she still triumphs. Let the haters stew in their toxic soup of conspiracy theories and falsehoods and misogyny--the rest of us have a job to do, and that is to make sure that Hillary Clinton follows Barack Obama as President of the United States.

Two historic Presidencies in my own lifetime and within eight years of each other...that is amazing.

10 June, 2016 07:50  
Blogger Green Eagle said...

Whereas, if Trump wins, he may very well be the last. Until the world recovers from nuclear war, anyway.

10 June, 2016 10:23  

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