03 April 2016

Link round-up for 3 April 2016

Meet the pretentious flamingos.

What's this, the Brony continent?

Sing along with Ted and Amanda!

Old paperback covers get the snark treatment (found via Mendip).

This chameleon is just showing off.

Elsa vs Fred Phelps?  Easy call.

The Mormon Church escalates its war on wanking.

Fictional characters need to be kept consistent, or they become empty husks.

Squatlo frets over infestations of raccoons and Republicans, while Murr Brewster contemplates less visible critters.  And Trump has his own little birdie.

Freedom of expression must be respected in practice, not just theory.

A new Mississippi law has interesting implications (from Mendip) -- might this even legalize ISIL terrorist attacks?  But the backlash against North Carolina's bigoted new law is growing massive.

Go ahead, try to deny that this guy is racist.

73% of Americans now favor non-fossil-fuel energy sources.

Religio-wingnuts never stop trying to turn back the clock (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

Overpopulation?  The world now has more obese people than underweight people.

A chat with a taxi driver suggests that homophobia is often superficial.

Dâ'ish left Palmyra riddled with mines, but the Russians are saving the day again. Nearby is a grisly find.

Al-Qasr al-Farîd is a huge, enigmatic relic of the ancient Nabatean culture that built Petra (found via Cool Thing of the Day).

What a croc!

If there's a God, he gave humans the worst sinuses of any primate.

One one of the most important issues for future human happiness, Hillary's on the right side.

You Might Notice a Trend predicts Garland will be confirmed.

Wow, Trumpolines sure know how to win over women voters.

Stay away from Cleveland and let Republicans own the mess.

Real haters prefer Cruz (found via Republic of Gilead).

Dan Savage responds to Susan Sarandon's nonsense.  Read this too.

On abortion, Trump merely exposed the wingnuts' hypocrisy.

Republican women, these are your choices.

Here's a discussion forum for Hillary supporters (found via Daily PUMA).

How badly can Trump lose?


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

The Mormon obsession on masturbation made me think that they should probably adapt a song from The Sound of Music: "You'll Never Wank Alone."

03 April, 2016 07:28  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Just browsing through some of these links ... I had on "Meet The Press" in the background on the tele ... I had to mute the sound, it's just more stuff what political candidates said overnight or whatever.

Disney as far as I can remember have alwayz been attacked in someway by religious fundamoralism it seems, for one thing or another, I think folks dont like the characters or whatever ... who knows? .... what do you expect from folks offended by dolls?

The deal on Immoral Minority about what Ted Nugent posted I guess on his FaceBook actually made me laugh when I seen the van, although I know it inflames racism and is not cool ... and someone may read my comment and automatically think I'm a racist, I cant help what someone thinks about me and sorry ... but it made me bust out laughing. Whether Nugent is racist or not? ... I havent a clue, but I seen an interview with him years back, and he didnt treat his wife very well is all I can say (if my daughters had a boyfriend like him, I would tell them, I think they can do better than that, I would never treat my lady the way he does) ... perhaps that's what his wife likes, different strokes for different folks, I dont know. Many years ago I seen him in concert, he was a damn good guitarist though ... but his attitude about many things from interviews I seen him in, I dont agree with much.

The United Humanists link ... Mormon war on wanking had me laughing as well ... I mean ... what kind of believer in God would have the nerve to question why God gave us genitals and hands for??!! ... when you dont have a partner by your side ... wanking is meant to be ... wanking is heavenly! ... and anyone who doesnt want me to wank ... well come over and wank it for me. Fundamoralists also have God/ Jesus sexual fetishes that they play out in sex too.

Gallup that sayz that 73% on folks prioritize alternative fuels/ energy ... dont seem like energy companies or many mega corporations give a shit what we want, they just peddle off on us what makes the most money for them.

Cool Things deal on the 112 million year old crocodile ... would love to go back in time to see those things (of course in a safe zone) ... just had me thinking of an old favourite tune by Elton John ... "Crocodile Rock" ... cause that croc really rox!

03 April, 2016 08:33  
Blogger Paul W said...

Shaw: wait a minute, are the Mormons saying you SHOULDN'T Wank alone?

The cultural implications of that are mind-boggling. Not to mention awkward.

03 April, 2016 08:48  
Blogger Paul W said...

Infidel, thanks for the double links this Sunday.

Also, the turnout for the polling I was running for Trump derogatory nicknames has gotten only 25 people so far, so I might as well wrap it up. I'll post the winning name on my blog sometime today.

03 April, 2016 08:50  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Paul Wartenberg said...
Shaw: wait a minute, are the Mormons saying you SHOULDN'T Wank alone?

The Mormon Anti-Wank Squad advises that a potential wanker should never be alone so's not to be tempted to, you know..so you'll never wank [unless you're] alone.

(I was wrong. "You'll Never Walk Alone" was not from Sound of Mucus, it was from another musical, Carousel.)

03 April, 2016 11:18  
Blogger Paul W said...

Poll results are up.


Sorry your "Trumpolines" didn't win out, Infidel...

03 April, 2016 15:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm still partial to "Trumpenproletariat" myself.

03 April, 2016 21:18  
Anonymous Blurber said...

You’ve got to hand it to the Russian teams who are searching over 400 acres of historic and residential areas in Palmyra for thousands of mines, booby traps and other hidden explosive devices. I know they have modern equipment to help, but its not a job I would like.

04 April, 2016 10:43  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

Those retitled paperback novels were a scream - truly, this sort of irreverence is what the Internet was made for! Interestingly enough, I remember reading the book that was renamed "Wait Until He Starts Fucking the Computer", as a kid. The book in question, "The War With Mr Wizzle", was quite funny in its own right too. My local library used to have tons of the Sweet Valley High books when I was a teenager (maybe they still do!), but sadly, despite being a great fan of trashy teenage literature like that, I never read any! What literary treasures did I miss out on, I wonder?

05 April, 2016 05:49  

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