14 February 2016

Link round-up for 14 February 2016

I always think this design would be a good way to burn your own ass off.

If it's Trump vs. Sanders, here's their first debate.

Exit, pursued by a bear.

"Bernie-splaining" to black voters is now a thing, and people are noticing.

Handy tip here on secure locks.

Cartoonists just have too much material.

That poll showing Hillary and Bernie tied in Nevada is very suspect.

Don't be these people. And don't do this again.

Military atheists assert themselves in Texas.

Twitter could do better.

Know the law -- it helps.

How religious is your state?

Wingnuts hate love.

This post by Ted Nugent has to be seen to be believed.

Scalia's death will mean all-out political war, and the wingnuts' hand is already weakened.

Republicans bemoan the rise of Trump, and look to the future.  Mega-donors fear the implications.  But they need to face the facts.

Why do fundies find separation of church and state so hard to understand?

"And of course it didn't hurt that they were white."

Trump has finally done something unacceptable -- he's told the truth.

How bad is inequality in the US?  This bad.

The latest preacher to endorse Cruz is a monster.  And give this some thought.

Rubio's views on Muslims are as bad as Trump's -- but he's probably no longer a factor.

Who is really destroying American exceptionalism?

Beyond Flint -- Navajos suffer radioactive drinking water.

Did Republicans try to delay Iran's release of Americans for political reasons?

The floundering Church of England clutches at straws.

Glasgow responds pungently to legal-rape advocate Roosh V.

German revelers show their disdain for Trump.

A new app helps Iranians dodge the religious police.

That Syrian "cessation of hostilities" won't actually, you know, make the hostilities cease.

As Zika spreads birth defects across Latin America, US Republicans step up to oppose expanding abortion rights

Here's a collection of photos from the Vietnam war, by Vietnamese photographers.

The world's biggest Islamic country is also the epicenter of female genital mutilation.

Crazy Eddie observes Darwin Day with some evolution videos.


Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

Interesting little piece about the new military "freethought" group. It reminds me of a couple of books I've read by journalists embedded with the US military (War by Sebastian Junger, and Generation Kill by Evan Wright), who got to know quite a few "atheists in foxholes" there.

Re the piece about Ted Nugent, I'm glad that, despite being a fan of hard rock and heavy metal, I've never really gotten into that guy's music. Another guy in the above genres who's become notorious for saying batshit insane things is Megadeth's Dave Mustaine. Oddly enough, I've heard that, when it comes to the actual music side of things, he's a really cool guy; it's just that he unfortunately also believes in a lot of really nutty shit (he's a big fan of Alex Jones, which probably explains a lot).

15 February, 2016 03:54  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Zosimus: Unfortunately being a musician is no guarantee of being decent or even sane. Nugent has long been neither.

Woody: It's working now. Websites often temporarily go down for various reasons. I'm concerned about Fair and Unbalanced, though -- it seems to have been "stuck" for about a month now.

15 February, 2016 04:19  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Woody -- not sure what happened to your question -- it seemed to vanish when I posted the reply.

15 February, 2016 04:21  
Anonymous Blurber said...

I wonder if Trump will bring up Bickle at the next debate? A good strategy from his point of view.

15 February, 2016 09:25  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Blurber: Wouldn't be surprised. He seems to be in a state of all-out war with Cruz at the moment.

15 February, 2016 17:55  

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