15 November 2015

Collection des liens pour le 15 novembre 2015

Never lose your soccer ball again.

The printers are acting up.

Christians suffer persecution, then and now.

Wingnut dumps Wells Fargo, gets pwned.

They found Cthulhu's typewriter!

Maternal death in childbirth is declining worldwide, but one major country is an exception.

Decades ago, Muhammad Ali got it.

Political pundits ponder persistent public pooing problem.

Green Eagle's latest Wingnut Wrapup is another dive into the bottomless deeps of right-wing lunacy.

Here's how to deal with offensive art.

Trump has one constituency solidly in his corner.

Look, we all know why Oklahoma has had such a huge increase in earthquake activity.

How did the Liberals win in Canada?

A Fox News discussion goes startlingly off script.

That Utah judge who took a baby from her lesbian foster parents has now backed down.

Terrorism is just a symptom.  This is the real problem.

What is socialism really like in practice?

The Rubio campaign found an interesting trick for saving money.

Evangelism doesn't work!  Let's do more of it!

Republicans got the debate they wanted, unfortunately for them.

If Sanders doesn't get the nomination, it's pretty clear who he'll vote for.

Why is a Missouri state senator trying to block a student's dissertation?

Cruz, Huckabee, and Jindal knew exactly what they were doing.  And here's an interesting question.

Egypt's Minister of Antiquities has no time for Ben Carson's idiotic blather about the pyramids.

A Veteran's Day parade in Florida turns ugly.

Lawrence Krauss brings his message on science and religion to a country where it's truly needed.

No, uninsured people don't have real access to treatment.

When it comes to terrorists, the Russians don't mess around (found via Earth-Bound Misfit).

Faye Kane looks at the bombing of Hiroshima.

A vegetarian diet can be cheaper.

South Dakota used to have this huge nasty thing.  And what the hell is this (warning: ugly).

There's a lot in just a little bit of sky (NSFW blog).

[Note: The title of this week's link roundup is in French as a small gesture of solidarity after the recent terrorist attack.  Image at top found via Progressive Eruptions.]


Anonymous NickM said...

As to the loony fringe of the Republicans...

Er... They claim to support the Constitution but doesn't that make it explicit that there shall be no founded religion in the USA. I am correct here? Good. This is not an equality issue as much as a freedom issue. I have had verbal fights with folks who regard gay marriage (which of course we have in the UK) as an infringement of their religious rights. Now until the police say, "Bob, here's your new husband Dave" that can go hang.

And it is also a religious freedom issue. Why? Because in the UK certainly a variety of faith groups campaigned for gay marriage including the Quakers who I work for. But also Reform Judaism, most Methodists... So actually those "religious freedom" lot are quite the reverse. I am a warden of a Quaker Meeting House. We are very LGBT friendly though we haven't had a gay wedding yet but I'd be very happy to clean the place up well proper and welcome the happy couple. And we do have gay couples attending meetings for worship. And the sky has not fallen. We did have a plague of flies but that was because the council didn't take the bins. Or it could have been God but he's well off his game of late if it was.

Only a few religions can marry people in the UK. The Quakers are one. Most require a civil ceremony as well.

The one thing, as warden, and as a human I'd object to in terms of religious freedom is if/when we have gay marriage here is anyone turning-up with a placard damning the couple to Hell. I like to run a tight ship here and on two people's special day I thing it would ruin the atmosphere although where I would insert said placard would not exactly add to the jollity

15 November, 2015 03:49  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I dont feel it's "ugly" at all, however, I am curious what kind of little critter (insect?) that is trying to break free from the fella that is holding it by it's leg (?) ... at first glance looking at the back of it, I though of some kind of tree bug like the "Summer Cicada" ... I love to hear their singing in groups of thousands here in the around Dallas forest's in the summer in the late night ... they love to make that noise, altogether they are like a chorus. When we were hunting down in Southeast Texas years ago ... my girlfriend at the time, showed me how to catch some kind of bug (I forgot their names ... like "June Bugs" I reckon) ... anywayz ... she would catch them and tie a thread to them and fly them like a kite when we were stoned on pot ... which was cute at the time and entertaining when your in the middle of the woods with nothing else {:-)

Yes, I am sure if Bernie doesnt get the nomination (he kind pledged as well to) he will still support whatever (Clinton or O'Malley) as far as making sure that the "vote" goes to Democrats credit ... of course I expect some of Bernie's supporters to vote independently for a 3rd party candidate, although I dont feel Bernie would want that. I watched the debates yesterday on YouTube (Democratic) ... a little boring I guess ... Bernie told Hillary during it that the motto of Wall Street was "fraud" ... I dont know, but mainstream establishment Democrats like Hillary and her group probably dont like that statement and may hold it against Bernie, as far as him putting entire Wall Street under the "umbrella" of fraud ... I mean I agree with Bernie to an extent and realize his point, I sure as Hell write plenty about it ... but some importante people on Wall Street who may be legit may take that as him being too harsh and an enemy of Wall Street, no matter who they may be ... and him saying that he wont consider even anyone affiliated with Wall Street in his administration ... which of course is also a tad difficult to do looking at the economy of America and how things work ... but I am 110% for Bernie's "passion" and "anger" ... we havent had people speak out like that in years ... like he said to Hillary and O'Malley ... even real republicans like Teddy Roosevelt would break that too big to fail crap up in a heartbeat ... and of course I have reason question how much Clinton would crack down on anything ... I would have to see it at least to halfway believe it.

16 November, 2015 04:23  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Nick: That's just how the fundies are, over here. Any time they can't force their taboos on other people, they consider that oppression of themselves.

Ranch: I have no idea what it is, but I don't want it anywhere near me.

Bernie knows that the most important thing is to make sure a Republican doesn't win. Most of his supporters know that too. I trust him to work on persuading the rest.

17 November, 2015 04:59  

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