22 November 2015

Коллекция ссылк для 22 ноября 2015

Congratulations to Democrat John Bel Edwards, elected Governor of Louisiana yesterday.  A harbinger for next year!

Be cautious when buying a T-shirt with writing in a language you don't understand.

Here's an aurora no one has ever seen.

An employee shares memories of Chick-Fil-A.

As Britain de-Christianizes, paganism is making a comeback (found via Mendip).

Dolphins get stoned too (and they don't even have to worry about assholes making laws against it).

Sorry, but Syria would never go for this exchange.

When legal marijuana comes to Israel, celebrate with this (found via Mendip).

British theaters decide not to pester Star Wars fans with religion.

The wingnut media are now claiming Trump didn't really call for registering Muslims -- but he did.

Muslims condemn the Paris attack, and Muslim public opinion worldwide rejects Dâ'ish.  Christian extremists Kevin Swanson and Theodore Shoebat condemn the victims.  Iranian atheist Kaveh Mousavi takes a nuanced look at what's behind such violence.  The world shows solidarity with Paris.

Burr Deming looks at religious moderates and extremists.

Austerity policies imposed by the European Union make Europe more vulnerable to attacks like the one in Paris.

In this comment thread I try to summarize liberalism for the right-wingers, and discover it's mostly a waste of time.

Here's a point-by-point take-down of anti-abortion arguments.  It all boils down to this.  In Ireland, activists help women defy barbaric laws.

This guy wants to limit freedom of speech because his imaginary friend doesn't like it.

Dâ'ish may be starting to wish they hadn't blown up that Russian airliner -- and France has been making its wrath felt as well.

A Democratic mayor in Virginia rejects Syrian refugees, gets dumped by Hillary's campaign, and gets pwned by George Takei.  Since the Paris attack France has increased its commitment to the refugees, making a contrast to the US -- though apparently that map is wrong about Massachusetts.  US Evangelicals are genuinely divided on the issue (found via Republic of Gilead).

Here's a graphic photo essay on Dâ'ish atrocities.

Saudi Arabia sentences a poet to death for "doubting the existence of God".

On some things, even Rand Paul is a complete wingnut.

How do we treat our soldiers?

Republicans are a counter-revolutionary party likely to lose big next year.

Boycott Mall-Wart.

A good omen for future unity -- Hillary and Bernie supporters mostly like each other's candidates.

People will use drugs.  Let's encourage the safest option.

Redneck idiots can't even do racist violence properly.

A Republican says Trump is destroying the party.  Boring old regular conservatives launch a campaign to take him down (photo reminds me of Mr. Creosote).

The evidence is clear -- birds are dinosaurs.

Look who's got a pet frog.

(Note: The title of this week's link roundup is in Russian as a small gesture of solidarity after the terrorist destruction of the Metrojet airliner over Sinai three weeks ago.)


Blogger Ahab said...

As for the bad English shirts ... every woman should take good care of her uterus, but how exactly does one "fart sexy style"? And do I even want to know?

Remind me never to eat at Chick-fil-A. That post reminds me of the weirdness I encountered while working at a drug store one summer.

Thousands of refugees would do far better things for this country than Trump. I say we negotiate the exchange.

22 November, 2015 07:40  
Blogger mendip said...

Loved the t-shirt link. I often wonder when I see Americans sporting tattoos in Japanese or other non-Latin characters if the same thing isn't happening here, and more permanently.

22 November, 2015 08:11  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

All of the links, as usual, are great. But I did love the one about stoned dolphins.

I'm an oldie from the '60s.

Faaaar OOOOut!

22 November, 2015 14:22  
Blogger Jono said...

You tried explaining liberalism to person of the right winged persuasion. I applaud your effort, but I know from experience that you might as well have been talking to a wall.

23 November, 2015 10:59  
Anonymous Blubber said...

On the prayer in UK movie houses, it's interesting that Richard Dawkins says the prayer should be allowed there.


23 November, 2015 11:40  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ahab: I wonder how they even came up with some of those. Somebody has a really bad Chinese-to-English dictionary.

Thanks to Obama we'll still get the refugees, but we may have to wait until next November to get Trump out of the headlines.

Mendip: I've seem people make elementary blunders when trying to display Arabic words to show off. With Chinese or Japanese the pitfalls must be equally great.

Shaw: The more we learn about dolphins, the more it seems we have in common with them. I wonder who will be the first human stoner to try pufferfish?

Jono: It's astonishing to see people who had seemed fairly rational say things like "there are no transitional fossils" or "the Earth isn't warming up". How can anyone lack access to such easily-available information?

Blubber: I see his point, and people are way too touchy about "taking offense" these days -- especially in Britain where you have Muslims declaring themselves offended at everything from Muhammad cartoons to piggy banks. But I can see why theaters would have made that business decision, especially in such a heavily secular country.

24 November, 2015 18:36  

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