20 October 2015

WTF is this horseshit.....

.....doing on Crooks and Liars?  Astrology?  Way to blow your credibility with reality-based people.  At least I'm glad to see from the comments that most readers know rubbish when they see it.


Blogger Ahab said...

Astrology? An astronomy post would be more appropriate for the audience.

20 October, 2015 06:31  
Blogger Pinku-Sensei said...

If I wanted to read woo-woo with my liberal reporting, I'd surf over to Huffington Post instead of Crooks and Liars. That seems to be HuffPo's market niche.

20 October, 2015 11:32  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ahab: Yes, science would be more appropriate. Save the anti-science mumbo-jumbo for the party that rejects evolution and global warming.

Pinku: At least with the Puffington Host pretty much everyone now knows their reputation and doesn't trust anything they say about science. I hope C&L isn't going the same way.

21 October, 2015 03:06  

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