11 October 2015

Link round-up for 11 October 2015

Nothing is quite what it seems in the drawings of Shanghai Tango.

Here are some words and what they should mean.

Touchy people are hilarious.

This conservative writer has perhaps the best metaphor for the Trump phenomenon.  Or perhaps he'd fit better in horror films (found via Mendip).

Maybe there's another reason why dinosaurs disappeared.

Sometimes racists get so confused it's just funny.

A crooked phony running for President with the help of a demon?  Are we sure this is fictional?

Wow, some fundies are really spooked by Halloween.

Here's a collection of paintings from Rod Serling's Night Gallery (found via Mendip).

This guy isn't such a hot catch as he seems to think.

Newly-legal marijuana is a huge hit here in Oregon.

Martin Vargic created this great world map of stereotypes (found via Mendip).

Heard that horrifying story about "the Russian sleep experiment"?  It's bullshit.

Sometimes it helps to stink.

Kaveh Mousavi makes some important points about taking religion into account when you vote.

Here's what this weekend's Planned Parenthood protests are really about.

What's the Presidency worth?  So far the 1% have bid $176 million for it.

With Christians like these, it's no wonder Christianity is declining (found via Republic of Gilead).

A group that helped bring democracy to Tunisia wins the Nobel peace prize.  A blogger victimized by a far more barbarous regime has also been honored.

I'm baffled by this alleged problem.  Do people forming relationships really worry about such things?

Hard-core fundies demonize pretty much the whole of modern culture.

ISIS barbarians blow up yet another priceless relic at Palmyra.  Hundreds of Yazidis enslaved by ISIS are being driven to suicide.

"Mommy, am I gonna die?"

It matters where you shop.

Vadim Rustam heard barking coming seemingly from nowhere.  Luckily, he didn't ignore it.

I can hardly imagine the shock of this kind of cruelty from a counselor who's supposed to help you (found via Republic of Gilead).

Alabama's "black belt" is dying, killed by Republicans.

Back in 2008 Andrew Sullivan's anti-Clinton tirades almost made me stop reading him.  He hasn't changed.

Moderates are being marginalized in the Republican party, but they haven't fought back much.

Coal is a dirty industry in more ways than one.

The wingnut mind interprets reality through narratives of betrayal.

The First Amendment is back in force in Oklahoma City.

This fundie wants to kill me, and probably you too.

Yeesh, I didn't know Jindal was this nasty.

A woman reports a rape threat and suffers vicious retaliation.

Public opinion has been shifting decisively in favor of gun rights since 2012, and gun sales have been at record highs for five months.  Earth-Bound Misfit assesses gun-control proposals from Hillary and Democrats generally (though I disagree with the post titles) and explains why negotiation won't work, though she's willing to try it in this area.  Roseburg supports denying notoriety to murderers.  Here's Bernie Sanders on gun policy.

The House of Representatives has been dysfunctional for years (it's a long post, but well worth it for its excellent explanation of the problems). The wingnuts want more than just a fellow wingnut as Speaker.

Europe does a better job of protecting privacy than the US does.

Republicans are still trying to trash net neutrality.  And Roe v. Wade will effectively be on the ballot next year.

Putin is changing the subject to Syria because he's losing in Ukraine.

[Image at top:  Classical-era structures in Palmyra being blown up by ISIS]


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

These were all good, but this one...

"The analogy to Trump is that people like Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, et alii are the equivalents of the singers and dancers of old vaudeville, while Trump is the novelty act. He has been extremely successful by farting across the stage, doing and saying things that nobody has ever seen from a politician before."

...caused a near disaster to my laptop. Luckily, I turned my head in time, and sprayed the carpet with coffee through my nose while laughing my arse off.

11 October, 2015 06:19  
Blogger Ahab said...

Vargic's map of stereotypes marks my region with Three Mile Island and heroin. Yep ... that's about right. Landmarks such as baby-eating gators, Happy Meal guns, and Baphomet's Lair made me chuckle. Is maple liquor really a thing?

The Politics Plus commentary piece reminded me of a book I read a while back entitled "Big Coal". Even if it's dated, it's still an eye-opening and depressing look at the sins of the coal industry.

Jindal used the Oregon shooting as an excuse to blast abortion & non-nuclear family arrangements? Cruel and tasteless, Bobby!

11 October, 2015 07:40  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Shaw: I'm glad your laptop avoided injury. It's curious how often flatulence references come up in characterizations of Trump. M. Pujol lived at a time when he could hope for nothing better than a rather vulgar novelty-act career -- if he had lived today, in our teabagger-debased age, and if he had been American, perhaps he too could have parlayed his schtick into a major Presidential candidacy.

Ahab: Vargic is obviously both well-informed and possessed of quite a sense of humor. I may order his book.

Seeing how the fossil-fuel industry is defending its profits by funding fake science to persuade the rubes to oppose any effort to save the world from global warming, no moral outrage they commit would surprise me.

Jindal is just flailing. He's near zero in the polls and hopes that unleashing his inner slime-bucket will work him a little of the Trump magic with the knuckle-draggers.

12 October, 2015 15:08  
Blogger Comrade Misfit said...

Thanks for the links. And clowns like Shoebat are one of the reasons why I own weapons.

15 October, 2015 07:26  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Comrade: Thanks for being a voice of sanity on this issue. And I'm with you on Shoebat.

15 October, 2015 18:45  

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