20 September 2015

Link round-up for 20 September 2015

The latest right-wing freak-out is over gay Doritos (found via Mock Paper Scissors).

Fear the wrath of the mortified moggy.  Sometimes even a box is too much.

I'd love to try this on Jehovah's Witnesses and the like (found via Mendip).

Helloooo Mr. President blog is back.  And for those who didn't know, TomCat of Politics Plus blog has been in hospital for several days in critical condition.  Friends are keeping the blog going and posting updates on how he's doing.

Here's a trolling campaign we can all support.

Cats + kittens = cuteness overload.

Ice can be kind of cool.

What if cats really did have nine lives?

Sometimes an asshole pushes you too far (link from commenter Blurber).

Mencken asks after the graves of the dead gods (link from Mendip).

Here's the story of the making of The Wicker Man (link from Marc McKenzie).

Britain commemorates the 75th anniversary of its most important victory in modern times.

Syrian migrants are putting new stresses on the European Union and prompting an unusual effort by Denmark to discourage them.

Iran's President sends Rosh Hashanah greetings.

Western Europe's subjugation and abuse of Greece dates back almost two centuries.


Cities rule!  Half of all Americans live in these blue areas.

This guy must be the gold standard of idiots.

Never forget how outrageous Republican behavior has been throughout Obama's time in office.

Atheism makes you fat, apparently.

Yes, teacher-student sexual tension is inevitable, get over it.

Here's a good point about the Ahmed Mohamed clock case (found via Progressive Eruptions).

Solar power is making inroads in Michigan.

Physicist Lawrence Krauss makes the case for militant atheism.

As racism comes out into the open, one of the stupidest novels ever written wins new popularity (see also my review here).

If you doubt how extreme some Christianists are, read this -- even pro-gay opinions are worthy of death (found via Mock Paper Scissors).  Then there's Kim Davis's lawyer.

Anti-abortion hysteria is a trap for Republicans.

How does the "war on police" meme spread?

Fair and Unbalanced has a good overview of the real significance of the Dred Scott case.

Huckabee is shockingly ignorant of Constitutional law.

Cynicism is laziness masquerading as insight.

Fiorina's pwning of Trump resonated with many, but she's still a Republican, and a liar. Never fear, Hillary's going after him.

Will Kim Davis be the latest winner of the anti-gay lottery?

The Republican establishment has a plan -- a boring plan.  The "Club for Growth" isn't doing much better.  And the right-wing "slobs vs. snobs" civil war has reached National Review.

Take it from a blogger who really knows about guns.

We're up to our eyeballs in early-human transitional forms -- and here's another.

It got buried among all the other Republican lies and stupidity, but Santorum told a whopper about Shiite Islam.

August data confirm -- global warming is speeding up.


Blogger Sue said...

Mornin' Infidel and bloggers!

Sorry to hear about Tom Cat, I hope he'll be ok!

I need to ease my way back, it's been a year since I posted and since 2011 where I was here regularly. I need to find my Mo Jo!!

20 September, 2015 09:31  
Blogger Pinku-Sensei said...

Thanks for the link to my entry on solar energy. I can tell you enjoy my more optimistic stories about the environment.

23 September, 2015 13:07  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Sue: You're doing fine so far.

Pinku: Thanks for the post. And yes, I'm an optimist by nature. Gloom and doom without focusing on solutions is pointless.

23 September, 2015 18:27  

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