02 August 2015

Link round-up for 2 August 2015

What would happen to a submarine on Jupiter?

Behold the terror of the bike paths.

Mock Paper Scissors fisks a fundie call-to-arms.

How hot would Disney characters be if they were real people?

Roswell NM is the site of a curious culture war.

Music can give you the shivers.

Which god is cooler?

Skye is a spectacular island (found via GoodShit).

Michael Moorcock is as provocative as ever (found via Mendip).

"Fiercely ideological" people please read this.  Political correctness will suffocate our ability to discuss things if we let it.

Bernie Sanders is coming to Portland after wowing the crowds in Dallas.  His view on immigration is more nuanced than the party line.  He won't be the nominee, but he understands the most important thing -- don't do anything that might help elect a Republican.  I hope he's seriously considered for the VP spot.  In the meantime, take this to heart.

This in-depth look at Trump's history of bankruptcies suggests he's too much of a risk-taker to be a national leader.  The experience of this Scottish farmer (found via Shaw Kenawe) and this Indian tribe shows how ruthless he can be.  Booman Tribune sees the Trump phenomenon as a product of the right wing's self-deception, but so far they're just doubling down on the nutty.  Sixteen analysts try to predict how the story ends.

Things look promising for legal marijuana in Michigan.  Let's hope they take heart from Washington state's experience.  And don't let the bad guys alarm you about the edibles.

Conservatives haven't adjusted to how the internet has changed mass communication.

Yes, our country has a terrible problem.  (A Burmese python???) Compare with Britain.

A brutal religious terrorist attack scars Jerusalem.

Germany can now get as much as 78% of its electricity from renewables.

A mostly-female vigilante hacker group targets ISIS.

Krugman explains what's up with the Chinese stock market.

New Zealand's experience shows that legalizing prostitution works.

Chester, England, has a curious architectural feature.

Trump's handling of Sam Nunberg probably doesn't mean he's acting more responsibly.

Despite a video smear campaign, Americans still support Planned Parenthood (found via Fair and Unbalanced, which has a debate on the videos).  But Erick Erickson is fired up for a doomed crusade.

Scott Walker may seem bland, but in some ways he's the worst of the Republican candidates.

People in swing states want action on global warming.  They won't get it from Trump, but these major corporations are taking up the fight.

If you're considering an abortion, stay the hell out of Alabama.

Americans support the nuclear deal with Iran, 54% to 38%.

A proposed moral dilemma for liberals turns out not to be much of one.

The rage right has a new epithet for conservatives who aren't hard-line enough (from commenter AWJ). Their fury at Obama is a projection of their own totalitarianism.

In case anyone was wondering, Pat Robertson is still nuts.

Arguing with right-wingers is generally a waste of time.

A Congressman finds his donations drying up after making anti-gay remarks (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

Georgia conservatards dump a big steaming pile of heritage on a kid's birthday party.

A Missouri state rep is suing to keep his daughters from getting birth control even though two of them are adults.

Sport hunting is basically a coward's game.  Cecil the lion was just the latest in a long line of victims of the Death Dentist.  Then of course there's this.

Religion just gets more ridiculous.

The Paultard cult isn't standing with Rand.

How cool does neverending sex sound?

Ryan Anderson's new anti-gay-marriage book doesn't make the case.

"Christian nation" bullshit is dividing Liberia.


Anonymous AWJ said...

I've just read that one of the Jerusalem attacker's victims, a 16-year-old girl named Shira Banki, has died of her wounds.

If there is a silver lining to this tragedy, it is in the fact that this time the evil fanatic won't be getting out of jail in 10 years to strike again.

02 August, 2015 08:49  
Blogger Ahab said...

I can vouch for the existence of musical skingasms. I got chills during a Dead Can Dance concert in Philadelphia, as well as the first time I heard "Shudder Before the Beautiful" by Nightwish.

Go GhostSec! It serves the jihadis right that their efforts would be undermined by those they seek to oppress.

02 August, 2015 09:07  
Blogger Pinku-Sensei said...

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll and for linking to the article about the petition drive to legalized marijuana in Michigan. Believe it or not, the people collecting signatures are Republicans. They figured out that there is a lot of money to be made in taxed and regulated hemp.

On other subjects you linked to, the ACORN playbook isn't working anywhere near as well on Planned Parenthood. The latter serves a much larger constituency and has a lot more defenders. I suspect that the only criminal charges will end up being filed against the people running the sting.

Also, I agree with you that Scott Walker is the most dangerous of the candidates. He's not an obvious loon or buffoon, but he's very ideological and ruthless. As a unionized faculty member, I know he's the enemy of who I am and what I stand for.

02 August, 2015 10:24  
Blogger Green Eagle said...

Not the most important comment: Skye certainly is beautiful, but if you want to see what is in those photos, you had better plan on spending a week or two there, since, in my experience, it is covered in fog five days out of six.

02 August, 2015 12:44  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

“People are flocking to Donald Trump because he is violent and militant in his language. The church needs some militant, violent, Christian Donald Trumps. It is time to man-up.”

I thought it was Christie who was "violent" in his language, not Trump.

If someone threatened Donald with violence, would he retaliate by saying "something terrific?"

It's all quite confusing.

03 August, 2015 07:01  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

AWJ: And hopefully in future they'll think twice about releasing an obvious terrorism risk to attack people again. It's not like it wasn't foreseeable what was going to happen.

Ahab: It's strange that music can have such strong effects on people. I think we've all felt it, though.

Pinku: I guess they must be from the libertarian wing of the Republicans. On drugs, some of them can be pretty reasonable.

Planned Parenthood is under vicious, if rather clumsy, attack right now. I'm glad to see prominent Democrats standing firm, though.

Green: I'm not surprised. Right now the cool climate would be a compensating attraction -- I'm sick of this heat.

Shaw: Christie was always the bully of the bunch, but now he's having to step up his act to get some attention back from Trump. The Donald is dragging them all down. I just hope the feces-flinging remains metaphorical.

"Something terrific" -- that's a brilliant plan. Why didn't Obama think of that?

04 August, 2015 03:13  

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