16 August 2015

Link round-up for 16 August 2015

A promising Republican candidate drops out.

Here are some travel posters for places we can't go yet (found via Mendip).

You can't tell me this author didn't know exactly what he was doing.

Here's what a Trump Presidency might look like.

How can we discover what God wills for our lives?

Here's how the Abrahamic religions differ (found via Squatlo Rant).

Pluto has flowing glaciers and a hazy sky.

Wise words from Jefferson should be heeded by those who want to run modern society according to the Bible.

Several Dutch cities are experimenting with basic income.

An animated map dramatizes the spread of religions -- it needs something to show the more recent rise of unbelief in all populations, though.

200 million internet users now have ad-blocking software, and believe me, it will increase.

Tattoos are not only repulsive, they're toxic.

Not everyone in Michigan was happy with Trump's visit. But there's a reason why his fans love what he says.

If you patronize Wal-Mart, you're complicit in horrific cruelty against intelligent, self-aware beings.

As the Christian Right declines in political power (found via Republic of Gilead), its rhetoric grows even more violent and threatening.

Enough with the Bernie-bashing.

Illegal migrants trying to reach Europe are being attacked by Lesbians.

Juan Cole has the real story of Iraq 2007-2011, including "the Surge" and how Nouri al-Maliki manipulated Bush and Petraeus (found via Green Eagle).

ISIS is still sadistically murdering gays, and has elevated the rape of non-Muslim women and girls into an act of piety.

Enough of this nonsense about the Clinton e-mails!

Are non-Trump Republicans any better?  Rand Paul doesn't understand economics (warning: horrid proofreading).  Ted Cruz is really more hateful and more dangerous than Trump.  And Mike Huckabee is still Mike Huckabee.  Here's some more desperate goofballery.  At least it's entertaining (found via Squatlo Rant).

Despite Senate melodrama, House Democrats virtually guarantee a win for Obama's nuclear deal with Iran.  The opposition ignores its very comprehensive safeguards.  Most American Jews, and most Americans more broadly, support the deal (found via Politics Plus).  Top nuclear weapons experts (found via Fair and Unbalanced) and retired military leaders speak out in favor (more here).

Disastrous floods in Texas are directly linked to global warming.

The Mexican government responds to Trump's "wall" blather.

Bernie has a brother in the UK who takes after him.

A Kansas county lives under a reign of terror, and there's a specific reason why it can't be stopped.

Fetal tissue research has helped almost everyone and saved millions of lives.  Even Ben Carson defends it (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

A culture of coddling is infantilizing university life (found via GoodShit).

Here's how black Americans view the Presidential candidates.

Karl Marx was right.

Yes, the Civil War was about slavery, period (found via GoodShit).

Mormonism can't hide its goofy theology any more (found via Republic of Gilead).

Here's a look at chemical weapons from World War I (found via Mendip) -- some disturbing images.

Gosh, it's getting so hard to find teachers!  This "Christian university" may soon have problems recruiting as well.

Family values?  Not when they undermine the power of religion.

Intra-wingnut warfare:  Trump supporters deluge Erick Erickson and Megyn Kelly with some truly shocking abuse.  Pat Buchanan warns of a Republican conspiracy against Trump, but he won't go quietly and very likely won't go at all, and the enthusiasm he arouses can't be transferred to some ordinary candidate, especially the hopeless Jeb.

And with that, enough Trump stuff!  I'm swearing off him for at least a week.


Blogger LadyAtheist said...

I want to know why nobody has asked Trump why he wants to build a wall to keep out Mexicans when they are quite good at building tunnels.

16 August, 2015 05:23  
Blogger Ahab said...

Pluto is gorgeous. I'm glad we can see its beauty clearly now.

Micah Murray's posts never fail to hit the bullseye. I hope he finds wholeness someday after all the damage he sustained from Gothard's fundamentalism.

One of these days, I need to look into ad-blocking software. I usually just pull up Task Manager and turn off Adobe Flash Player to temporarily kill the ads, but a permanent solution to the problem is appealing.

ISIS' cruelty is revolting. I'm aware that all large-scale armed groups perpetrate atrocities, which disgusts me and darkens my view of war. However, the sheer scale and sadism of ISIS atrocities takes my breath away ... and it's all condoned by the Quran. THIS is fundamentalism taken to its logical conclusion.

The WWI chemical agents are reminders of (1) the sadistic ingenuity of humans, and (2) the horrors of that war.

16 August, 2015 09:43  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Lady A: People who ask Trump challenging questions have a way of getting deluged with hate mail and threats. He's not so much making practical policy proposals as throwing out red meat to the knuckle-draggers -- who don't react well when they perceive anyone as spoiling his act.

Ahab: I only discovered Murray's blog fairly recently and don't know his history, but it's obvious that something terrible happened to him in the past. It's unfortunate that he hasn't been able to cast Christianity away completely. I think he'd benefit from that.

ISIS is what happens when people take these ancient holy books seriously and start applying them to the real world. Enforcing Leviticus as law in the modern US -- as the Dominionist fundies want to do -- would produce equally horrific results. I hope ISIS's atrocities will encourage the growing movement in the Middle East to question and doubt Islam.

I've seen some pretty horrifying pictures from Vietnam of the results of American use of chemical agents there, and of course there was Halabja. Such sadistic ingenuity unfortunately persists.

16 August, 2015 15:04  

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