07 November 2014

New on the blogroll

A few recent additions:

Just an Earth-Bound Misfit, I, like my own blog, has no fixed focus but just covers anything of interest to the writer.  Most posts are short and pithy; Comrade Misfit, a self-described "armed lesbian pinko", isn't shy with her opinions, nor much concerned with being polite to the nitwits and pearl-clutchers.  For example, here's her assessment of the election and the young people who didn't vote.  Other regular topics include planes, trains, cats, guns, etc.

GoodShit is incredibly prolific and hits every subject imaginable, though the posts are mostly links and image collections rather than original writing.  Current topics on the front page include graffiti, Alcatraz, the Gombe chimpanzee war, efforts to kill ISIS commanders, photographers from past decades, and why butter comes in the shapes it does.  Some galleries of nudes, so if that bothers you for some reason, be aware.

No Cross No Crescent is written by an atheist from the Islamic world, a region which seems to produce some of the bravest and clearest-headed atheists these days.  The author is uncompromising about the threat to humanity and progress posed by both Islam and Christianity in the West, the Middle East, and wherever else their reach extends.  No catering to the Western hypocrites who defend theocratic fascism by screeching about "Islamophobia".

Harlots Parlour advocates acceptance and normalization of sex work.  I've long been interested in this struggle and I think its time may be coming.  On marijuana, the dam is bursting -- four states have now legalized it so it can be regulated, taxed, and made safer for everyone involved -- and the application of the same logic and solution to sex work is obvious and inevitable.  The "abolitionists" and puritans keep trying to shout advocates down (even in some areas of the left), but we beat them on homosexuality, we're beating them on marijuana, and we'll beat them on sex work too.

Faye Kane is the most difficult-to-characterize blogger I've ever encountered.  Some of her views on race and sexuality are beyond reactionary, like something from VDare and de Sade respectively, and quite at odds with anthropology.  However, she's one of the most intelligent bloggers on the net, and when she gets going on something like Star Trek or capitalism or the dismal side of growing up or the sixties or the false dichotomy of reason vs. feeling (probably her best subject), the results are wonderful.  Be warned, though:  frequent sexual/violent imagery.  I'm not kidding with that NSFW tag.


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