17 October 2014

Video of the day -- this is Ebolaland

The science in this video is a bit spotty -- monkey and human DNA is about 93% identical, not 99%, and there are good reasons why a pandemic that "kills a third of the planet's population" isn't going to happen.  But it gives you a good look at the conditions in sub-Saharan Africa that make it so susceptible to disease outbreaks.

By the way, if you're rolling your eyes at the Africans refusing to believe the Ebola epidemic is real, remember the anti-vaccine nuts here in the US who harbor even stupider ideas, without the excuse of a Third World education.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for the video view, never seen it before. I reckon I havent been on top of the Ebola thing as much as I should, however, I did do a local posting on it a week or so ago, since it's so big news. I was at the rail/ transit station the other day outside Texas Health Presbyterian, there was several MSM news crews set up out there, I noticed a few people at the elevated rail part wearing face mask's (no, I didnt wear any mask's), and heard from a gal that patient's were packing up and leaving the hospital and so forth (guess I cant blame them ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... that's free market in action eh? {: ) I was with some guyz engaging in some oil and mining chat, both guyz were from Africa, but from Ethiopia, interesting viewpoint's they shared with me as far as US' involvement in the the affair's of other nation's that I wont get into here, and both were also devoted muslim's ... but no, the Ebola subject never even came up, and I did shake their hand's, so I wasnt really thinking about Ebola contact or else. Frankly though, everything here seem's to be fairly calm except for some of the local media's, but out on the street's I havent noticed anything out of the ordinary, so it's not as a traumatic atmosphere as some of the media's nationally seem to paint it.

17 October, 2014 05:32  
Blogger Green Eagle said...

Sorry if this remark is too tasteless even for me, but I don't understand why Republicans are trying so hard to ban travel from West Africa to the United States. I mean, if they are looking for a pool of black people who are ignorant and oblivious enough to vote Republican, here they are.

17 October, 2014 22:07  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: I think the artificial panic over Ebola in the US is already subsiding in the face of reality. People may say in polls that they're expecting a big outbreak here, but they don't act like they really believe it.

Green: I think most Republicans wouldn't like most black people very much even if they did vote Republican -- and even the most reality-denying West African would pretty quickly be able to spot who the racists in this country are.

18 October, 2014 01:57  

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