21 September 2014

Video of the day -- monsters below

Sorry, readers, all this stuff is real.  For example, the colossal squid is real, complete with eyeballs up to 16 inches in diameter.  The giant isopod is real too -- here's a photo:

Check out the look on that cat's face.  I understand just how he feels.  And notice how when you put an animal fairly closely related to us humans next to one that's only very distantly related, you can tell right away which is which.

So that's what evolution does in an alien environment.  As I've said before, if we ever meet beings from another planet, I'm afraid they're not going to look like Mr. Spock or Deanna Troi.


Blogger Ahab said...

It's startling to think that parts of nature are so ... Lovecraftian.

Speaking of large isopods, I dare you to watch the eco-horror film "The Bay". Never has a green aesop been so horrifying.

21 September, 2014 17:31  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I'll keep an eye out for that one.

22 September, 2014 18:25  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

Ha ha, that song was quite clever! Interestingly enough, while they may look monstrous, a lot of deep sea lifeforms are actually quite puny, presumably because the scarcity of food at such depths makes large bodies impractical. I remember once seeing a slideshow on deep sea creatures, which included a couple of pictures of some suitably frightening-looking fish. The first comprised a close-up of the fish in question, which looked like a deep sea version of Jaws, while the following slide showed it curled around the tip of someone's little finger - that's how tiny it was!

It's good to see the deeper parts of the ocean getting more attention now than I gather they once did. I find this region of Earth one of the most fascinating, simply because it's so alien.

Ahab: You've piqued my curiosity about this Bay film you mentioned. Just looking at what TV Tropes had to say about it (and without revealing any of the spoilers) was enough to give me the willies!

23 September, 2014 02:31  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Zosimus: Good point, and that's true of some land animals as well -- things like insects and spiders would look quite terrifying if they were bigger. But some deep-sea life forms are large -- those tube worms get up to around two meters long.

23 September, 2014 02:47  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

I like the fact that a colossal squid is real. It could feed the entire neighborhood of Boston's North End on calamari for weeks. A happy thought.

On the other hand, the giant isopod terrifies me.

However, are they edible? I could change my mind.

23 September, 2014 18:45  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Shaw: Gaaack, barf. Why do people want to eat giant bugs? To me it's literally the stuff of nightmares. I'd rather not eat anything that looks like it ought to be trying to eat me.

24 September, 2014 04:44  

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