10 September 2014

A pig, an idiot, some rocks, and the Devil

A few videos I've run across which struck me as amusing or interesting.

First up, somebody filming out the open door of a small plane drops his camera, which remains on all the way down and lands in a pig farm.  The farmer eventually found it and uploaded the video:

Next, Google Glass.  I wouldn't be a bit surprised.  The nitwits yakking on cell phones or zoned out on headphone music while walking down the street are oblivious enough:

This is the aftermath of a rockslide in Termeno in the Italian Alps, which must have been like something from a horror movie while it was happening:  This person will likely choose his next house somewhere far from mountains:

Finally, a few words of wisdom from Satan, as portrayed by Al Pacino in the film The Devil's Advocate:

Whatever else happens, this blog will always have a place for the frivolous.


Blogger Ahab said...

And frivolous people like me will always have a special place in their hearts for this blog. Thanks for the videos!

10 September, 2014 06:50  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Oops! At first I thought this post was about Limbaugh, Palin, and Gohmert.

10 September, 2014 10:02  
Blogger okjimm said...

truly enjoyed the camera-out-of-the-plane. great close ups of pigs. Oooops, Shaw...I think that was Limbaugh,Palin and Gohmert in the last bit of footage.

10 September, 2014 16:53  
Blogger Scott McGreal said...

I loved the Google Glass one, such classic comedy adapted for modern times, particularly the twist at the end, "No-o-o-o!!!"

10 September, 2014 22:22  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ahab: Thanks!

Shaw: That leaves out the rocks. Maybe the inside of Ken Ham's head?

Okjimm: The camera company should turn that into an ad -- pretty impressive that the camera could be dropped from that height and still work.

Scott: On the plus side, if there's such a thing as a really good donkey-balls pizza, he's found it.

11 September, 2014 04:48  

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