20 July 2014

Link round-up for 20 July 2014

A large and fitting tribute to Monty Python is unveiled in London (found via Mendip).

Check out the comments -- these people exist.

Republicans really shouldn't try to talk about other planets.

What if everybody ate each other?

The TSA explains to its agents what country the District of Columbia is in (found via Mendip).

Louie Gohmert explains why God exists, with predictable results.

Is this the face we want patriotism to have?

Dave Daubenmire has a few questions.  Really stupid ones.

Spread the word -- boycott Eden Foods.

The Postal Service gets the job done.

It's never a good idea to refuse to listen to scientists.

The FBI thwarts a planned terrorist attack in Utah.

PZ Myers answers those stupid questions religious people think are so clever.

Over 100 Kansas Republican politicians and activists turn against Sam Brownback.

As Americans abandon religion, fundamentalists become more arrogant and aggressive (found via F169, where I have a few comments).

Crime in Detroit is way down, and the police chief knows why.

RedState showcases the internal war among Republicans -- more of this, please.

James Dobson is still around, sniping at non-traditional families.

A Christian school fights for the right to discriminate against gays, and a mayor pushes back.

An idiot who wants to frack Yellowstone is running for Governor of Wyoming.

The CHP, accused of police brutality, seizes the evidence.

The owner of Hobby Lobby is pushing religious indoctrination in public schools (link from Shaw Kenawe).  In Canada, one student fights such indoctrination and wins.

Here are some great aerial videos of Welsh castles (found via Mendip).

The Irish Atheist looks at history and modern hatreds.  In Belgium, too, an echo of Europe's dark past.

Germans en masse are rejecting the Catholic Church.

"Putin -- damn you!"  Dramatic photos from the MH17 crash site.  Russian-backed rebels are tampering with evidence and stealing the bodies.  Europe is taking a harder line against Russia. Update:  Apparently pro-Russian rebels have looted credit cards from the passengers' bodies.

Sochi redux:  Russia's costs for hosting the 2018 World Cup are skyrocketing.

Finding a girlfriend can be difficult, but I don't see the point of this (found via F169).

These two have more in common with each other than with the murderers on either side.

Here's a look at Kurdistan's progress and its drive for independence.

Reminder:  The real issue in Gaza is that it's being run by people like this guy.

The expulsion of Arabs from Israel in 1948 was a normal action for that time, but Israel is always held to a different standard.

ISIS threatens Iraqi Christians, and is apparently crucifying Christians in Syria.

Could robots help treat one of our most intractable social problems?

If life had a creator, he was pretty incompetent.  We humans can do a lot better.


Anonymous Ahab said...

XKCD brought up a good point about the dangers of prion transmission among cannibals. It made me wonder why Hannibal Lecter never developed prion-related disorders in the books, movies, or TV series.

Amidst the war and madness taking place in the world right now, it's comforting to know that humane people exist, such as that Israeli and Palestinian comforting each other.

20 July, 2014 08:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dobson was himself a pretty non conventional character. Charles Pierce called him a shower enthusiast(if anyone doesn't know what Dobson said about showers, it's a little creepier than the reader may be used to). He's still giving advice after all these years?

You have to love that Family Values dog whistle. Lee Atwater would be exceedingly proud of his children.


20 July, 2014 15:07  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

The Putin photo shopped pic is perfect. And yet I'm still reading wingnuts who still think he's a better leader than Obama because Putin is more popular in Russia than Obama is here in the U.S., therefore, he's a better leader.

Maybe if Obama shot down a few civilian airliners his Gallup numbers would improve. With the knuckle-draggers, anyway.

The rest of your links are great. Thanks for the mention.

21 July, 2014 06:28  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Well, if the US was a police state like Russia, and Obama had the kind of total control over the media that Putin has, he might be able to boost his ratings pretty well.

Of course, in that case the teabaggers would all be in the Gulag for dissing the President, but you know what they say about omelets and eggs.

22 July, 2014 05:42  

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