13 July 2014

Link round-up for 13 July 2014

Here's a map of unfortunate place names (found via Mendip).

Road signs are easily subverted.

Fireworks and idiots don't mix, or shouldn't.

There are reasons to vote Republican, sort of.

It's OK for Catholics to have sex, as long as it's within marriage and they try really hard not to enjoy it.

Join the protest against the wicked killing of this.....dinosaur?

One graph says it all about the effect of Obamacare.

Christians claim to have absolute truth, but can't agree on what it is.

Teabaggers pontificate about space travel, with amusing results.

Bruce Gerencser looks at creation and Noah's flood.

To right-wingers, even a new Planet of the Apes movie is just another opportunity to be disgusting.

Sometimes sex can be too much of a thrill (NSFW).

Murrmurrs and Hot for Jesus have their say about the Hobby Lobby decision, while Senate Democrats prepare to act.

Progressive Eruptions looks at a pair of holy warriors.

Green Eagle debunks the Republican meme that the Supreme Court keeps "rebuking" Obama.

Fundamentalist Baptists go to extreme lengths to shield child molesters and torment victims.  More religious child abuse here.

We could still learn a lot from, yes, Karl Marx.

Clarence Thomas demonstrates why there must never again be a Republican President to give us another Clarence Thomas (link from Mendip).

Intrepid Iowa hog-deballer Joni Ernst talks crazy.

Start with comment #13 on this Republican post and keep going.

On average, children raised by gay parents turn out slightly better than the general population.

Don't be fooled -- libertarians are just a variant of Republicans.

Under Pope Francis, the Vatican is still obstructing efforts to bring molesting priests to justice.

Axelle Despiegelaere lost her modeling contract after posting a photo of herself with a gazelle she had shot in Africa -- a sign of how socially unacceptable sport hunting has become in civilized nations.

Guess the country.

Naughty graffiti goes back a long way.

If you live in certain parts of Turkey, your ISP might be a donkey.

Iraqi Kurdistan takes further steps toward independence, including seizing oilfields from the imploding Iraqi state.

Most Muslim leaders reject the ISIS claim to the Caliphate.

The Ganges isn't India's only filthy holy river (link from Ahab).

No faggot penguins please, we're Singaporean.

Science's increasing knowledge of how consciousness works is making religion obsolete.

Death is not as simple as we think.


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

I have to admit I laughed at the place names link (they appealed to my inner 14-year old child), and the NSFW link to the aerial coitus couple was frighteningly hilarious.

And to add to your list of fundamental religionists who want to turn this country into a theocracy, there's this little nugget concerning Hobby Lobby's Green family.

13 July, 2014 10:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention!

13 July, 2014 13:36  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Shaw -- It's very thorough. I wondered if it would include Wankers Corner, a small crossroads just south of Portland that very few people even here know about -- but it did. Whoever made it really did their research.

Thanks for the link. Sometimes it seems every rock you turn over has more of these creeps underneath it.

Bruce: Thanks for providing good content to link to!

13 July, 2014 14:40  

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