08 April 2014

New on my reading list

This is just to highlight a few interesting blogs I've recently found.

Margin of Error is written by Kaveh Mousavi, an Iranian atheist actually living in Iran (so this is of course a pen name, for safety).  For me, it's already been a very valuable source of inside information on that country, and Mousavi has a unique and rather radical perspective of his own on atheism, not afraid to go outside the channels that often seem to limit atheist thinking in the West.

Atheist Nerd Girl just started blogging this month and already has some solid posts up on prayer, Biblical contradictions, Christian propaganda, and why it's necessary to confront religion.  I hope she'll be sticking around.

The Religious Nonsense Report is pretty much explained by its title.  The nonsense is sorted into Christian, Islamic, and Jewish categories for easy reference (there's also an "Other Cults" section for the other religions out there).


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