20 April 2014

Link round-up for 20 April 2014

Happy zombie bunny day!

Here are some cool pictures of giant statues (found via Mendip) -- I've seen the second one.

The pitiful character of the racist mind is exemplified by these feeble efforts to mock Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Here's a suitable reward for Pascal's wager.

Women weigh in on male circumcision.

Nebraskans have a message on Keystone XL.

No, I imagine this guy doesn't get many dates.

A Duck Dynasty event in Missouri is canceled due to lack of interest.

The US Postal Service finally gives Harvey Milk his stamp (and check out these Finnish ones).

OK, here's a person who was helped by religion.

An enigmatic stone pyramid, built for the end of the world, stands in North Dakota (found via Mendip).

Pay gaps are important, but don't forget the real issue.

Oops, people are actually reading the Bible.  The story of Judas illustrates how muddled up the thing is.

Houses get bigger and bigger and shittier and shittier.

Keeping control of the Senate does matter.

Apologists for Islam use guilt by association to try to muzzle New Atheists on the subject (my comment on this post is heartfelt!).

The US is suffering a scientific brain drain due to endless budget-cutting.

Matthew Yglesias makes the case for confiscatory taxation (found via Frank Moraes).

Here's a look at singing satirist Tom Lehrer, who helped launch the counterculture.

Republicans grapple with how to address Obamacare's beneficiaries.

Kaveh Mousavi reviews Greta Christina's Coming Out Atheist.

Losing the culture wars, the right wing is also losing its belief in democracy.

Oregon sees an ugly response to the anti-bullying Day of Silence (found via Republic of Gilead).

Jon Stewart has a few words on taxation.  Bill Maher has some on the private sector.

Racist websites seem to be fostering murderers.

Faye Kane (NSFW blog) explains the free market (I love this graphic) and -- this week's must-read -- growing up.

Advertisers continue to desert Limbaugh.

It's absurd to claim that religion caused the rise of science.  (This is how I feel sometimes.)

Yet another sex scandal rocks the Christian Right (found via Republic of Gilead).

Following in Ted Cruz's footsteps, Mitch McConnell self-pwns on Facebook.

Muslim cab drivers in Ohio walk off the job rather than drive cabs with ads for the Gay Games.

Being right doesn't mean jack unless we can win elections.

Here's a study of moral views in 40 countries (the differences between countries are interesting).

Witch hunter Helen Okpabio heads for Britain, where her message faces resistance (found via Republic of Gilead).

Birmingham, UK is investigating an alleged Islamist plot to take over city schools.

Russia's economy suffers from the Ukraine crisis and Putin's incompetence, but persecution of gays is still vigorous.  Putin's aggression is uniting Ukraine, while his puppets in Donetsk turn ugly indeed.

Why are Islamists in Iran in such a snit over an American scholar's desire to be buried in Isfahan?

A Muslim school in Pakistan honors Osama bin Laden.

The Muslim state of Brunei introduces stoning to death for homosexuality, blasphemy, and other "offenses".

Kentucky researchers restore feeling and control to victims of spinal-injury paralysis.

No, saving the world won't cost too much.

UpdateMy 2011 post on Easter has been getting a lot of views today for some reason -- so there's a link for anyone else who's interested.


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Another get compilation of the weird and the near weird.

The Neil deGrasse Tyson link is just plain bizarre.

20 April, 2014 06:25  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for the link- up reads Infidel, but I forgot today was Easter. Those giant statues are kick- ass, but I was wondering if that Sam Houston statue north of Houston is one? Remember when you were visiting down here with me, and how that thing stood out like in the dark? it's pitch black at night except that one thing, I dont even know how big it is as far as footage/ height, it just looks so odd out there in the middle of nowheres/ woods ... that one on Liberty Island in NYC is cool too. Cool looking pyramid up there in the North Dakota. I think you told me that you seen them pyramids in Egypt too, didnt you?

Whiny muslim cabbies bitchin again eh? I remember several years back they bellyached to the city council of Minneapolis saying that wanted a law prohibiting anyone who had drank alcohol from being able to ride in a cab, wish I was on the city council then, I would have told them rag- headed MF's to take their ass back to there native land, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: )

Later Infidel ....

20 April, 2014 07:43  
Blogger Ahab said...

The Pew graphic on global morality was startling. I'm surprised that so many people disapprove of divorce and contraception in 2014.

20 April, 2014 10:31  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Shaw: Yes, they're reduced to making up stuff which is nothing at all like what Tyson actually says. They can't even get nastiness right.

Ranch: The Houston statue should have been included, for sure.

I did see the pyramids in Egypt. Of course they're rather more historic than this one (4,800 years old).

Ahab: There's still a lot of work to do. Those approval levels do vary a lot by country, though.

20 April, 2014 16:48  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

Another interesting round-up of links. Re the Pascal's wager one, the argument I've long used against it myself is that it isn't true there's no cost to believing in God if he/she/it doesn't exist because if that's the case, then you've wasted the only shot at existence you'll ever get living in terror of a phantom (since the God of those who use Pascal's wager as a conversion tactic invariably never seems to be terribly nice).

The Christian with the misogynistic sign (note that his T-shirt says he's "a true Christian"!) reminded me of this footage I once saw of some born-again wankers who were haranguing a bunch of people standing in line for some big rock/heavy metal festival in New Mexico. The fundies (who sounded like they were about to drop dead of apoplexy given how worked up they were getting) were calling all the women in the line "whores" for not being at home doing the dishes, and all the men "faggots" for letting their girlfriends out of the house. Just another illustration of how religion is the only proper basis for morality, no doubt!

We've been getting more of those in-your-face fundies around my city during the last few years, unfortunately; they even have the big signs (whose message, I often joke, can usually be boiled down to GOD HATES EVERYONE, BUT ESPECIALLY YOU!). I even saw a bunch hanging around the periphery of a big demonstration I went to last month against the current Abbott government; I doubt those who were there with signs saying that we all had to be "born again" were there to show their solidarity with the left-wing folk who made up the bulk of the demonstrators! (Still, it was funny to see a couple of young women kiss each other in front of them, to try and get them riled up!)

Talking of things pertinent to this week's links, we can't even get away from Kenneth Copeland down here either, as one of the TV stations screens a show he does, during the early hours of the morning! We also get shows by other televangelists such as Benny Hinn and (the no doubt aptly named) Creflo A Dollar Jr. Oh well, I suppose their stuff would make for somewhat more entertaining viewing than all the infomercials that screen at that hour of the night as well!

21 April, 2014 06:17  
Anonymous Bluber said...

A good addition to the giant statues would be the Motherland Statue at Volvograd (Stalingrad).


21 April, 2014 09:49  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Zosimus: Good point. Assuming the existence of a deity distorts one's life in all kinds of ways.

It is amazing how religionists can't seem to leave other people alone, but feel such a need to go out and make themselves a pain in the ass. Hopefully it will speed up the decline of their belief system among the mainstream who just want to mind their own business and not be hassled.

Blurber: That must be one of the biggest statues in the world. And Volgograd sure looks a lot pleasanter now than in all the pictures I've seen of it from the time of the war.

21 April, 2014 10:45  

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