13 April 2014

Link round-up for 13 April 2014

Murr Brewster is doing her taxes.

An artist awesomely alliterates the alphabet.

Try not to ever get stuck in an elevator with this person.

Movie titles can describe, well, pretty much anything.

Necrophile otters terrorize the Pacific coast of Canada and the US.

Our next President meets Russia's gutsiest rockers.

By their fruits ye shall know them.

Let Jesus help with your make-up.

Here's a whole lot of weird-looking animals (found via Ramona's Voices).

Max's Dad reviews Noah.

Fundamentalism welcomes, uh, not quite everyone.

Republicans debate the merits of saying stupid things.

Kate Mulgrew has denounced that geocentrist film that used her voice.

Why aren't wingnuts teachers?

Here are the real death panels.

Some people take house-hunting way too seriously.

Another day, another idiot statement from a Republican (sent by Mendip).

Bees have a haven in Eugene, Oregon.

Gene Roddenberry got it right (found via Atheist Nerd Girl).

Hrafnkell Haraldsson looks at Iowa's Governor trashing the First Amendment.

That Pew study showing that whites become more conservative as minority numbers grow got a lot of attention, but its premises are questionable.

LA police sabotage equipment installed to monitor their activities (found via Earth-Bound Misfit, who cites some choice words on Southern irredentism).

No, science and religion aren't compatible, and there's no common ground on abortion.

Shittiest Republican vote-suppression trick yet:  close the bathrooms.

The bizarre persecution complex of US Christians is thoroughly delusional (found via Republic of Gilead).

This week's clashes in Nevada were fueled by lurid lies in the right-wing media.

Old-fashioned attitudes keep the South especially vulnerable to HIV.

Here's exactly what's wrong with Jim DeMint's bizarre blitherings about slavery.

A fundie evangelist fumes that the internet is destroying Christianity simply by making other views available.

Aaron Miller is running for Congress to get evolution out of the schools -- need I even say that he's a Republican?

The Day of Silence against anti-gay bullying draws a pro-bullying response.

David Koch once ran for President.  Here's his platform.

Against stupidity, the best weapon is often laughter.

Jeb Bush's positions on issues make him an unlikely Republican Presidential nominee.

Public outrage works!  UPS has re-hired 250 workers whom it fired for striking.

Republicans' dreadful austerity budget hands Democrats an election issue.

Jane Austen's style wasn't quite what you think.

Scientifically-illiterate Congressmen threaten global disaster.

Christian fundies, with Muslim support, are attacking freedom in Europe.

Britain's Conservative government abandons its insane austerity policies and the economy begins to recover -- and they claim this proves austerity worked!

Are they out of cartoonists?  A poet critical of Islam gets violently attacked in Denmark (found via The Religious Nonsense Report).

Teabaggish craziness is on the rise -- in France (found via Republic of Gilead).

Eastern Ukraine is not like Crimea, and if Putin invades, he'll have his hands full.

Here are a few photos of ordinary Iranians. And here are some pictures of Isfahan, showplace of Islamic-era architecture (found indirectly via Margin of Error).

Kaveh Mousavi interviews a fellow Iranian atheist, who has an interesting story.

A priceless Classical-era statue becomes hostage to politics in Gaza.

Let girls take PE, and the next thing you know, they'll become hookers.

A new investigation strengthens the link between fracking and earthquakes.

This is how deep MH370 lies.

Scientists in London are making body parts in the lab for transplant, mostly noses.  In North Carolina they're working in a different area.

Basic organic nanobots are being tested in cockroaches.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, the Persian ladies are hot. Iran's like every other country; the leadership is raggedy and does their best to make the country look bad.


13 April, 2014 09:28  
Blogger Ahab said...

- The New Yorker article in HIV in the American south was intense. It's sad how obliviousness, elitism, racism, and misogyny are serving as obstacles to addressing HIV. The arson burning of Women with a Vision was particularly tragic.

- The Josh McDowell article is from 2011, but it still says volumes about fundamentalism. If your belief system can only survive in a closed information system, something is very, very wrong.

- That alphabet will go down in geek history! "@#$% off back to Greece, you @#$%ing hummus-eater!"

- My heart goes out to whoever had to clean out the elevator after that vile woman used it.

13 April, 2014 12:23  
Anonymous Blurber said...

Religion and science are not compatible because religion depends on faith, that is, believing without evidence. Doubting is bad (see Doubting Thomas). On the other hand, science thrives on doubt — everything is open to question. So:

Religion: doubt not good
Science: thrives on doubt.

14 April, 2014 11:02  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Vic78: the leadership is raggedy

Those scowling old fat dudes with beards are not anybody's idea of "hot", that's for sure.

Ahab: Most of our social and medical problems seem to be worst in the South. It's our own internal Third World.

I loved that alphabet too!

Blurber: Especially with religions that punish doubt by burning at the stake or chopping heads off. The ancient Greeks debated the heliocentric vs. geocentric models of the Solar System for centuries, but nobody got burned at the stake over it.

14 April, 2014 12:22  

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