30 March 2014

Link round-up for 30 March 2014

Ray "Bananas" Comfort has his own dreadful Noah movie.

Here are some upcoming genre movies that aren't sequels, remakes, or reboots (found via Mendip).

Check out these reviews of the Ted Cruz coloring book.

Tengrain, Big Bad Bald Bastard, and the FARK.com crowd assess those godawful Republican hipster video ads (also go to YouTube here and here to see the comments).  There are even parodies already.  And again, no, Rand Paul won't win millennials.

She's lucky pigs can't vote.

Protect kids from bad influences. And get married!

The Onion's Fred Phelps obituary fools a Republican.

Looking for a jock boyfriend?  Read this.

Here's a rich idiot about to get pwned by students.

The new Cosmos is the latest challenge to a long tradition of religious anti-intellectualism (found via Atheist Oasis).

Pro-life, up to a point.

Jezebel fisks Christie's disgraceful blame-it-all-on-Kelly bridgegate whitewash.

Religion poisons everything, including family relationships.

Gays are now more popular than Evangelicals.

Cut Social Security?  It's already stingy.

The FBI thwarts a planned terrorist attack in Texas.

Here are some real Obamacare horror stories.

Take the religious knowledge quiz (I got 14 out of 15 right).

What does a Tea-Partier do?

The IRS rules that bitcoins are property, but not money.

The oil industry continues to enrich itself at the country's expense.

Tennessee passes a law to protect anti-gay harassment in schools (found via Republic of Gilead).

Some on the left show a disturbing disrespect for freedom of expression.

Hobby Lobby is doing more than just attacking birth control.

Crooks and Liars looks at the Christian Right's weird persecution complex.

Innocent or guilty?  Depends what you can pay.

Here's what Obama should say about defense spending.

We need to know about politicians' religious beliefs.

Can fundamentalism keep young believers in the fold while isolating itself from mainstream culture (both found via Republic of Gilead)?  Not this one, apparently.

A Republican challenges Wall Street and gets smacked down.

Atheist support groups against sexual harassment don't seem to be doing a very good job.

Matt Barber warns the Republican party not to abandon the social-issues nutbars (found via Mock Paper Scissors).

What should replace the "LGBT" abbreviation?

History shows a certain pattern.

Purity balls just get creepier.

John Aziz shreds Erick Erickson's attack on the Yglesias debt video.

A very old British tradition is being revived (found via Mendip).

What's the difference between the US and Australia?

Check out this unbelievably huge rat that plagued a Swedish family (found via Mendip).

Why does the pop-music industry thrive in Sweden?  Because the blue-noses there once tried to stamp it out.

A tattoo-covered neo-Nazi porn star just can't get a break these days.

The Putin regime threatened several countries before a UN vote on Ukraine (found via Progressive Eruptions). Now, as sanctions bite, Putin calls Obama to ask for negotiations.  Alexander Motyl looks at the instability of the regime.

The BBC profiles Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi, the popular general who ended the Muslim Brotherhood's disastrous rule over Egypt.

Turkey's ruling Islamotards continue to fume impotently at Twitter.

Global warming is melting Alaska's permafrost, while New Mexico is overwhelmed by tumbleweeds.  The UN, at least, is confronting the problem.

Rosa Rubicondior looks at what a species is, how they arise, and how creationists exploit popular misunderstandings.

Many animals probably have a sense of humor.


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

All good stuff.

Re: the Christie blame-fest? Sounds an awful lot like the "a little bit nutty and a little bit slutty" meme from the Anita Hill travesty.

Real assholes like Christie blame women.

30 March, 2014 15:30  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Yes, and that will come back to bite him if he runs for President. It's funny how the right-wing sites are convinced he's putting bridgegate behind him and rising from the ashes, while in fact he's digging himself deeper in the hole.

31 March, 2014 05:25  
Anonymous Blurber said...

I watched as much of the Ray "Bananas" Comfort Noah movie as I could stand. It's hard to believe that such an ignorant man is able to flood the Earth with such stupid ideas.

31 March, 2014 09:40  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

As they flood the Earth with stupidity, all the more need for the "ark" of rational thought.....

31 March, 2014 10:27  

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