24 March 2014

Link round-up for 23 March 2014 (late)

On April 5, watch out for the alien invasion (found via Mendip).  Oh, and then there's this bus stop.

Paul Ryan was right about these shiftless inner-city moochers.

No comment.

Here's the latest religious crackpot nominated by Republicans.  Lots more wackiness here.  But why is this guy still a Republican?

Think you've got a big gun?  Check out these (found via Mendip).

Conspiratards are conspiratards.

Sounds like advertising hasn't changed much since 1888.  Well, these ads are pretty bad.

They found one.

Paul Ryan's constituents speak out.

The Satanic Temple plans to turn Fred Phelps gay in the afterlife (sent by Mendip).  Naomi45 and Tengrain have obituaries, Jack Vance has more atheist reactions, and Laughing in Purgatory has a disco ball.

On Obamacare, goals differ.

Here are nine strategies from the most totally-lost war ever -- the Christian Right's war on masturbation (found via Atheist Oasis).

"The promotion of evolution is an act of disloyalty to America" (found via Green Eagle's Wingnut Wrapup).

The Pope has a talent for name-calling, apparently.

The "Food Movement" doesn't resolve the moral problems of meat-eating.

Hey, McConnell learned something.

The oppression of women stems mostly from a single source.

Ex-Muslim Marwa Berro speaks out on the hijab (found via Kaveh Mousavi).

Creationists freak out over Cosmos and evolution, while Fox viewers go full retard over new evidence for the big bang.

Juan Cole gives five signs of the coming world solar-power breakthrough.

Yes, the white race is under threat of genocide.

Wendy Davis's opponent is stumbling.

Car dealerships and oil companies are fighting hard to stop Tesla.

Rick Perry made his mark on Texas.

Measles is back, thanks to anti-vaccine idiots.

Finally, some sanity on "rape culture".

Time to support those who stand up against the purveyors of filth.

This guy is really, really upset that there exist people different from him (read the comments too).

Outrageous Christian supremacism in a Louisiana school gets slapped down.

Frank Moraes and Republic of Gilead have responses to my post on Ross Douthat.

The Kochs are sparing no expense to buy this election, even as their Obamacare lies are exposed.

If you're thinking of buying one of those electronic book reader things, read this.

Montana Republicans draw the line on racism, sort of.

Here's an inside look at the Keystone XL pipeline.  And there's a Koch finger in the oil sand pie.

Bertrand Russell offered ten commandments for sane people.

Americans aren't as libertarian as they claim, and won't vote for Rand Paul (the article is from a right-wing viewpoint but still worth a look).

A coal company has deliberately dumped 61 million gallons of toxic waste into North Carolina's water supply (found via Green Eagle).

You can't debate people who reject basic reality and embrace malignancy.

Here's a nice view out the window in Eilean Donan, Scotland.  And here's one of Bristol, England.

Maryam Namazie looks at nakedness and resistance to Islam.

The woods around Chernobyl are dead, but can't decay.

Thursday's new sanctions on Russia are much tougher and already biting.  Crimea shouldn't expect economic help, and Putin's natural-gas weapon is backfiring.  A Russian who lived in Ukraine speaks out.  Will Putin threaten Estonia next?

Kaveh Mousavi explains the Iranian political system.

Turkey's authoritarian Islamist government is trying block Twitter, and failing spectacularly.

Moroccan blogger Kacem El Ghazzali speaks out on blasphemy laws.

The historic Crusader castle Krak des Chevaliers (I've been there) is among the casualties of the Syrian civil war.

China's wealthy are getting ready to get out (found via Earth-Bound Misfit).

Deity Shmeity interviews a South African atheist.

Clare Byarugaba of Uganda discusses the brutalization of gays in that country.

This what happens when you dry something on high heat -- Mercury is shrinking.

Australia is full of monsters, apparently (found via Mendip).

George Dvorsky has 20 important words for the 21st century.

How will life extension affect the punishment of criminals?

A genetically-engineered vaccine shows great promise against melanoma.


Anonymous Blurber said...

If we're lucky, Susanne Atanus will be the Republican candidate for President.

And good riddance Fred Phelps.

24 March, 2014 09:51  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Actually I think Phelps would have made an even more fitting candidate for them. But there's no shortage of nuts still trying for the job.

25 March, 2014 04:42  
Blogger Ahab said...

I doubt that even Cenobites could stand to be around a hateful homophobe for long. That's too much pain even for them!

26 March, 2014 04:39  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Poor Fred -- neither sodomites nor cenobites can stand him!

26 March, 2014 07:10  

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