12 December 2013

Video of the day -- Ég á líf

Performed by Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson.  The song is somewhat enigmatic even in translation, but here's a sample:

Ég á líf, ég á líf yfir erfiðleika svíf
Ég á líf, ég á líf vegna þin
Þegar móti mér blaes, yfir fjöllin há ég klíf
Ég á líf, ég á líf, ég á líf

I have life, I have life of restless drift
I have life, I have life because of you
When adversity strikes me, over mountains high I climb
I have life, I have life, I have life

I've long noticed that emotionally-resonant songs often make extensive use of the piano, while emotionally-dead genres of music avoid it.  There is something about that instrument that touches us.


Anonymous Marc McKenzie said...

Very interesting video, Infidel--thanks for posting it.

And what you said about the use of the piano is spot on. The best movie composers--Herrman, Goldsmith, Williams, Kanno, and Zimmer, for example--really know how to use the instrument well.

12 December, 2013 08:41  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Marc: Thanks for the comment. I've been surprised to find on the net that some people actually dislike the song -- I guess it's not only musical genres that can be emotionally dead.

13 December, 2013 01:11  

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