15 December 2013

Link round-up for 15 December 2013

Got snow and ice?  Build a psychedelic igloo (found via Mendip).

This cop is discovering what being in the "mounted patrol" really means.

Murr Brewster confronts the stripy-tailed menace.

Check out these ads from the old days.

If you haven't seen it yet, Jon Stewart's response to Megyn Kelly's pronouncements on the race of fictional characters is a must-watch.

The Solutionators have a solution to every problem (found via Faye Kane).

Deadspin offers a hater's guide to the Williams-Sonoma catalog.

Pagan blogger Jason Mankey reviews Palin's Christmas book.

Here, have a chocolate Santa.

Got any ideas about the mystery of the three dimes found with cremation ashes?

God hates fags -- and apostrophes.

Christmas tree fail (found via Mendip).

Now that Oklahoma allows religious monuments on public property, Satanists and Hindus want to join in (can we get a Flying Spaghetti Monster monument too? and maybe a Cthulhu one) and Bryan Fischer seizes the opportunity to be stupid.  Still, it looks like Festivus is catching on.

Know the Gospels?  Take the Christmas challenge.

There's more to Beauty and the Beast than you think.

A bitcointard tries to cash out and gets a taste of the reality behind the hype.

Religionists flounder with ridiculous efforts to reconcile original sin and evolution.

Attempted mass murder -- laser-blinding of pilots is happening at several US airports.

Lady Atheist looks back at 1963.

These people exist.

Trying to "debate" rubbish is counterproductive.

Can you believe people actually say this kind of crap?  Watch this too.

The judge in the outrageous Ethan Couch case is a Republican.

Christianity legitimizes child abuse, sometimes lethal.

In every aspect of government, the Republican record is one of incompetence.

Christian preaching to atheists involves some false premises.

Educational levels of US Hispanics are improving rapidly.

The ACA has a surprising new enrolee.

Economic populism is popular -- we should embrace it.

Fundies' efforts to play the victim card are built on shabby lies (found via Republic of Gilead).

If Christie runs for President, this revenge traffic jam story may haunt him.

The new Pope is relatively enlightened about economic injustice -- about women, not so much.

Canadian law helps push the polar bear toward extinction.

Britain's immigration minister has a suggestion for Domino's Pizza.

Victorian households held surprising hazards (found via Lady Atheist).

In Berlin, times have changed.

Elton John speaks out in Moscow (found via Mendip).

Ukrainian protesters claim a victory as police attack and are pushed back.

As the Arctic ice retreats, Russia stakes its claims.

India takes a big step backward.

How bad is Shanghai's air pollution?  This bad.

China's crackdown on media reports about leadership corruption smells of fear.

Learn from Mandela's drive for justice, not just for reconciliation.

Russian artists join the fight against deathism.

Here's why Bronowski's The Ascent of Man was the greatest TV series ever.

A note:  I see that Time magazine chose the Pope as person of the year, not Miley Cyrus after all.  I can only hope that this was due to his efforts to differentiate Catholic dogma from right-wing economic ideology, and not because he has displayed some hitherto-unsuspected talent for twerking.


Blogger mendip said...

Another great set of links - thanks - and a special thanks for re-posting my little Three Dimes mystery! Am still going through all of the links, but really enjoy the one on bitcoins. As always, I enjoy reading of all efforts to relieve rich people of their money!

15 December, 2013 08:15  
Blogger Ahab said...

- That colorful igloo was stunning!

- Those vintage ads made me shudder. I'd like to pull these out whenever someone waxes poetic about chivalry and "the good ol' days".

- The commentary piece on the Williams-Sonoma catalog was an eye-opener. I hadn't heard of the catalog before now, and I'm stunned at the trivial things that bored rich people with too much money will buy.

- The BBC article on Victorian era household dangers makes me grateful for the food safety regulations, however flawed, that we have today.

- Remind me never to travel to Shanghai without a respirator. THIS is why we need to take air pollution seriously. Can you imagine what years of breathing that polluted air must do to someone's respiratory system?

15 December, 2013 09:18  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

It's all good.

But we laughed our arses off on the "Haters Guide to Williams-Sonoma."


15 December, 2013 13:49  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mendip: I was curious about the dimes myself, but nothing came to mind except the old story of the coin for the River Styx ferryman.

China's recent ban on bitcoin trading sent shock waves through the bitcointardosphere, but their capacity for self-delusion is already reasserting itself. Their laments when the whole scam finally collapses will be a wonder to behold.

Ahab: Portland never gets quite cold enough for igloos, unfortunately. China is basically still in the Victorian era as far as environmental regulation is concerned (and in a lot of other ways, come to think of it).

Shaw: That one made me laugh out loud too!

15 December, 2013 15:37  

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