13 October 2013

Link round-up for 13 October 2013

Aaaargh!  Geography fail.

Check out these monster-enhanced thrift-store paintings (found via Mendip).

Cute gif of the day:  dogs imitate a crawling baby.

Even less likely to show than the Great Pumpkin.

Rule 34 lives! (found via Mendip)

Natural selection strikes again.

Bachmann is following a long tradition of end-times dumbth.

Compromise?  There was already a compromise (found via Squatlo Rant).

A 12-year-old girl pays the price of Republican budget cuts in Pennsylvania.

Mansplainer of the week:  Ben Carson.

Here's the perfect metaphor for what the Republicans are trying to do -- and the perfect cartoon (found via Squatlo Rant).

Meet the genius behind this weekend's DC trucker protest, which was a total fiasco (that link is NRO, but she nails it pretty well).

Hell hath no fury like.....

The rightists are making Obama-Hitler comparisons again, and Green Eagle gives the specifics on just how absurd they are.

The public is now blaming the Republicans for the shutdown by a bigger margin than they blamed them for the 1995-1996 shutdown.

Was this a practice run for a terrorist attack on an airliner?

Krugman assesses the Republicans as bunglers; Zakaria looks at the breakdown of party authority.  Teh Crayzee is now too much even for Jennifer Rubin and Ross Douthat.

Here are some real-life cases of the ACA in action.  And here's a detailed case of how it can sway the Republican-leaning white working class.

Whatever happens now, Boehner's done.

Don't fall prey to cynicism -- it's what the bad guys want (found via Squatlo Rant).

Texas Republicans are royally blowing it with Hispanic voters.

Ted Cruz has a long history with Wendy Davis's likely opponent.

Christianity's symbolism reflects how incoherent it is.

A New Jersey Republican breaks new ground in boosting the party's appeal to women. Booker responds.

Republic of Gilead is reviewing a fundamentalist webinar series on education -- scary stuff.

To win the House, we need better leadership.

Parsley's Pics has a round-up of Republican nonsense and some disgusting campaign buttons.

Big bankers weigh in on default.

Harry Enten explains the Virginia Governor's race, and the Republican implosion, to the British.

In the remote swamps of South America, Mauner Mahecha and his cocaine-smuggling ring built a submarine fleet that many full-size national navies would envy.

Russian ski-resort planners enjoy their work a little too much.

Meet them, greet them, eat them?

Here's more on how carbon dioxide is destroying the oceansMore here.

The "drunken forest" phenomenon shows the damage being wrought in the Arctic.

Meat production is a big contributor to global warming.

Orangutans make travel plans, and communicate them.

Here's an odd-looking critter.

Those cave artists from 20,000 BC were not quite how you pictured them.

Here are some things you didn't know about octopuses.

We used to think free oxygen on another planet would be a sign of life, but that may not be true.

Researchers in Britain make a breakthrough against Alzheimers.

[Infidel note:  Sorry this round-up is so politics-heavy, but the shutdown/default threat has been preying on my mind -- FFS a couple nights ago I had a dream about John Boehner -- think I need to get away for a while.....]


Blogger Kay Dennison said...

What great links!!! Thanks!!!!!

13 October, 2013 10:11  
Blogger Robert the Skeptic said...

Another fun fact about octopuses: They eat sharks! I believe this was discovered at a Seattle aquarium when staff noticed dead sharks in a large tank. They set up video cameras over night and...


Yeah, I am tiring of the "Standoff" news as well, finding it very stressful.

13 October, 2013 11:22  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Loved it all, especially the octopus link!

13 October, 2013 12:19  
Blogger (O)CT(O)PUS said...

Of course I eat sharks! They remind me of Republicans. With friends like that, who needs anemones!

13 October, 2013 13:26  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Kay: Thanks!

Robert: Those suction cup things must have quite a grip. I wouldn't want to tangle with an octopus either.

Shaw: I didn't know a lot of that myself.

Octo: I hope they at least taste better than real Republicans.

13 October, 2013 15:53  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You for the link reads Infidello (it's Roman {: )

That thrift store art from Twisted Sifter/ Mendip was really impressive stuff, wish I had a couple of them pieces, especially the one with the cowboy trying to rope some kind of cattle(?) and a couple others. But really what also impressed me as well is the other link in there where they took old B&W's and colourized them ... I mean ... that colourization was awesomely kick- ass ... so vivid, so real, almost perfect! Damn man, I got alot of old B&W's familia shit, I'm wondering now about trying to get some of those colourized too.

That piece on the oceans and acidification and related ... I actually been following some of that stuff too, and was planning on trying to patch some shit together on that for an upcoming posting in my "Global War'n'ing" series ... you see ... what is happening to the oceans is going to be a rude awakening and there hasnt been too much focus on it either, as much as the air and land damages ... but it's some serious shit.

POST NOTE: Dont worry, you didnt post too much political shit, every bloody new source across the nation seem's saturated with it only it seem's .... geeezzz! {: )

Been pouring rain all day and night here in Dallas ... Later Infidel ....

14 October, 2013 06:30  
Anonymous Blurber said...

"Nine instances of men with rings stuck on their penises."

Could this be a new marriage custom?

14 October, 2013 11:33  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: I think the ocean ecosystems are already beyond saving. Of course a segment of the RWNJs still insist there's nothing going wrong.

Blurber: Let's hope not!

15 October, 2013 02:59  

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