28 April 2013

Link round-up for 28 April 2013

You can now buy this car, built to a truly classic design.

Yes, I'd say these pictures need some explaining.

A household in Weatherford, TX experiences a home invasion with a difference.

Here's the best cartoon on the Bush Library.

Gosh, who would have thought this sign might be controversial?  (found via Republic of Gilead).

Faye Kane recalls the sixties (NSFW blog).

No, you flaming idiots, Chechens are not Czechs.

Here's the evolution of God in one picture.

Christians at the Hilltop Conference in Virginia pledge to fight against women's rights by mumbling to themselves and not eating (hey, it's their choice of tactics).

Swallowing the Camel blog has a round-up of fake dead aliens (don't miss the funny comments by semi-literate alien believers).

I'm not sure who gets to vote in Prospect's poll on leading world thinkers, but they made an excellent choice for #1 (and for #5).

Natural selection in action:  Faith-healing believers lose a second child after relying on prayer rather than medicine (sent by Ahab).

If you're ever in Oklahoma City, stop in at Grandad's Bar.

Ron Paul's new think tank is a menagerie of crackpots.

Exercise in Futility takes on Buddhism, a religion too much neglected by Western atheists.

A Republican state legislator claims the Boston bombings were a government conspiracy.  And there's more nuttiness where that came from.  More intemperate rhetoric here.

LadyFreethinker looks at five historic horrors caused by religion.

West, TX blogger Yellowdog Granny remembers the first responders. The explosion was yet another case of corporate lies (found via Lady Atheist) and inadequate regulation.  Then there's this.

Don't believe the lies -- the deficit is already under control.

Is that South Carolina creationist science test that's going around for real?  Stay tuned.

A lot of Republicans aren't happy with Rubio.

An Idaho pastor attacks the slavery-abolition movement.

Here's a Republican talking sense on Social Security. And here are a few trying to move forward on gay marriage.

A public school in Mississippi is being sued for flagrant First Amendment violations (found via Republic of Gilead).  And this Indiana university evidently missed hearing about Kitzmiller v. Dover (found via Lady Atheist).

Another school tries to silence a rape victim in order to protect a star athlete.

Wales loses its oldest oak tree to a storm.

Britain's austerity-strangled economy stumbles again, heading for a triple-dip recession.  France, too, is sacrificing itself to the insane dogma.

Donald Trump is still making an ass of himself in Scotland.

Christian violence against gays continues in France.

Greece exposes German hypocrisy on loans.

Australia is changing.

Religious faith burns brightly in Chile.

This Dubai rapist chose the wrong victim to attack.

More assimilated than they knew:  Jihadists from cushy modern Britain wimp out at the rigors of terror training in Pakistan.

Climate change is displacing populations in east Africa.

Nanocrystal arrays may give artificial skin a sense of touch -- another step towards artificial bodies.


Blogger Ahab said...

As for the pictures that need explanation, why are Asian women eating cats? Why are the cats okay with this?

As for the moss creature on the subway, s/he looks a lot like the moss men who stroll the grounds at the Spoutwood Farm Fairie Festival every spring. Who knew there were moss men in major cities, though?

I wouldn't mind having a beer at Grandad's Bar -- I hope they get lots of business thanks to their good hearts.

Finally, WHAT THE @#$% is that orange bulbous thing?

30 April, 2013 19:07  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I'm afraid I don't know what's going on in those pictures -- I didn't do any of it -- not sure whether that's a good thing or a bad thing.

The beach ball with a pair of clawed hands attached is the notoriously-unconvincing alien from the movie "Dark Star". It's a reference to the "Swallowing the Camel" blog post about even-more-unconvincing fake aliens.

30 April, 2013 19:10  

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